Monday, September 7, 2015

Nathan Eovaldi Shutdown for Two Weeks w/ Elbow Inflammation

The New York Yankees announced today that right-handed starting pitcher and wins leader Nathan Eovaldi will be shut down for at least two weeks as he battles a bout with elbow inflammation. There is roughly four weeks left in the season so Eovaldi should be back barring any set backs before the end of the regular season. CC Sabathia is expected back on Wednesday completing the Yankees five man rotation. This, in a word, sucks.


  1. Holy crap! I can't wait for the banter between Patrick and Hans to start. This should be fun.

  2. Levin with CC back I basically get to see the left handed version of the water pistol in CC

  3. deal with the idiot, Hans, will not be fun. It never is an enjoyable task.
    Your pal, needs to be addressed, in an adult manor.
    Don't plan on any house parties, or taking long showers with your pal.....Hanzel
    It will be difficult to try to reason with one that has so thick a skull.
    The name calling, from the Camden clown, is new. But, Jersey-boys are so predictable.

    When my forces take the field, his ass is grassed. Trust me.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Like I said Levin, not fun. I'm sure the comment was sarcastic, my reply wasn't.

  6. I have to re-do my post to Patty D as I had way too many spelling mistakes and we all know how important they are to him so here is the post with the spelling errors gone and a few more comments

    Next stop Pattyville. Talking about being an idiot you're as bi-polar as they come. You're the only schmuck that thinks a guy who can't get past 5 innings more times than not is a stud.

    You claim I don't reply to you? What the hell are you talking about and trust me when I tell you Long Island should've been condemned years ago. You guys don't even have serviceable beaches there without medical waste washing ashore. Take your meds because you have no clue what you're talking about little boy. Now go run and play in your delusional little fantasy world where the clouds rain ice cream and candy and it's always fun in Pattyville. Keep it coming fantasy boy because I will never back down from you or anyone else on here, especially with your absurd statements, and apparently I have hurt your feelings because you said I used name calling. All your posts are predicated on name calling so who is calling the kettle black?

  7. THE GREAT done for the year ( 4 weeks ).
    This has to please the small group of Eovaldi hammerers, that post here.

    All the guy did was win.....almost every time out. And now he's gone.
    All the juvenile names thrown at this decent pitcher, should be saved for what follows
    in his departure.
    I doubt that will happen. I actually hope his replacement(s) do well.

    * The prior post from 'black kettle Hans', referenced 8-10 names, or dumb statements, about me.
    This seems to be the template, as to how its done over in New Jersey.

    Those remarks pale in comparison, as to what I dealt with at Yankee Fans Unite.
    YFU...another collection of New Jersey's finest swill.
    In the end, they proved to be lads in slippers.

    Hanzel is now going down to their level. Odd ?...or, to be expected ?

  8. Patrick you are the biggest wussy and hypercrit on this board. You can blow smoke ip everyone else's ass but I'm not falling for all your so called bravado. You can stick all your name calling as far up your ass as it goes. That's what the scum of Long Island is all about.

    Your true colors have shown through as a gutless punk. You want to talk facts and stats I'm all in. You want to make posts with your rhetoric then don't answer mine. I tell you all the same thing. Nothing you or anyone else on this board can say anything they won't and it won't change me one bit. Suck it up Patty D and grow a pair and get your skirt out of the way

    1. HANS....hold onto your insults.
      When all is said, and enter the ring as a lightweight.
      I've encountered, and driven off others more competent than you. Trust me.

      Lets enjoy our time here.

    2. Dude your a bag of hot air. I don't sweat you or anyone else. You think your a funny guy. You're just a big hypercrit that had no clue about baseball. Keep bringing your insults

  9. Oh one more thing, enjoys the rest of your evening

  10. Now that I got "build an all-girl school high school cafeteria" off my bucket list I can move on to building a comments section in a blog that talks about baseball and not who can call each other the bigger and better name. Come on guys, we got bigger fish (birds) to fry.

  11. Agreed Burch. All I want is to talk about ball but if someone is coming after me with BS I'm not backing down. I agree the name calling is childish and will at least stop on my end. Thanks for putting it into perspective

  12. Here we go again. Dude just refrain from answering anything I write this way I don't have to deal with you or you me. You're a freaking instigator that just doesn't when to shut the F up

  13. Ken Hans....For what its worth, you own the instigator role in these posts.

    And, I know when to not reply, or as you put it..." shut the F up."

