Thursday, December 11, 2014

Boras Confident Scherzer Would Help Out Yankees

After trading away Shane Greene and failing to retain Brandon McCarthy this week, the Yankees have some holes to fill.

With just over two months left until the beginning of spring training, they have a depleted starting rotation essentially consisting of two unknowns, with three more recently-injured guys in Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia filling out its upper half.

Indeed, they're in some trouble right now when it comes to their pitching staff, but according to agent Scott Boras, they still may have hope at fixing things if they choose to pursue longtime Tiger Max Scherzer. Boras, of whom Scherzer is a client, thinks having an ace like the right-hander could help the Yankees contend again in 2015, citing the club's past decade of success as a reason. 

"That model of having 50 wins and 600 innings (from the top three starters) has worked very well for them," Boras told The Journal News' Chad Jennings Wednesday night. "You can go back and find when [Roger] Clemens was the No. 1, or [Mike] Mussina was the No. 1, or [Andy] Pettitte. They won a lot of world championships with that formula. The idea of them having No. 1 pitchers certainly would add protection to where their current pitchers are; take innings off of them, give them a little bit of an umbrella."

None of the candidates for the Yankees #4 and #5 spots next season are very experienced, so it's certainly arguable they will need some weight carried for them. David Phelps and Adam Warren have never been outside of the bullpen for a full year, and Manny Banuelos and Bryan Mitchell have a combined three major league outings between them.

However, since both Phelps and Warren looked good in 2014, it's possible they could be solid fill-ins while Ivan Nova is out, a period that's expected to stretch into May. 

“We have someone to lead, be the No. 1.," Boras said, referring to Scherzer. "I can’t predict what the Yankees are going to do, but I can tell you that a guy like Max fits into their starting rotation to develop a World Series caliber set that is similar to what they’ve had in the past when they’ve won.”

A group including Scherzer, Tanaka and Pineda definitely seems appealing, but when Scherzer's asking price is considered, it becomes somewhat less so. The 2013 AL Cy Young is reportedly seeking a seven-to-eight year contract worth $200 million, and the Yankees are relucant to hand out such length.

Not to mention, they probably don't want to surrender that kind of money, either, something heavily suggested by their Monday treatment of David Robertson.


  1. THE CROSSING GATE...a feeling.

    After being consumed by the Winter Meetings hype, and it's build-up, I'm spent. But, I can not
    shake the image that I have seen.

    I am at a railroad crossing grade. The gates are down, the lights are flashing, and Elvis is
    on the radio. Most likely the song is dedicated to Ken Reed's wife, from a guy in Vegas.
    The ground begins to tremble, a train horn is screaming, as 200 tons of steel go speeding by
    at 80 mph. My corndog falls is rattled off the seat.
    All I can make out is the words written on the last box car...' The 2015 MLB Season '

    The train passes, and I just sit there in silence.
    The crossing gates go up. Time to move along....or, did the season just pass me by.

    1. Yup, it will be passing you all by for a couple of years anyway you look at it.

    2. It's still early patrick but I think you're right, I think this season may be over before it started.

  2. DWARFED !!!........
    New York Yankees dwarfed by everyone at Winter Meetings.

    1. We did our work before the meetings and can after. Best arm still available and there were never that many bats available anyway outside of the trade market.

  3. There is no way in HELL, this team was going to go anywhere in 2015. You can cry about it all you want to, but it wasn't going to happen.
    Cashman and Hal could have tried to buy all three of the top pitchers and the top three hitters out there and it wouldn't have made a difference. The die was cast long before the FA market and signings started. They had too much dead weight on the books. There is really nothing the Yankees can do other than try and sign Scherzer.
    Other than that, it was over before it even got started.
    And if any of you have the idea some team will make a fair deal with the Yankees...dream on...they have been waiting for this for years. What do you think all the rules are for...they are for the Yankees! They have all the Liberal people in the baseball world running the League. "It must be an even playing field for everyone"! Does that ring a bell?
    The good news is, if Tex, CC, Beltran and A-Rod have bad years, they can afford to dump three of the four, one way or another, yup and eat the money! If they all have regular seasons we could be in the hunt for much of the season and having Scherzer on the staff would help a lot.

