Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yanks Sweep, Eliminated From Playoff Race With O's Victory

Even though the Yankees completed the three-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox tonight, the Baltimore Orioles defeated the Toronto Blue Jays and officially eliminated New York from playoff contention. After their extremely rough road trip a week ago, you had to see this coming, but it didn't make it any easier to stomach. C.C. Sabathia took the mound for the final time this season and pitched his butt off, improving to a 13-13 career record against the Red Sox with his win tonight. Taking the bump and the loss for Boston was left-hander Henry Owens. Falling to a meager 0-2 this season with his less than stellar performance on a chilly night in the Bronx.

After Sabathia impressively struck out the side in order to begin the ballgame, the Yankees were first to hit the scoreboard in the bottom of the frame. Jacoby Ellsbury worked a one-out walk and scored on a ringing two-out double to left-center by Starlin Castro, giving the Bombers a first inning one run lead.

It took a few innings, but the Red Sox came back to tie the game in the top of the fourth. Xander Bogarts launched his 21st homerun of the season, a one-out solo shot to left that knotted the game up at one apiece. After the longball, David Ortiz walked in his final at-bat ever at Yankee Stadium. Big Papi was then pinch-ran for, heading to the dugout amidst a very respectable ovation from the mixed crowd of Yankees and Red Sox fans. Ortiz's final series at the Stadium was not very kind to him, going 0-10 over the three-game set in the Bronx.

The Yankees kept the offensive pressure on in the bottom of the fifth, re-taking the lead and knocking Owens out of the game. Aaron Hicks started the inning with a bunt single that was popped up just passed the outstretched arms of Owens. With two outs, Hicks took off for second and came around to score as Jacoby Ellsbury perfectly executed the hit-and-run, lacing the ball into the right-centerfield to score Hicks and put the Yankees back on top by one. Owens was then lifted for right-hander Heath Hembree, who proceeded to get Gary Sanchez to pop out to end the frame.

New York would go on to extend their lead in the bottom of the sixth, although the two runs were more of the "given" variety as opposed to  being "produced". Castro started the rally with a single to lead off the frame, advancing to second on a Chase Headley walk. Hembree was then lifted for rookie call-up Robbie Scott, who proceeded to give up a line drive single to Brian McCann that loaded the bases with one out. After an Aaron Hicks pop out, Tyler Austin drew a two-out walk which forced Castro in from third to make it a 3-1 game. One pitch after the walk, Scott chucked a breaking ball into the dirt and passed catcher Ryan Hannigan, scoring Headley from third and extending their lead to three.

Sabathia was simply excellent tonight in his final start of the 2016 season; tossing 7.1 innings of one-run ball, allowing just four hits with two walks and eight strikeouts. Sabathia has pitched to the tune of a 2.49 ERA in his last eight starts and will finish the season with a sub-four(3.91) ERA, which is pretty damn good considering the Yankees were unsure if he was even going to make the rotation at the end of spring training this year.

The Yankees would go on to add one more run, an RBI double by Aaron Hicks in the bottom of the eighth, leading to a final score of 5-1. And with Baltimore's win tonight, the wildcard race is now tied and both the Yankees and the Red Sox will play the role of spoiler as Baltimore heads to the Bronx and Toronto heads up to Boston.

Tomorrow night. the Yankees play the first of three games against Baltimore, which is the final series of 2016, and is scheduled for 7:05 PM/EST P

Game Thread: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox 9/29

Here we go ladies and gentleman, one last time. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will finish off their season series tonight in David Ortiz’s last game inside Yankee Stadium. I know we’ve joked a lot on this site about him and bagged on him quite a bit but it was all in good fun and our way of showing respect to the numbers he has put up in this game. I covered much of how I feel about him in my letter to him earlier today so I won’t spend too much time on it but I just want to reiterate that it was never anything personal and much respect goes out to you for what you’ve done for the game I love, Major League Baseball. Thank you.

