Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Quick Hit: Pitching Reinforcements on the Way

Earlier this afternoon we discussed here on the blog the fact that the New York Yankees need starting pitching in the worst way. The Yankees search for pitching may take their GM Brian Cashman to Busch Stadium as he tries to lure their GM to trade an arm like Jaime Garcia to the Bronx. In the blog post I mentioned that if the deal for Garcia did not fit the Yankees needs and plans that they should move on to a Plan B. I left that pretty vague for a reason, this blog post here. Do the Yankees have a few "Plan B's" down on the farm waiting in 2017? I sure think so.

James Kaprielian was expected to make his MLB debut in 2016 before an elbow injury ended his season prematurely. Kaprielian is back and healthy as he pitches down in the Arizona Fall League with the Scottsdale Scorpions and could be up in the Major Leagues, again if healthy, by mid-season 2017.

Chance Adams is another arm that could make his way to the Bronx as early as 2017 after being drafted a few seasons ago as a reliever for New York. Adams has since been converted to a starting pitcher and has gone off with his 99 MPH fastball and great command. This is one of my favorite Yankees pitching prospects in the entire system and I could see him inside Yankee Stadium after the trading deadline 2017.

Jordan Montgomery is another guy that basically fits the exact mold that I described above with Adams. Montgomery reached Triple-A late into 2016 and dominated in six starts leaving me with little doubt that he could take the next step at some point in 2017 to the big leagues.

Dietrich Enns. See Adams and Montgomery.

2016 Yankees Highlights featuring Aaron Judge

The future is now ladies and gentleman and he comes in the form of Aaron Judge. Don't let his struggles fool you, he will be there when it matters and he always makes the adjustments necessary to keep on keeping on and to remain productive. He will again. Here are his 2016 highlights for you this afternoon. Happy Tuesday Yankees family. 

Yankees Potential Trade Partners: St. Louis Cardinals

The New York Yankees need starting pitching this winter and the starting pitching the team presumably wants or needs will not be found on the free agent market. For that reason if we see the Yankees add a starter I believe it will come via the trade market. We've seen plenty of Yankees potential trade targets mentioned on this blog already this winter and this afternoon we add another into the fold, the St. Louis Cardinals.

The St. Louis Cardinals have already expressed at least a desire or willingness to deal left-handed starter Jaime Garcia this winter, should the Yankees be interested?

The Cardinals picked up Garcia's $12 million option for the 2017 season presumably looking to deal him for something rather than handing him his $500K buyout and losing him for nothing. The Cardinals made that very clear when they signed him since St. Louis now has at least seven options for the starting rotation when spring training camps open in 2017. At least one pitcher will go and it will likely be Garcia who just finished his eighth season with the Red Birds.

Why do the Cardinals want to trade him instead of any of their other six options? Well his 4.67 ERA wasn't much to write home about in 2016 and neither is his injury history. More on that later though.

Why would the Yankees want to acquire him? Well he doesn't give up home runs (0.79 HR/9 ratio in 2016) which is important inside Yankee Stadium. It's also worth mentioning that Gracia had exactly one more complete game than the entire Yankees staff in 2016 combined, which is easy because the Bronx Bombers pitching staff had zero complete games. Garcia threw 171.1 innings in 2016 and seems to have his shoulder injuries of the past exactly where they belong, the past.

Is Garcia going to be the #2 starter that Michael Pineda should have been? Probably not but on a one-year commitment that can build value for the lefty and possibly get the Yankees a draft pick down the line I don't see a problem with it if the price is right. The price being right is a marginal prospect or two that many fans haven't heard of and a package of a prospect or two from a position of strength from the farm system.

If the deal is right, pull the trigger. If not, on to Plan B.


Top 10 2017 MLB Free Agents & the Yankees

It seems to be the general consensus around the Yankees blogosphere, any Yankees fans forums or blogs, Twitter and other news media outlets that most of the team's fanbase does not want the team to go all-in this offseason on a free agent. The only exception to that rule would possibly be Aroldis Chapman and/or Kenley Jansen but for the most part the Yankees fan in general does not want anything to do with the Top 10 or so free agents on the market this winter. Did they get it right? Here are my Top 10 free agents this winter and whether I think the Yankees should make an offer to them.

1. Edwin Encarnacion
2. Yoenis Cespedes
3. Aroldis Chapman
4. Kenley Jansen
5. Mark Melancon
6. Rich Hill
7. Mark Trumbo
8. Matt Wieters
9. Ian Desmond
10.  Justin Turner

To me it's Aroldis Chapman or bust. Encarnacion, Cespedes, Hill, Desmond, Wieters and Turner are either all too old for what the Yankees are trying to do, don't fit the positional needs for New York or will want far too much money than they deserve because the market is so thin.

Kenley Jansen will undoubtedly receive a qualifying offer and as long as Chapman is on the board I am not okay with giving up a draft pick for his services while Melancon may or may not also fit into this category. I think Pittsburgh will offer him a qualifying offer but for whatever reason I am truly on the fence about whether he will accept or not.

I would honestly add Mark Trumbo for his right-handed power (albeit with some additional roster moves obviously) but I can't see Hal Steinbrenner putting up the money for someone like Trumbo so I'll leave him off the Yankees roster for 2017 due to that unfortunately.

Chapman or bust Yankees family. Chapman or bust.

Weekly AFL Check In: Miguel Andujar

Originally the Arizona Fall League All-Star rosters included two members of the New York Yankees and the Scottsdale Scorpions but much like the MLB version of the All-Star Game there was a final vote based on a fan vote and Miguel Andujar was chosen for Team East.

Let's take a look at the stat line that caught the fan's attention and sent him to the AFL All-Star Game over the weekend.

This Day In New York Yankees History 11/8: Yogi Berra the MVP

On this day in 1951 the Baseball Writers Association of America, BBWAA, named Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees the American League Most Valuable Player. Ned Garver of the Browns won 20 games this year on a last place team and finished second in the voting. Roy Campanella would win the award in the National League making this the first two that two catchers have both won the MVP award in the same season.