Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Sky is NOT Falling

EDIT: After an examination in Tampa, Pineda will be sent to New York to have a dye-contrast MRI on Monday, to see if the initial examination missed something. For some this sets off alarms, as travelling to NY for this test could mean the team believes something is really wrong with Michael. I understand why some would feel that way. But it also sets off alarms to me, but in the form of... if the team really believed Pineda had structural damage, wouldn't they get this test done sooner? Maybe they can't get it sooner, as tomorrow is Sunday, but it seems as though if the Yankees or any other professional sports team wants a test done, they can get it whenever they want it. *shrugs*

"Lord, help us! Michael Pineda suffered a setback, and he's sure to be lost for the rest of his career!"

Okay, let's all take a deep breath. Shoulder weakness is not a big surprise, seeing as how the guy hasn't pitched in 3 weeks. If the doctor finds structural damage, then fans can start to worry about him being lost for the 2012 season.

But keep a couple of things in mind...

1. The trade of Montero and Noesi for Pineda and Campos was not done just for 2012. I know haters of the swap don't want to hear that, as they... along with so many impatient Yankee fans (and they are hardly a small group)... demand instant gratification. When the Yankees acquired Michael Pineda he was under team control for four more years, and I'm not sure this year will count towards that unless he actually pitches. So even if 2012 is lost, it's not as if he's lost. A rotation of Sabathia-Kuroda-Nova-Pettitte-Garcia/Hughes should be good enough to make a run at title #28.

2. Pineda > Montero... at least financially. If the Yankees had kept Montero they would have still needed to acquire a pitcher, whether that was for 2012 or at the end of the season. Cole Hamels, assuming he reaches free agency in the first place, is going to cost $20+ million a season. If the Yankees had signed Darvish or Wilson, not only could the team have pitchers that slot in at #3 or lower, but either man would have cost more for one season than they'll pay Pineda over the next four. And whereas the Yanks offense could get by without Montero's bat, they would have a really difficult time getting at or under a $189 million payroll in 2014 and 2015 with Hamels or somebody else. Not to mention what that type of deal could do to the team's chances of re-signing Cano or Granderson.

So until we hear about real damage to Pineda's shoulder, let's relax and concentrate on Game 2 in the Sox series tonight.

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