Friday, December 13, 2013

Open Letter To Mariano Rivera & Andy Pettitte

Dear Andy Pettitte & Mariano Rivera:

It's the middle of December, the Winter Meetings are over, and now is the time where General Managers and teams have to get creative if they want to win a World Series. I will keep this short and sweet because, as of before you read this letter, you probably have more important things to do so let's cut to the chase. It's time to come back to the New York Yankees for one more ride.

Think about it, if you guys come back the Yankees can give you the comeback that you truly DESERVE. We would surely make the playoffs at the minimum and with you guys a World Series trip is likely. Derek Jeter is likely to retire after this season and the three remaining members of the Cour Four could walk off into the sunset together, the way it should have been.  You could also put your sixth ring on the middle finger and point it to everyone in Red Sox nation.

Mo this is directly directed at you as you said if God told you to come back that you would but we have a unique situation here. George Steinbrenner is currently paying off God to bring all the better free agents to the team and that should be good enough. One Mo year!

Andy this is directly directed at you as you said you did not want to be the center of attention last year and all that, well you should be. Get a true send off like you deserve. Bring the fire back for 180 more innings, your children will understand as I have already spoken with them on Twitter, and let's do this thing.

Derek this is directly directed at you. Make the phone call. Send them a gift basket. Send them a "Yeah Jeets" vine that they can anonymously leak on the internet. Send them a pair of Minka Kelly's panties, you shouldn't have them anymore anyway with your current squeeze. Buy Panama for Mo. Buy Texas for Andy. Buy Andy and Mo. Just get it done.


Daniel Burch

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