So in the finale between these two clubs this season the New York Yankees will send CC Sabathia to the mound to face off with Henry Owens for the Boston Red Sox. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium and can be seen on the YES Network and MLB TV. I’m truly perplexed why no one, MLB Network or ESPN especially, picked this game up. Oh well, what do I know?

No matter what the standings are telling you if you are wearing a Yankees uniform you must beat the Red Sox. It’s an unwritten rule and we wouldn’t like to break an unwritten rule on Ortiz’s final game in the Bronx, now would we? MOON BIG PAPI and Go Yankees!

Hey David Ortiz…. Look At This

…. You are NOT the father. 

David Ortiz’s Letter to Yankees Fans

So I write a letter to David Ortiz this morning and by the afternoon we already have a response. Talk about service right? And only service you can get here at The Greedy Pinstripes mind you. I wish we had that much pull around the team and around baseball but instead I am referring to the article that Ortiz posted on the Derek Jeter owned Players Tribune where he wrote a letter to New York and the fans of the New York Yankees. To read the entire article head over to the Players Tribune and give it a read while I sample it for you here before tonight’s finale in the Bronx.

“The other day, one of my teammates comes over to me in the clubhouse and says, “Hey, you see what they’re gonna do to you in New York?”
I don’t know what he’s talking about.
I’m like, “What’s up? They gonna give me a pizza or something?”
He says, “Nah. Your last game, the fans are gonna pull their pants down.”
I’m like, “Nah, bro. Come on. Be serious.”
Then he shows me an article on his phone about some guy who’s trying to get everybody in Yankee Stadium to moon me.
This dude even made a whole website:
Come on.
Let me tell you something. If 50,000 people moon me, I promise you two things.
First, I’m gonna laugh so hard I might start crying.O
When the tears dry, I’m gonna step up to the plate and try to hit the ball all the way to the choo choo train. You gotta be careful. You guys don’t have Mariano no more, you know what I’m saying?
Listen, Yankee fans. I gotta admit something to you. And I’m serious about this. I got love for you.
It’s just a little bit of love, but I do.”

Okay. The fact that he’s seen and then plugged it on this post is absolutely amazing. I love it. So awesome. Carrying on.

“My mom did everything at home, and she still had side-jobs to get us extra money. In those days, you could buy clothes real cheap in CuraƧao, so she used to take shopping trips to the island. She would load up two suitcases full of dress clothes and bring them back to Santo Domingo to sell them to the workers at the hotel resorts.
It was a way to make a little bit of extra money. She would do whatever it took to make sure we were fine.
When I was playing Double A ball in ’97, I got her a visa to come to the States for the first time. It was just the two of us chilling in Connecticut for a few days. She got to visit New York City before she flew back home, and she was just so happy. Her dream, her whole life, was to give her kids an opportunity. New York City, to us, was like the capital of the world.
My mom died in a car accident in 2002, before I got to the Red Sox and really started having success in the big leagues. My life has turned out amazing, but the only thing I wish is that she could be here for all this. When I take the field at Yankee Stadium for the last time, she’s not gonna be there to see it. That’s kind of tough, to be honest with you. But I know she would be so proud that we made it to the top of the world.”

Many forget that Major League Baseball players are also human. This is not “just a kids game” to them. This is life and they have a life outside of it just like you or I. Moving on.

“When I was a kid, I used to tear the heads off my sister’s dolls and use them as baseballs. I’d steal a broomstick from my mom’s closet and hit the heads over this fence. Whoom, Barbie went flying into the sky.
I used to dream that I was hitting home runs at Yankee Stadium.
Nowadays, I hope the kids doing that same shit are dreaming they’re at Fenway.
Yankee fans, I got one final thing to tell you.
Thank you. For real. You pulled the best out of me.
When you boo me, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.
I’m not gonna lie to you. Sometimes I get outta bed in the morning, and it’s like, Damn. What happened? I got old. It takes me a long time to get my body ready for these games now. But I guarantee you this. When our bus pulls up to Yankee Stadium today, I’m gonna be ready to go. And when I hear you boo me, I’m gonna try to hit the ball over that white fence, all the way to the mother******* choo choo train.