    I'm actually better off with not having to deal with you. So now you can go about your
    life talking baseball. Which you seem to know so little of.

    You're attitude sucks....also typical of New Jersey bloggers.
    So, put on your slippers, and skip off into your baseball talk world. Don't deal with me.

    The basic fact remains, that you are fucking nuts.

  14. I told Burch I wouldn't stoop down to your level which I think everyone can see what it is. Say all you want about me and where I live. I have forgotten more baseball then you will ever know. Now I am officially done with your sorry ass

  15. The FIFTH inning !...............All season, and last, the 5th kills Sabathia.
    You can set your watch by it. Or sundials, over in New Jersey.
    Anything, and everything goes wrong. When did Drew last miss a catchable throw ?

    Besides the crying complainer, does anyone else post here ?
    Kenneth Reed......where are you ?

  16. Childish as always, the moron from Long Island and his moronic comments continue. The black cloud obviously hovers over his shanty

  17. A DOG CHASING IT'S TAIL........
    When one watches his credibility being eroded because of adolescent behavior, along
    with the fact, that person survives solely on bomb has a problem.

    Like the one eyed pit bull spinning to catch it's tail, others now stand to watch in awe, the once mighty fighting dog morphs into a fool.
    Like the dummy doll attached to filthy strings, or a beloved stupid puppet....
    the pit bull is doomed to be tossed into the trash bin. A fools behavior. Sad.

    So, grab a few cold ones, and reopen that dusty book by Sun Tzu. I think too many chapters
    were over looked.

    Does one know how that great warrior died ? Not from razor swords, poisoned tipped arrows, or battle wounds, but from bacillus cereus......derived from a bad batch of fried rice.

  18. 100,000 sperm came from your fathers nut sack and you were the one that survived the swim. Unbelievable what the other 90,000 plus were like

  19. K.H......such a crude, immature response to a post.

    My mistake, is that I over estimated you as a person.
    I can, but will not lower myself to your level.
    Go dance on the big stage in your slippers of lace. Entertain your baseball talkers.
    They will giggle along with you.

    There is more in life for me to do, than mix words with. You are not worth my time.

    * Daniel Burch : It's been a great ride, than you.
    Time to saddle up again.

  20. I tried Burch but this putz just doesn't stop and I told you that if he or anyone continues I will fire back. Anything anyone says about him is a flagrent foul but he has free reign to attack. Like I said before he's two faced and he tries to dazzle you with innuendos and asinine remarks about fried rice and Sun Tzu. All valid remarks of course. Mr. Fire Island keeps chirping at me I'll keep coming back. He wants to talk ball I'm all for it but his baseball acumen is just to much for the likes of us or maybe not so for Sun Tzu

  21. When I saw this post go up, I figured there would be a few fireworks. I never thought it would escalate to that though. Wow.

  22. Again Burch I will try and adhere to being civil in fact I will even apologize to Patrick for the comments I made. I only want to talk ball whether he agrees with my assessment or not. I don't need to be ridiculed about where I live or anything else. Let's see what comes about this. My white flag is up right now.

  23. Damn Glad, I took a few days off from this crap.
    I think I mention the fact that you had not seen the real Patrick from his days at YFU, well you have had a small taste of it tonight! That is your problem now.

  24. Damn Glad, I took a few days off from this crap.
    I think I mention the fact that you had not seen the real Patrick from his days at YFU, well you have had a small taste of it tonight! That is your problem now.

    1. Not my problem at all Reed. I can give it with the best of them if need be and I think you saw that, however I'm not here to talk about this any longer. You want to talk baseball lets do it.

  25. Just something I picked up over my many years dealing with BULLIES; They are always trying to act as if they are the offended ones. Some people will gravitate to them because they are mentally weak, others so as not to get sh-t thrown at themselves. Then there is the guy that stands up and tells the world what he is and of course, gets hit from all sides because he is telling the truth. And the weak and meek join the BULLIE so as not to be the next target.

    Myself, I could care less about the bullies of this world, I have dealt with them my whole life they mean nothing in the scheme of things, just another in a very long list of people with a high (undeserved) regard of themselves.

    Know thy self, and don't let your mouth overload your ass!

  26. Now that no-one has read what I just typed (in a record 20 min) why not all forgive and forget all the name calling and be a bit respectful of the ideas and comments of others. They may have a point of view you had not given much thought.

    1. Sounds like a great idea Mr. Reed. Let's turn the page.

  27. Reed I apologized a few posts back. Enough said


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