  4. Ken, I hope you're sitting down when you read this. I actually agree with what you said! We're in this situation because of bad decisions made in the past. Teix, ARod, Sabathia, and Beltran are absolutely killing this team. We can sign Scherzer and hope for rebound seasons from our offense, or we can actually use our young players and build a new dynasty. I'm a fan of the latter. I believe we have players ready to compete at the major league level. We also have some that will be ready next season. Cashman has not done as poorly as some say. Refsnyder, Pirela, Banuelos, Murphy, Austin, Lindgren, Bird, Judge, and more were all scouted, signed, and developed under Cashman's watch. And if you want to look around at the major league level, you have Robertson, Hughes, Cano, Cervelli, Kennedy, Coke, Chamberlain, Navarro, Cabrera, and so on all under Cashman's watch. Enough with my rant, let me just make my point. Let's stop throwing away stupid money for players that won't pay off and actually start trusting our youngsters to make contributions.

    1. Jeff, you do know the fans think we are crazy and stupid don't you? Good thing you write better than I do...I like your style!
      As I read comments Cashman has made over the years and the trust "Stick" and Watson had in him as a 20+ GM. I thought sooner or latter he would learn how to get around "The Boss" and some of his deals, but alas, he is not "Stick".
      In the mean time, once the core 4 + one were in the majors there was no farm system left. So, he has been slowly working his people out in the boondocks to find anything with two legs that could play baseball, chew gum and run at the same time.
      It takes time to do all this, and much longer when your top prospects are traded away from you for a one year over the hill player.
      Anyhow Jeff mentioned a few of the ready for primetime players we have now!
      IF we could add Scherzer to the team it would help !

    2. Jeff Cashman has done worse then anyone can say. He hasn't developed a top flight pitcher since he's been there. We haven't had an impact player drafted by Cashman and please don't say Cano as he was signed as a FA internationally. Cashman has also been a terrible judge of pitching talent in trades and FA spending. Javy Vasquez not once but twice, Jared Wright, Jeff Weaver, Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa, Kevin Brown, Pedro Feliciano or Jose Feliciano lol just to name a few. Has he made some good moves..yes but even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once and a while. Terrible GM and if you want to look at a farm system or two that are stacked and the major league teams wins look at the Giants and Cards and then you tell me what Cashman has done. Players like Cano and Cervelli and Navaro and Cabrera and Banuelos all signed FA international so maybe you should praise the scouts that signed them because they weren't drafted by Cashman

    3. You are wrong Ken H...
      Cashman puts out the scouts to do their job...find great talent if possible. When they do, he has to do his job, look at the reports and decide to sign them or not. He is the one that signs them, not the scouts.
      So, FA signings are his just like the draft, he goes by what the reports say about a player, just as every other GM!
      News Flash, 99% of the GMs are not good player evaluators, what they are is good managers of their team of scouts, big league team and farm people. They depend on them for the right information, if the information is correct...he looks good...bad, well, you know the rest.
      Don't forget some of those players were selection or many were over Cashmans objection, we will never know! How many were never made, over his suggestion.

    4. The other thing I question is the Yankees player development process. And I guess at the end of the day, that can be blamed on Cashman. He's the one that put some of these people in place. That being said, I think Cashman has drafted some people with star potential. I think they're kept in the minors too long and they're growth gets stunted. Mainly due to boredom. Where is it written that a prospect needs to spend an entire year at each level, and 2 years at aaa? And before anybody says anything about plate discipline or pitch recognition let me point this out. Mike Trout struck out 180 times in 2014 and won the MVP. Players get to a certain point in the minors and then need to finish their development at the major league level. When they're left in aaa, they loose interest in the game. (See Austin Romine)

    5. Ken Reed we will never agree on Cashman. I think the guy is a joke. Anyone who had the ability to write blank checks out and delivers one championship in 2009 sucks. He is in charge of all baseball operations. That is what was promised to him by George and he hasn't delivered. We are talking semantics with who signs the international players. The scout goes back with a recommendation and a dollar amount and the GM gives him the bottom line. I have a very good friend of mine who is a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals and I ask him these type of questions. Cashman is not the right guy to rebuild this franchise. If he hasn't delivered the farm in all of these years what makes you think it will start now? It walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck. His track record is proven and you know the old saying about ball players, you are what the back of your baseball card says you are. The same can be said of GM's. Just look at the guys that repeatedly do it. Its not Cashman

