Friday, December 13, 2013

Bud Selig Is Just Being A Petty Little B*%$! Now

I usually try to keep this site at least PG13 and safe for work, hell I have been out for the past three hours with the kids looking at Christmas lights, seeing Santa, and singing Christmas music at the top of my lungs in the car annoying my wife, but Bud Selig and Major League Baseball are being really petty right now.

At the Jacoby Ellsbury announcement Randy Levine mentioned handing a ten year contract to a player like Mike Trout and not to Robinson Cano. Apparently that is called tampering in Major League Baseball since he is under contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I can see where someone who didn't like the Yankees would jump all over that comment but come on guys, really? Here is the quote:

“Now, if it was Mike Trout, I’d offer him a ten-year contract. But for people over 30, I don’t believe it makes sense.”

Like I said, this is pretty petty. Randy Levine, being the politically correct Levine that we all know, called the Angels and their team President John Carpino to apologize. Levine says his understanding is the matter is over, and it better be.

Omar Infante Comes Off The Yankees Board

Omar Infante has come off the board for the New York Yankees as he signed a four year deal with the Kansas City Royals for $30.25 million plus incentives. Infante must have really wanted the fourth year because the Yankees were offering three years and $24 million. Either way I think it is official that Kelly Johnson will be our second basemen in 2014 on Opening Day. I am totally okay with that, just saying.

Jacoby & Kelsey Ellsbury Added To Wives & Girlfriends

Jacoby Ellsbury is officially a member of the New York Yankees family. Not because he was introduced this morning at Yankee Stadium but because he and his lovely wife have been added to the Wives & Girlfriends section, seen HERE. Welcome to the family Jacoby.

Yankees David Adams Signs With The Cleveland Indians

The Yankees non tendered infielder David Adams before the non tender deadline a few weeks ago with the hopes of signing him to another minor league deal but that thought line is now over. Adams signed a major league deal with the Cleveland Indians today ending his tenure with the team he was brought up with, the Yankees. Thanks for nothing Adams, signed Cliff Lee. I am being sarcastic obviously as I was a fan of Adams and wish he would have come back this year to provide more depth. Good luck in Cleveland sir!

Jacoby Ellsbury Will Wear # For The Yankees

The number we have been waiting for is what number Jacoby Ellsbury will wear in Yankees pinstripes. The number is in and Jacoby will be wearing # for the Yankees. Former recent Yankees to wear the #22 are Roger Clemens, Andruw Jones, and Robinson Cano, how ironic.

Tigers, Yankees Talk Gardner, Austin Jackson Swap

The New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers have recently spoken about an Austin Jackson for Brett Gardner swap bringing A Jax back to the Bronx. Not quite sure why this makes sense for the Tigers as Jackson is two years away from free agency and is projected to make $5.3 million in 2014 while Gardner is in his free agent walk year and is making $4 million this season.

The only thing that could make sense for the Tigers is if they think they cannot resign or extend Jackson and feel better about those prospects with Gardner. I cannot see how they could feel like that when they haven't spoken to Gardner but their mistake could benefit the Yankees. Jackson is 27 years old and is widely considered to be one of the better leadoff men in all of baseball while playing a great center field. Gardner is 29 years old and is also considered to be a great leadoff man that takes a ton of pitches and plays a fantastic defense in center and in left.

This, to me anyway, seems like a trade that makes us spend a little more money but allows us to turn back the block and get one or two more seasons of Brett Gardner, just with Austin Jackson on his baseball card. Gardner is the better base stealer but Jackson has more doubles and gap power and they have very comparable batting lines, defensive metrics, and overall numbers. The problem is I don't think the Yankees move Gardner for a comparable player, they move him for a need or keep him, so I don't see a deal happening.

Yankees & Infante Not Likely To Strike A Deal

The New York Yankees are unlikely to get a deal done with free agent second basemen Omar Infante. Infante is asking for the moon with a four year deal worth $40 million and the Yankees do not seem willing to go past three years and $24 million. One year and $16 million is a lot of reasons to spurn the Yankees and go elsewhere, whether it be to Kansas City or that good ole' mystery team. Omar is likely to cave a little to the Yankees or sign elsewhere and New York is turning their attention to free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. I called for the Yankees to get into the Drew sweepstakes, semi-sarcastically, a few weeks back so let's see how much of a prophet I am.