Let’s hope not. 

Game Preview: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox 9/29

The time has come ladies and gentleman to say hello to the Boston Red Sox one last time and the time has also come to hold the door open for them as they leave just long enough to slam it in their faces and watch them break their noses. Too far? Yeah, I’m kind of becoming known for that. I joke of course but tonight’s game is no joke as the New York Yankees send lefty CC Sabathia to the mound to square off with a fellow lefty in Henry Owens for the Red Sox.

Sabathia will make his final start of the season tonight and it comes on the heels of pitching an absolute gem last time out against the Blue Jays. Sabathia has pitched extremely well as of late and has seemed to get better and stronger as the season has gone on but he has little to show for it after four straight no-decisions. The Yankees offense has gone to sleep so here’s to hoping the alarm clock goes off sometime before 7:00 pm tonight in the Bronx.

Owens will make the start for the Red Sox tonight instead of Drew Pomeranz after Pomeranz complained of some left forearm soreness. AJ Preller is somewhere hiding his face. Owens was a September call up for the Red Sox and will make his first start for the club since August 21st of 2016. Owens was 10-7 with a 3.53 ERA in Triple-A at the time of his call up. Oh and by the way, in case you missed it, tonight is David Ortiz’s final start in the Bronx so… no pressure.

The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium and can be seen on the YES Network and MLB TV. All eyes on Michael Kay and the crew over at NESN tonight for David’s final game in the Bronx as, at the time of this writing anyway, no major sports broadcast will have the game. Oh well, they picked up Derek Jeter’s final game in the Bronx. I’m just saying. Go Yankees!

My Goodbye Letter to David Ortiz


What can I say that 29 other teams haven’t already said to you this season? The truth. Now before you simply wad this letter up and throw it away at least give me a chance to explain myself. When I say the truth I don’t mean I am going to be disrespectful or that I’m going to slander you or anything. Instead I am going to give you a fan’s perspective, specifically a Yankees fan’s perspective, on your career and what comes after you hang up your cleats after this season. 

You failed a drug test. We all know you failed a drug test. It may have been “some damn thing you got over the counter at GNC” but you failed a drug test nonetheless. Just admit it. Be the poster child for forgiveness and be the first player with a failed drug test to enter the Hall of Fame. Honestly, I want you to. Set the tone and allow others who did what was in the full spectrum of Major League Baseball’s rules at the time get in as well. I’m asking you to lead the charge and I’m definitely not bagging on you. We’ve forgiven all steroid users here including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun and we can do the same for you, we just ask for a little help and getting the rest of the world and the rest of the game caught up to the idea is all. 

You killed the Yankees. You killed them from pretty may day one as a member of the Red Sox. You killed them in the regular season and you killed them in the playoffs. Chill! But really what you have done stats wise, numbers wise and clutch wise is truly amazing. You were a huge part of the team that broke the Curse of the Bambino and you didn’t do it backing in, you walked right up to the Yankees and slapped them in the face four times in a row and you did it a couple times against the greatest closer of all-time in Mariano Rivera. You have to respect that, much respect. 

I may not agree with everything that you say or do on and off the field and I have may have called you a baby or self-entitled at times but coming from a Yankees fan that’s got to be the biggest and most sincerest form of respect. You hurt the Yankees? The fans boo you. It’s as simple as that, it’s a rite of passage. Haters keep you famous. You must be doing something right. So as you step into the batter’s box one last time inside Yankee Stadium I leave you with one bit of advice. Blink. Blink and so much will pass you by. 

Much love and much respect,

Daniel Burch

Scoreboard Watching for September 29th

The only game that matters in this household and the only game that matters to us here at The Greedy Pinstripes is the David Ortiz farewell game in the Bronx tonight. Here are the other games if you’re looking to stay up to the second on the postseason chases in both the American League and National League. But really, watch the YES Network tonight at 7:00 pm and see if the Yankee Stadium crowd cheers, boo’s or moons Big Papi in his final at bats in the Bronx.

