Monday, March 30, 2015

ICYMI: Should New York Draft Brady Aiken?

The New York Yankees stockpiled all the draft picks they could while still attempting to improve the team this offseason for what I consider to be a nice change of pace. Instead of re-signing David Robertson to a mega deal the team instead took the draft pick compensation for him and signed Andrew Miller to a similar deal. New York now has three picks in the first 60 or so picks of the draft including two in the first round (including the supplemental round) so should one of those picks be used to pick Brady Aiken?

Aiken was the #1 overall pick in 2014 and ultimately did not sign with the Houston Astros due to something on the medicals that the team did not like. Now I think we all know what that was as Aiken underwent Tommy John surgery this week ending his 2015 season. The Yankees have the money and the time to wait on and bring along Aiken slowly so should the team take a chance on drafting him? Absolutely!

If the team took his talent with their first overall pick you would have to assume that he would not sign for slot money or above with the injury. New York could take that extra cash flow and talk a few High School players out of going to college and talk a few committed players into foregoing those commitments for professional baseball.

If New York can get #1 overall talent at the #16 slot and save money to take a bigger name at the #30 slot and get them both signed that would do wonders for what many believe is a Top 20 farm system. The Yankees have a slew of pitchers coming through the system and can wait a season while Aiken mends, he would be three or four months into recovery before the team even drafted him, in what would not be an unprecedented drafting. Many teams have been drafting players they knew needed Tommy John surgery because of the astronomical success rate with the procedure.

It’s not something that everyone is doing yet but it’s something I think the Yankees need to take a chance on. Draft Aiken, wait him out and get another young stud starting pitcher for us all to drool over for the next four or five seasons. It makes too much sense not to. 

Predicting the Cy Young Award Winners for 2015

Today we move into the bigger awards as I take a stab at predicting the American League and National League Cy Young Award winners. This was one of the few awards I actually did well with last year so I feel confident that I can do that again in 2015.

For the American League winner I am going to go with Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox. Porcello had a career season in 2014 with the Detroit Tigers before being traded over to a much improved Boston Red Sox team this winter. Many speculators have stated that the Red Sox don’t have an ace heading into this season but as much as I hate to admit it, Porcello could (and will) be that guy for Boston. The Red Sox have this uncanny ability of taking in your tired, your hungry and your mediocre and turning them into stars, David Ortiz for example, and I believe they will do it again with Porcello in 2015.

For the National League I am going to pick a familiar face in the ace for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw. When Kershaw gives me a reason not to pick him then I will, not until then. The Dodgers lefty is clearly the best regular season pitcher in the game right now and shows no signs of slowing down or changing that in 2015. It’s an easy pick and it’s a safe pick but sometimes those kind of picks, the obvious picks, are the best picks and that’s my pick. 

Most Popular Article of the Week: Yankees Valued at $3.2 Billion According to Forbes

The New York Yankees are still the most valued franchise in all of Major League Baseball after Forbes released their valuations of every team this season. The Yankees came in worth $3.2 billion, up from $2.5 billion last year, after the Yankees estimated revenue sat at $508 million. Coming in second was the Los Angeles Dodgers who are worth $2.4 billion while the World Series champion San Francisco Giants are third at $2 billion.

The average MLB team is worth $1.2 billion, an increase of 48% since the 2014 season. Money is coming into the game quicker than they can spend it and with the Yankees making over $500 million in the 2014 season alone it makes you wonder why the team couldn’t go an extra $5 million or so extra on Yoan Moncada….

Yelp Reviews Of Yankee Stadium

I recently read an article from Sports Pickle (I recommend following them on Twitter), which covers some Yelp reviews for Nassau Coliseum... home of the National Hockey League's New York Islanders.

Not the most inviting place from the looks of it.

While I don't mean to dump on Islander fans that read The Greedy Pinstripes (especially the Mulch Heads), I wanted to let non-Islander fans know that part of the hatred towards Nassau Coliseum probably falls on the team that plays there.

The Islanders have finished above third place in their division only once since the 1987-1988 season. Since the 1993-1994 season, they've gone no further than the conference quarterfinals.

So their fans have a reason to be bitter, even if it gets misdirected at the home of the Islanders.

