Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yankees Release David Aardsma

Like Clay Rapada yesterday, today David Aardsma has been released.

There was hope that the Yankees had gotten lucky signing Aardsma so cheap, as David had saved 69 games for the Mariners between 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately it didn't work out as his penchant for only being able to go an inning at a time made it so the Yankees had no real use for him. Not with Rivera, Robertson, and Chamberlain already set to handle the 7th through 9th innings. Not to mention Boone Logan in there too.

David's a really nice guy. I'll never forget him asking us to change his wife's picture in our Wives and Girlfriends section, as his wife Andrea didn't seem to care for our original one. Although I liked seeing the goofy side of her. Oh well.

Best of luck to Mr. Aardsma, and maybe we'll see him in New York again someday.

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