Monday, March 30, 2015

ICYMI: Should New York Draft Brady Aiken?

The New York Yankees stockpiled all the draft picks they could while still attempting to improve the team this offseason for what I consider to be a nice change of pace. Instead of re-signing David Robertson to a mega deal the team instead took the draft pick compensation for him and signed Andrew Miller to a similar deal. New York now has three picks in the first 60 or so picks of the draft including two in the first round (including the supplemental round) so should one of those picks be used to pick Brady Aiken?

Aiken was the #1 overall pick in 2014 and ultimately did not sign with the Houston Astros due to something on the medicals that the team did not like. Now I think we all know what that was as Aiken underwent Tommy John surgery this week ending his 2015 season. The Yankees have the money and the time to wait on and bring along Aiken slowly so should the team take a chance on drafting him? Absolutely!

If the team took his talent with their first overall pick you would have to assume that he would not sign for slot money or above with the injury. New York could take that extra cash flow and talk a few High School players out of going to college and talk a few committed players into foregoing those commitments for professional baseball.

If New York can get #1 overall talent at the #16 slot and save money to take a bigger name at the #30 slot and get them both signed that would do wonders for what many believe is a Top 20 farm system. The Yankees have a slew of pitchers coming through the system and can wait a season while Aiken mends, he would be three or four months into recovery before the team even drafted him, in what would not be an unprecedented drafting. Many teams have been drafting players they knew needed Tommy John surgery because of the astronomical success rate with the procedure.

It’s not something that everyone is doing yet but it’s something I think the Yankees need to take a chance on. Draft Aiken, wait him out and get another young stud starting pitcher for us all to drool over for the next four or five seasons. It makes too much sense not to. 


  1. High risk, high rewards pick unless there is another Brady out there, I would do it. Of course, if there is another Mickey Mantle or A-Rod available at #16 I would pass on Brady for one of the two position players. Chances one of the latter falling to us is astronomical so I guess it would be Brady if he falls to #16!

    1. It's pretty rare to get #1 overall talent at the #16 spot and ARod and Mantle are def #1 talent.

      Honestly I don't expect him to be there but if he is in a season or two our farm is really really good.

    2. Just one of those IF's I hate so much Daniel. Boston will be the most likely one to get him anyhow.


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