Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sonny Gray, Paul Goldschmidt, and a Match Made in the Bronx

Late Monday evening I received a text on my phone from a person that I trust. This person was a friend of a friend that works within the Yankees organization that gives us a bone whenever he or she can. They told us about Johnny Damon coming to the Bronx in 2005 a few days before it happened, although I was not big on social media or blogging then, and they dropped other information to us including the New York Mets signing Curtis Granderson (we had the exact years and dollar amounts, Joel Sherman, so unblock me and give credit where credit is due) and others. Long story short, when this person talks… we listen. This person talked again this week and let us know that the Yankees are already actively talking to opposing GM’s about right-handed pitcher Sonny Gray, and they state that Cashman has already had discussions regarding Gray with the Atlanta Braves, the Arizona Diamondbacks and other National League teams.

The source made it very clear that Cashman’s intention was to shop Gray to National League team’s first, which makes sense. Gray is a good pitcher, but he just can’t get out of his own head. Some people aren’t made for New York, and Gray seems to be one of them. Gray is going to figure this thing out if and when he is traded this offseason, and the Yankees would rather him figure it out with a team that would not see the Yankees all that often going forward.

So, with that said, let the speculation begin. What would the Yankees potentially get back from either of these teams, and ultimately what are their needs? It is hard to say, but we will pretend like the trade is imminent and keep the Yankees current needs in mind. This could obviously change the deeper into the winter and the hot stove season gets, but we will cross that bridge when we get there if this trade stuff goes that long. The Yankees don’t NEED another outfielder, and they don’t NEED a first baseman, and it is unlikely that they will trade Gray for the starting pitching help that they so desperately need, leaving just the bullpen and the farm system as potential areas to upgrade with the trade.

The Braves had pitching woes of their own here in 2018, so the only pieces of value that Atlanta will be able to offer the Yankees in return for Gray is a couple players out of their farm system. Pick the names, it doesn’t really matter at this point to be completely honest. Gray is a lost trade for Cashman and company and anything that he gets back will help lessen the hit. The Diamondbacks, on the other hand, could think outside the box with a trade since their farm system is pretty barren right now. Arizona has already discussed the possibility of trading first baseman Paul Goldschmidt this winter, could this be the very early stages of a trade package between New York and Arizona?

Obviously, the Yankees would have to include a lot more than just Sonny Gray to pry away Goldschmidt from the Diamondbacks, but with Arizona presumably losing Patrick Corbin to free agency they may value Gray and his upside more than the Yankees, or most teams for that matter, do. The window for winning in Arizona is closing and Gray may give the team one more shot at going deep into the postseason with this current team. Who else would be in the package from the Yankees? Again, take your pick. Arizona’s farm system is barren, and I am sure they would merely take the best available prospects rather than a specific need, like a shortstop for example. If the Yankees don’t have enough or are unwilling to part with everything the Diamondbacks would ask for in a Goldschmidt trade, bring in a third team. The Yankees and Diamondbacks have done it before with the Tampa Bay Rays just last season, there is no reason they couldn’t do it again. Maybe even bring in the Braves, who knows? The specifics are left up to someone a lot smarter than me, but at least on paper this could potentially be the beginning of a match made in the Bronx.

The Yankees don’t NEED Goldschmidt, but damn it would be nice to have some stability at first base for once. Get Greedy, Get Goldy? It has a nice ring to it…