    6. Ken H...everyone has their own opinion. Right or wrong that's who we have !

    7. As to the Farm system; we have seven real good pitchers on the way up, four of whom are ready right now for the big Show.
      We have four good to very good catchers on the way up two are about ready now.
      We have 4 SS in the lower levels, about four or five OF'ers that are going to be impact players in a year or two and two that are ready right now.
      No big stars but some very good talent, non the less!
      That is much better than all the years George was in charge.

    8. Name them please because there is no way we have that type of farm system? If that's the case why can't we make any trades for high profiles players? I dont know where you're getting your information from because we are not a highly ranked farm system

    9. Pitchers;
      Manny Banuelos, Jacob Lindgren, Nick Rumbelow, Tyler Webb, James Pazos, Jaron Long, Matt Tracy, and Adam Warren for kickers!
      Gary Sanchez, Romine, JR Murphy and the best of them all (?) Luis Torrens.
      Short Stops;
      Jorge Mateo, Abital Avelino, Tyler Wade, Angel Aguilar
      Out Fielders;
      Aaron Judge, Tyler Austin, Jake Cave (my favorite), Michael O'Neill,Taylor Dugas, and Mark Payton.
      No need to call me out again, KenHans! I never lie, but I have been mistaken.
      I have gone over almost 250 scouting reports! There are a few more that could be added but they are even farther away than some of these guys, but these guys are fast movers.

    10. Worth noting guys like Adonis Garcia, Ramon Flores (outfielders) Kyle Roller, Mark Montgomery, and other as well.

      Like I said Mr. Hans. We don't have Byron Buxton but that's what makes players like that special, they don't come around often.

    11. Ken Reed Banuelos please coming off TJ surgery Adam Warren come on. Sanchez hasn't done much and Romine has been passed by, JR Murphy has taken over number two and the only OF that has potential of seeing the bronx this year or anytime soon is Judge. I don't know if you're reading Yankee scouting reports or someone else because that list is severely flawed and by the way if you're going to make comments that we have numerous players ready for the show I am going to call you out for your information because you seem to be the only one including other major league evaluators that feel the Yankees have ML ready talent. If you don't like what I have to say then don't answer my posts because I am not going to agree with you just because you post it.

    12. Banuelos had Tommy John surgery two years ago. Plus with the success rate these days I can't see using that against a pitcher anymore, ESPECIALLY two years later.

    13. I know that, however he still is coming off the surgery and just like Nova you can't expect him to contribute much this year. He was all over the plate last year and has taken a step backwards. I think you will eventually see him as a lefty reliever

  5. Deals can be made anywhere guys. I'm as upset as the next guy that the team was quiet at the Winter Meetings but guys like Scherzer and Shields are still in play and the trade market is wide open. It's still early.

  6. I agree with you Jeff. Cashman hasn't nearly been as bad as many would like you to believe, both in the prospects department and the acquisition department. Cashman gets over rules on a lot of these deals, see the A Rod deal and probably the third year for the Beltran deal. The farm may not have your Byron Buxton's in it but the farm is solid and getting very close to contributing majorly at the major league level.

  7. Daniel can't agree with you on your last statements. No one wants our prospects, we don't have enough on the farm to put a package together. Look at the first rd busts, Brackman, Slade, Dante B Jr. to name a few. Yes drafting players is a crap shoot but you shouldn't be missing on first rd selections this badly. The Rays starting staff last year had no first rd picks other than Price at the time he was there which means the Yankees could've drafted all their pitchers in the 2nd rd and above. look what round Cobb was drafted in? He is a dumpster diver that has made some good moves, however you and I can write a check with Hal's money so please lets not bestow the crown on Cashman just yet. Won his world Series with Stick and Watson's farm system and he hasn't replenished it since and please people don't tell me we pick at the bottom of the round so there isn't talent there because there is you just need people that have a clue running the show

  8. Like I said I don't think we have the blue chip guys but I believe teams would want Severino, Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, etc. They are asked for in trades all the time.