AL East Race:

Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles

AL Wild Card Race: 

Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians
Seattle Mariners vs.. Oakland Athletics
Houston Astros - OFF
New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox
Kansas City Royals  vs. Minnesota Twins

National League Wild Card: 

New York Mets - OFF
San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs

This Day In New York Yankees History 9/29: Don Mattingly Has Six Grand Slams

Don Mattingly had a career with the bases loaded in 1987 as he hit more home runs with the bases loaded this season then some people hit in their entire careers. Mattingly set a major league record on this day by hitting his sixth grand slam of the season passing Ernie Banks (1955 Chicago Cubs) and Jim Gentile (1961 Baltimore Orioles). What makes this more amazing is Mattingly played 14 seasons in his career and never hit another grand slam outside of the 1987 season.

Also on this day in 1934 Babe Ruth hit his 659th and final home run in a New York Yankees uniform. Ruth had 49 home runs with the Boston Red Sox before being sold to New York and would add six more with the Boston Braves before retiring in the 1935 season.

Teixeira's Slam Walks Off Sox, 5-3

On a misty night in the Bronx, the New York Yankees staved off playoff elimination with a walk off victory over the Boston Red Sox. Rookie Brian Mitchell got the start for New York and was absolutely phenomenal in seven innings of shutout ball, recording his best outing of his young career. On the other side of tonight's pitcher's duel for Boston was righty Clay Buchholz, who tossed six shutout innings but received yet another no-decision. In a sweet ironic twist, the Yankees(like Boston in last Thursday night's game at Fenway) never had the lead until the final batter of the game walked off the opposition with a HUGE homerun that sent the faithful home happy.

Both Mitchell and Buchholz did well to limit the offensive action early on, as both teams combined for just one hit and two walks through the first three frames. Buchholz did not allow the Yankees first base hit, a squibbed infield single by Brett Gardner, until the bottom of the fourth. Mitchell gave up only one hit through the Red Sox's first five innings, a line drive single by Jackie Bradley Jr. in the top of the second, but did walk four men(three in the fifth alone) during that same time frame.

In fact, Brett Gardner was the only Yankee to reach base at all against the crafty Buchholz, gathering the only hit and two walks over six innings against the righty.

Although Mitchell pitched seven stellar shut out innings of work, Adam Warren came on in the eighth and proceeded to serve up the first runs of the night. Sandy Leon began the frame by reaching on a fielding error by second baseman Starlin Castro, advancing to third on a ground-rule double off the bat of Dustin Pedroia. After Xander Bogarts lined out to third for the first out, Warren intentionally walked Yankee killer David Ortiz to load the bases for Mookie Betts. The MVP caliber season continued for Betts as he hit a ground ball to third that hopped over the head of Chase Headley and into left field, scoring two of the three baserunners to give the Red Sox a late 2-0 lead. Warren was lifted for lefty Tommy Layne, who allowed Ortiz to score on a passed ball by Gary Sanchez to extend the Red Sox lead to three.

The Yanks battled their butts off in the bottom of the ninth to get back in the game against the Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel. After Brett Gardner reached with his second single of the night to lead off the frame, three consecutive walks to Ellsbury, Sanchez and McCann led to the Yankees pushing across their first run of the night, 3-1. Kimbrel was then lifted for right-hander Joe Kelly, who proceeded to get Castro and Gregorius out before serving up a walk-off grand slam to our retiree Mark Teixeira. The longball, a deep blast to dead center, kept the Yankees slim playoff hopes alive as Baltimore also beat Toronto tonight, shrinking New York's "tragic" number to one while simultaneously crowning the Red Sox as AL Eastern Division champs.

The Bombers look to complete the three-game sweep over their rivals tomorrow night; saying goodbye to the retiring David Ortiz, capitulated by a special pregame ceremony prior to first pitch which is scheduled for 705 PM/EST.