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New York Yankees Spring Training Notes 2/17

Buster Olney on twitter, as you can see above, said that if Mariano Rivera had pitched in the playoffs last season he probably would have retired. Hearing this does not make me feel good about the future of our closer beyond 2013. Then again he is 43 years old so it is not like I am not kind of expecting this season to be his farewell tour anyway.

Ivan Nova and Joba Chamberlain both faced live hitters today for the first time.

Quiet day in Yankees camp besides all the Derek Jeter ankle news that we already reported earlier. With the first full squad work out tomorrow I expect a lot more news to report so until then, let's go watch The Walking Dead.

Spring Training Notes 2/17/12: Jeter, Teixeira

[caption id="attachment_14883" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Photo courtesy of Lohud Yankees Photo courtesy of Lohud Yankees[/caption]

Derek Jeter just heard of Kevin Youkilis making the back of every paper in New York City with his "I'll always be a Red Sox" comment. Andy Pettitte suggested it would be a good idea for Jeter to start some controversy to get everyone's mind off of Youkilis.

"Pettitte just told me. He told me to say something controversial in this press conference so that I can get Youkilis off the back pages." Jeter said. "I'll let him have it. Welcome to New York."

Jeter then became serious while throwing in some quips now and again about how hard he was working to get into shape. He then poked fun of the New York Post cover where Jeter was considered "overweight."

"It's going to be a little harder to to get back in shape--in baseball shape. The Post is here. Gotta say baseball shape." Then Jeter's conference got down to business. Where was he in his Spring Training schedule?

"I'm on Mo's schedule." Jeter quipped. "Five innings and I'm done. But I'm not concerned with re-injuring the ankle. I know I won't play be playing when they start playing in a week. You can write that down. I'm not playing in that game. I don't necessarily think you need all of Spring Training to get ready. I don't know exactly the date I'm going to play, but it will probably be somewhere there after a couple of weeks."

The most interesting part of the whole conference? Derek Jeter thought that sitting on his couch for 5-6 weeks was boring and this was the "worst offseason ever". 5-6 weeks on the couch doing nothing sounds like a dream to me.

-- Along with Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira spoke to the media today and basically disclosed what he wanted to do this season.

"Stay healthy and have fun." Teixeira said.

Teixeira had also done his workouts earlier since he is slated to play in the World Baseball Classic on March 1st. He figures that the World Baseball Classic will help him with not slumping in April, which sounds like a good idea. Teixeira also spoke about his offensive approach this season.

"There's really no reason for me at this point in my career to try and start things differently. I've had such a successful career playing to my strengths. Now that being said, I want to be the best at what I do well, and that's hitting home runs, driving in runs and playing Gold Glove defense. I know if I do those three things, I'm going to help my team. At the end of the day, that's why I'm here. I'm here to help my team win. Not put up certain types of numbers."

Last question. Was it strange not seeing Alex Rodriguez in camp?

"There's 90 guys in here right now." Teixeira said. "Even if he was here, I'm not sure I'd see him."

-- Ichiro Suzuki, Brett Gardner, Travis Hafner and Curtis Granderson all reported to camp today and took their physicals. They all passed, don't worry.

-- Backtracking  to Ichiro, he was reportedly wearing one 'glittery' hat. He came into camp this morning with a Yankees hat but the Yankees logo had glitter on it instead of the normal logo.

-- Joe Girardi made it clear that Travis Hafner would be the Yankees DH against right handed hitters and wouldn't take the field unless he was a backup first baseman. Girardi also said that Jeter could possibly DH against left-handers as the season begins, allowing Eduardo Nunez to play shortstop.

Andy Pettitte Discusses World Baseball Classic Decision

In case you missed it here is Yankees starting pitcher Andy Pettitte talking about his decision regarding the World Baseball Classic at a press conference this spring. It's great to see Yankees players back in front of the cameras so I figured I would post in case you missed it. Enjoy!

Derek Jeter Reports To Camp, Addresses Media

Derek Jeter has arrived at Yankees Spring Training camp with the rest of the positional players and addressed the media this morning about his ankle. Jeter told reporters that he had a plate and screws inserted into his ankle during the surgery. This plate and screw will remain in his ankle permanently and will cause him to have a lighter than normal Spring Training this year. Jeter also admitted that playing through the deep bone bruise that he got last September was probably the reason for the fracture and subsequent surgery this past October. Jeter also said that he would do it again if the opportunity arose again despite the risk. You have got to love the heart and the fire coming from Derek Jeter.

TGP Family Member Meets Robinson Cano

A member of The Greedy Pinstripes family, Dan Arreaza, met Yankees star slugger Robinson Cano at a night club in the Dominican Republic. He was nice enough to share the picture with me and with his permission I am sharing with all of you. I have always called Dan my Ryan Braun lookalike friend so I joked that this picture would get rumors started that Cano was linked to PED's and Biogenesis so I just want to point out that this is NOT Ryan Braun in this photo.  Enjoy seeing Robinson Cano and all the other Yankees positional players in camp later this afternoon.

Joe Girardi Speaks About Mariano Rivera This Spring

In case you missed it here is a video of Joe Girardi in a Spring Training press conference speaking about the Yankees closer and future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera. Watch it here in case you missed it or haven't seen it yet because it's worth the watch and listen. Enjoy!

Positional Players Report To Spring Training Today

Time to wake and rake because the Yankees positional players officially report to Spring Training camp this morning. They will not have their first work out until tomorrow but it's getting serious now. Let's go boys! Welcome to camp!