Here are some of the comments about Nassau Coliseum...
I still don’t understand how they still allow people to come to this place … They do have flatscreen TVs around the building, so that’s a plus … even though they probably fell off a truck. - Jason R. Richmond Hill, NY
Smallest little joke stadium that I’ve ever been to … And I come from BUFFALO, NEW YORK!! - Tiffany F. Queens, NY
The bathrooms are gross, the seats even more gross and the areas you use for ‘VIP’ areas are just large holding dock locations in the basement … gross. - Jenn S. Port Washington, NY
Side note - I've never lived in New York City. I'm from central New York, between Rochester and Syracuse in the Finger Lakes, where things are much different than "the City" due to pro sports teams in Buffalo (NHL Sabres and NFL Bills). From what I've seen, though, most NYCers come in two forms... those that like the Yankees, Giants, Rangers, and Knicks, and those that like the Mets, Jets, Islanders, and Nets. Am I right?

Anyway, that article from Sports Pickle made me think about Yelp reviews for Yankee Stadium.

Now, when it was first debuted a lot of people dumped on "new" Yankee Stadium, thanks in part to things like no Bleacher Creatures and some seats in the outfield having restricted views. Then there was the whole home run issue, as air currents (or whatever) apparently made hitting dingers there really easy. Oh, and the place lost that "fans on top of the field" feel.

For a place that cost $2.3 billion to build, it seemed like there were way too many issues.

So what did those on Yelp have to say? Here are a few reviews...
I love this stadium!! definitely more modern and luxurious than the original but is successful in keeping the old world charm at the same time. Can't wait to go back. - Spree W. Sacremento, CA
This holy grail of a stadium just never gets old! - Chris E. New York, NY
this park is exactly what you'd expect out of the home of the Yankees. It's expensive of course but you have a good view of the field even from the upper deck. Everything is first class and has this "corporate" feel that sort of embodies the Yankees, along with reminders of their success over the years. - David H. Arlington, VA
Frankly every baseball fan should make a point of catching a game here. Aside from the tradition and heritage, there's also lots of great modern amenities that make this stadium one of the best in the country. - Kevin W. Manhattan, NY
To be forthright upfront, I am a Red Sox fan. There is no way I can give this place more than 3 stars [which he did] or I would not be allowed back in Massachusetts. - Dan C. New York, NY
The new stadium is phenomenal and we [him and his fiance] love going to games here. - Kevin B. Summit, NJ
The new Yankee Stadium isn't the house that Ruth built, but it still screams tradition. - Charley B. Kansas City, KS
A great game experience and really terrific people who work there. - Jane M. Morris County, NJ
The New Yankee Stadium is a monument to all things baseball. - Frank B. Seattle, WA
MAN!! as a long time Yankee hater and after visiting over 10 MLB parks I hate saying that Yankee Stadium might be as good as it gets. - Beau S. Seattle, WA
Yelp actually had 769 reviews for Yankee Stadium, and 558 of them ranked the stadium at least four stars out of five. That's pretty darn good. Especially when you take into account the number of Yankee haters that wrote something, along with those that simply can't get over the fact that "old" Yankee Stadium is gone.

"You love me, you really love me!"

TGP Daily Poll: Didi Will Be Ready for Opening Day

Didi Gregorius sprained his wrist on Saturday in a game with the Baltimore Orioles and had precautionary tests done on the wrist. All seems well and Didi seems to be ready to play on Wednesday. Gregorius will be ready for Opening Day for the Yankees.

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Former Yankees Update: Hiroki Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda made his first start in his native country of Japan since leaving the island to pursue a career in Major League Baseball in the United States on Sunday. Kuroda returned to the Hiroshima Carp and struck out five batters while giving up five hits and one walk in seven shutout innings. The Carp went on to win the game by the final score of 2-1.

The 40 year old right hander threw 96 pitches and added to his career 103-89 record in Japan with a victory over the weekend.

Sad News Regarding a Prospect

This is not Yankees related news but this is sad news nonetheless as the game of Major League Baseball lost one of it's own over the weekend. Victor Sanchez, 20 years old, passed away over the weekend after swimming off the coast of Venezuela. Sanchez was hit in the head by a boat suffering a fractured skull and hematoma that put the starter into a coma.

Our condolences go to his family, friends and his teammates inside the Seattle Mariners organization. This is always horrible news and he was gone far too soon. RIP.

This Day In New York Yankees History 3/30

On this day in 2001 former Yankee Dwight Gooden announced his retirement from baseball. Doc finished with a 194-112 record playing for the Mets, Yankees, Indians, Astros, and Devil Rays and won a World Series and pitched a no hitter with the Yankees.

On this day in 1991 the Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles played an exhibition game at Joe Robbie Stadium which drew 67,654 fans, a new spring training attendance record. The two day series between the two teams was a part pf South Florida's efforts to get a National League expansion team, soon to be named the Florida Marlins.

On this day in 1984 the San Diego Padres obtained Yankees third baseman Graig Nettles for pitcher Dennis Rasmussen and prospect Darin Cloniger.