Open Letter To Mariano Rivera & Andy Pettitte

Dear Andy Pettitte & Mariano Rivera:

It's the middle of December, the Winter Meetings are over, and now is the time where General Managers and teams have to get creative if they want to win a World Series. I will keep this short and sweet because, as of before you read this letter, you probably have more important things to do so let's cut to the chase. It's time to come back to the New York Yankees for one more ride.

Think about it, if you guys come back the Yankees can give you the comeback that you truly DESERVE. We would surely make the playoffs at the minimum and with you guys a World Series trip is likely. Derek Jeter is likely to retire after this season and the three remaining members of the Cour Four could walk off into the sunset together, the way it should have been.  You could also put your sixth ring on the middle finger and point it to everyone in Red Sox nation.

Mo this is directly directed at you as you said if God told you to come back that you would but we have a unique situation here. George Steinbrenner is currently paying off God to bring all the better free agents to the team and that should be good enough. One Mo year!

Andy this is directly directed at you as you said you did not want to be the center of attention last year and all that, well you should be. Get a true send off like you deserve. Bring the fire back for 180 more innings, your children will understand as I have already spoken with them on Twitter, and let's do this thing.

Derek this is directly directed at you. Make the phone call. Send them a gift basket. Send them a "Yeah Jeets" vine that they can anonymously leak on the internet. Send them a pair of Minka Kelly's panties, you shouldn't have them anymore anyway with your current squeeze. Buy Panama for Mo. Buy Texas for Andy. Buy Andy and Mo. Just get it done.


Daniel Burch

Robinson Cano Made The Daily News This Morning

Okay so I know I said that the last Cano post about how we did not show him respect was me closing the book on Robinson Cano but I wanted this cover from the Daily News to close it. NOW it's closed, goodnight.

Reminder: Jacoby Ellsbury Announced This Morning

Just as a friendly reminder Jacoby Ellsbury will be introduced and announced as a member of the New York Yankees this morning at 11:00 am ET. We will finally get to see Jacoby in Yankees pinstripes and the Yankee hat that Jay Z made more famous then a Yankee can and we can finally see what number he is going to wear. Please let it be #24, please, please, please! I honestly do not know what channel, other then YES obviously, that this will be televised on. I would think MLB Network would pop in but I will not swear to that.

Robinson Cano Felt Disrespected By Yankees

Here are some of his quotes from last night for the nine people that still care what he has to say here in New York:

“I was looking for a contract where I would just be able to play and focus on the game and wouldn’t wonder when I’m 37, 38 would I have a job one day. Would I be able to play?” Cano said. “The one thing in Seattle is I get the chance. Am I going to keep working hard? Yes. Even harder? Yes. I’m going to do my best and play the same way I was playing in New York and go out there and do my business and win games.”

“I didn’t feel respect. I didn’t get respect from them and I didn’t see any effort,” 

Didn't get respect? That's funny and an easy way to close the book on this page in history. Adios amigo.

Carlos & Jessica Beltran Added To Wives & Girlfriends

You know you are officially a New York Yankee when you get added to the Wives and Girlfriends section of The Greedy Pinstripes. Carlos Beltran is now officially a member of the New York Yankees as him and his lovely wife Jessica have been added to the site, SEEN HERE.

This Day In New York Yankees History 12/13

On this day in 2001 the New York Yankees signed free agent first basemen Jason Giambi to a seven year deal worth $120 million to steal him from the Oakland Athletics. Giambi was the 2000 American League MVP and the runner up in 2001 before coming to New York. Giambi led the A's to a Wild Card berth after driving in 120 runs, hitting 38 home runs, and batting .342.

On this day in 2007 the New York Yankees and recently opted out free agent Alex Rodriguez agreed on a 10 year deal worth $275 million with incentives that could bring the deal to $320 million. A Rod now owns the two richest deals in Major League history.