Mariano Rivera Speaks About Potential Retirement

In case you missed it here is the video of Mariano Rivera speaking about the 2013 season possibly being his final in pinstripes and in the major leagues. Check it out in case you missed it or just watch it again as we all play the waiting game one more time.

Accept it: Kevin Youkilis is a Yankee


Not even one full day into his first day at spring training, the few sentences said by Yankees third baseman Kevin Youkilis sent fans and the media into a frenzy. Likely a few hours after he was sized for his pinstripes, Youk was telling reporters he’d always be a Boston Red Sox.

He’s learned now, but that’s a big no-no and certainly not something that will go unnoticed in the big New York spotlight. Of course, his allegiance to Boston spread all over the back pages of newspapers was not the only quote he gave, but it was the only one people cared about.

Already on Yankees fan’s bad side, Kevin Youkilis said he will always remember the first nine seasons of his baseball career, which just so happened to take place with the Bombers’ biggest rival. Two World Series rings, three All Star appearances, a Gold Glove and Hank Aaron Award, and he is being ridiculed for saying he enjoyed what he accomplished there? Are fans truly clinging to any little thing he says that sounds the slightest anti-Yankee? That is truly pathetic.

Now, there’s not a fiber in my body that tells me a clean-shaven Kevin Youkilis wearing our beloved Yankee pinstripes is right. This is not a plea of defense nor show of love to the  guy who batted .235 last season and yet received $12 million, from an apparently penny-pinching Yankees front office. But it’s just me accepting it.

Many people have brought up the argument that players like Sparky Lyle, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, and Johnny Damon all started out as hated rivals in Beantown, and ended up becoming fan favorites [and more importantly, World Series champions] in the Bronx. Did any fan really expect those four “idiots” to put on the pinstripes, play with Yankee pride and partake in some of the greatest moments the team has ever had? I don’t think so.

I’ll give you a moment to reminisce about Sparky’s 1977 Cy Young season. Or Boggs riding the horse after ’96. Don’t forget Clemens' postseason dominance either. Or Damon’s double-steal.

That is not my number one point, but it largely contributes to the idea that fans need to just wait and see what happens this season. The fact is, no one knows what Kevin Youkilis will do for the Yankees this year. I don’t expect anything outstanding, but I don't expect anything horrible either.

Yankees fans have been considered vulgar, ignorant, downright stupid and clueless in the past. They have also been known as classy, every now and then, for cheering for whoever is wearing the pinstripes. I’m not a fan of A-Rod and a number of guys on the team. But I still support them and cheer for them. Why? Because they’re Yankees. And Kevin Youkilis is now one too.

So forget what he was, as he is now a player for our favorite team. Forgive and forget. Give him a chance. All those statements and more apply. The fact is, you don’t know anything until you know everything. Who knows what these upcoming 162 games have in store for Youk. Only time will tell. Not me or you.

Meet A Prospect : Adam Warren

Adam Parrish Warren was born on August 25th, 1987 in Birmingham, Alabama where he went to New Bern High School in North Carolina. Adam would spend his college years as a Tarheel for the University of North Carolina following in his fathers footsteps. This big right handed starting pitcher has a nice frame for a pitcher standing in at 6'2" and weighing in at 220 lbs while throwing a fastball in the 92-94 mph range. Adam Warren is a big strong southern bred Alabama boy and is right on the cusp of the Major Leagues with the New York Yankees so you may need to get to know his name because it may be a common one in the years to come.

While at UNC Adam Warren went 12-0 as a sophomore with a 2.17 ERA in 15 appearances. Adam followed that up as a Junior with a 9-2 record with a 4.23 ERA in 18 starts for the Tarheels. Adam would win his first 19 starts as a Tarheel which is good for second longest streak to start a career in school history. To go with these great baseball stats Adam Warren also has a brain in his head while graduating UNC with a degree in business. He was also named to the All Academic ACC Honor Roll in consecutive years and named to ESPN's All-America Academic team in 2009. After his Junior season Adam was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 36th round of the 2008 MLB First Year Players Draft but declined to sign and instead went back to UNC for his Senior season where he graduated with a 3.36 GPA.

The Yankees would draft him in the 4th round of the 2009 draft and Adam has been in the Yankees system in all of the four seasons since then. Adam would make two stops in the Yankees farm in the 2010 season while stopping in Tampa for the Tampa Yankees and Trenton for the Trenton Thunder. Trenton is where Adam set a franchise record when he struck out 15 batters in a single game while earning the Eastern League Pitcher of the Week with the performance. In 2011 Adam made it all the way to AAA with the Scranton team and was named to the Triple-A All Star team. Adam would make his Major League debut with the Yankees last season while filling in for injured CC Sabathia in June giving up six runs in 2.1 IP getting himself a no decision in a 14-7 loss to the Chicago White Sox. Adam was recalled as a September call up but did not see any more action in the 2012 season.

Adam is considered to be our best and closest starter that we currently have in the minor leagues and is on the cusp of making it to the majors. Adam will be getting the first call if the Yankees need a starter for a double header or in an emergency situation and figures to be part of the 2014 plan when we, and yes I am assuming, no longer have Hiroki Kuroda or Andy Pettitte. I am personally excited to see Adam Warren get his true shot in the majors as I have been following him since his draft day and I think his two years and 300 IP+ in Scranton are more then enough I am ready to see what Adam can do in pinstripes.

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