  9. Ken hans

    Do Phil Hughes, although he became top flight out of New York(which is not Cashman's fault) and Brett Gardner count as developing a top flight pitcher and drafting an impact player?

  10. Hughes didn't have the mental make-up to make it in NY. I will probably get ripped on this next comment but being a former OF myself I am not a fan of Gardner. He is an excellent D outfielder. A terrible base runner that takes to long to steal a base. News flash hey Brett watch how quick in the count Mr. Ellsbury goes. He showed some pop lost year but he is a 250-260 corner OF I just don't think he is aa topflight talent and would trade him yesterday to get some pitching.

    1. I agree with some of the points on Gardner. For all the speed he posseses, he is a horrible base runner with little to no instincts. He steals on pure speed. I do believe that he is better than a .250-.260 hitter though. As far as Hughes and his mental makeup though, I blame the Yankees and Girardi more for that. He had seasons where he won 18 and 16 games and they were still jerking him around between the rotation and bullpen. That can't be good for a young pitchers head.

    2. I will give you that on Hughes, he was jerked around

    3. You asked for an impact player and top flight pitcher. Gardner was the best bat in the Yankees lineup last season when he wasnt expected to be. I didnt say he was Giancarlo Stanton, I said he was an impact player.

      I agree on the base running and all that, still impacts the game though/

  11. Jeff Levin I just looked at Gardner's career stats and he is basically what I said he is 265 hitter with 235 RBI and OBP of 346. Not stellar numbers for a corner OF

  12. In all fairness to Gardner, he has essentially had 4 full seasons as a starter. 2 of which he hit .273 and .277. I'm not saying he's going to win a batting title or even saying he's much better than a .260 hitter. I just think he'll end up being more of a .270-.280 hitter. I've always thought he would develop into a 10-15 homerun guy. Not all star production from a corner outfielder by any means, but he is a center fielder being forced to play leftfield. I'm sure not by his choice.

  13. Jeff good point on CF. He is being forced to play left field so his power numbers are that of a CF in my opinion

    1. Beat me to it. He is the "speedy center fielder with some pop" type center fielder that unselfishly has moved to left field to play on more than one occasion.

  14. Question: do we have anyone better? NO! Do other teams ask for him? Yes! Could we get a good player for him? Yes!
    Give me a team of 3 healthy Brett Gardner's for my OF and I will win more games then a team with the proper power Rf/Lf.
    Before he was injured he lead the team in BA and HRs for a time. And this is a guy they said would only be a 4th or 5th OF.

    1. Ken Reed I need to find out what kool aide your drinking. He can't carry Jacoby's jock strap. If he is our best hitter any season then we are in deep double as an organization. He can't bunt he is a terrible base runner and a very good defender that is a career 265 hitter. He's a decent player that's all he is.

    2. Ken Hans, I have said this before and never again.
      Brett has NO base steeling instincts what so ever...Fact!
      Brett was the bast hitter on the team for a long while this year...not saying much...fact!
      Brett is always asked for in trades, he is not and no one said he was a star player...Fact!
      Brett was going very well having his best year, then was hurt, played through it, until shut down, thus his stats went down...Fact!
      Brett didn't steal when Jeter was hitting behind him, because with him on 1st the 2nd baseman played tight to 2nd and the 1st baseman held him on. Thus, it gave a big hole to hit through...fact!
      When Ellsbury was hitting before Jeter he wouldn't stop from running. thus, he became a #3 hitter...Fact!
      Take what you will from these Facts, they happened. No way to get around them!

    3. Gardner is a good player but an outfield with three of him is pretty counter productive. Sure the defense is good, although I question his arm strength in RF and have always questioned it in CF. We won't steal many bases and we wont get much power out of optimal power positions like RF.

      Again, he's a good player and I almost want to agree Ken Reed until you said three of him would be better than what a Boston Red Sox team has right now in Rusney Castillo, Hanley Ramirez, and whoever they plug in at right field between then and now.

    4. That was suppose to be a oximoron!
      What I was getting at was, players like him, a TYPE of player, not exactly like him. Guys such as Brett Hitting .270, 10/15 HRs, and speed, speed and more speed.
      Three of his type would win more than they lost against a power hitting team...Good pitching will negate power hitters more than single hitters. And the outfield alone could save a game or two.

