Friday, February 17, 2012

Countdown To Pitchers & Catchers

I really hate the fact that when I used google to search for the above picture I simply typed in "Derek Jeter" and was bombarded with pages upon pages of beautiful women that he has put the bone to that I will never get to... namely Jessica Beil. Hey... what are you going to do right? Hit .300 and bring me another ring and Ill forgive you Jete.

Oh yeah, and there are 2 more days until Spring Training begins down at George Steinbrenner field in Tampa FL. Hideki Okajima will NOT be joining us , as he failed his physical. This really opens the door for Mike O'Connor, Cesar Cabral, and Brad Meyers to make the team as the 2nd left handed option out of Joe Girardi's pen to compliment Boone Logan.

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