  15. Exactly Daniel! Ken Reed your facts are way off base especially on stealing with Jeter hitting behind him because he didn't steal the year Jeter was out due to ankle injury. You have presented more of your thoughts than facts and thats OK. I disagree with all of them and as you said in a previous post we are all entitled to our opinions. Your's just seem to be a little far out. He's a good D player with an OK bat. A career 265 avg is not topflight and again I will repeat and this is a FACT that if he is our best hitter on the team we are in deep trouble and if you can't decipher that you are indeed losing sight of how this team is currently put together. There is no way shape or form that Brett Gardner should be our best hitter and the case that you made that he was is a testament on how poorly a job Cashman has done

    1. I said Gardner was the best hitter on the team last season, he's not the best pure hitter. That's probably Jacoby Ellsbury over the course of their careers. Gardner strikes out a little too much for my liking and his base stealing instincts, as Mr. Reed stated, suck.

      He did much better when he was being told to steal. Once he was given the green light to go whenever he wanted is when we saw the SB numbers go way down and the Yankees ability to manufacture runs and extend innings go way down, especially with Jeter behind him.

      With Jeter behind him he should have stolen MORE because of his uncanny ability to hit into double plays.

    2. Ken Hans...

      I wrote;
      "Brett was the bast hitter on the team for a long while this year...not saying much...fact!"
      "Brett is always asked for in trades, he is not and no one said he was a star player...Fact!"

  16. I think you guys are missing my point here. Let me try and make it as plan and simple as possible. What I'm saying is that if Brett Gardner is our best hitter we are in trouble. I am not saying he wasn't the best hitter until he got injured. I am saying that he shouldn't be and if he is we are screwed. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding on this

    1. I understand, and agree, that's why we missed the postseason.

  17. BRET GARDNER...Moving forward.

    No matter what Gardner does this season, unless he morphs into Mantle, he will change nothing.
    A fast guy, who can't utilize his base steeling skills correctly, batting a soft .275.....
    will not change nothing. ( And, I like him. )

    So Mr. Reed, and Mr. Hans can have a decent nights Brett Gardner.
    I will not rehash my prior ranting overtures. We do not need him. He changes nothing.

    The Yankees need more production out of left field.
    Seriously guys, if Gardner did not have the gift of speed, would anyone really care ?

    I confess. I am a spoiled Yankee fan. And, the team doing nothing can make me nuts.
    I trust mgmt. I truly believe they learned something re: the killing contracts that are strangling.
    You know what ?...I think they add a player, or two, this week. Great tonic ?

    Sadly, the anaconda named 'Fat Contracts'...keeps constricting the team.

  18. My dear friend Patrick, I agree with you 100%. I am not a fan of Gardner, however Mr. Reed would like two more of him. I can't stand the one I have so if he is traded thats cool with me

  19. Melky off the board... so much for that

  20. Who would play LF if we trade Brett? Pirela! Why trade him if it just makes one more hole to fill!
    If there is someone out there that is a good fit for us, go for it but, until you have someone better to replace Brett, he is the LF'er!

    Or, Ken Reed, in short pants. Gazing at the Hudson River.

    Kenneth, when you were a child on the west side of Manhattan..
    were you eating the lead paint off the radiators ? tainted meat ? hotdogs that still moved ?

    For weeks we put up genuine up-grades for Bret Gardner. Sincere postings.
    And you come back with..." Who will play LF, if we trade Brett ?"..Duh. A lot of people !

    He would be the easiest piece to upgrade. He is not Paul O'Neil, nor a run producer.
    He is like the 'Mr. Softy' ice cream man. Everyone runs to catch the truck, only to find the
    ice cream melting on the sidewalk, on a hot summers day.

    Mr Softy shall be my new name for him. Soft on the base paths, soft in the clutch, soft
    in BA.....( Again, if you took away his speed, would he be missed ? )
    He does dump Gator Aide on players heads, but the pies were better.

    Melky would have made all of us all forget Gardner. But, that was today's bad news.
    So, trade Gardner while his stock is high, and improve this squad.
    Then, sign someone better to play LF. Please exclude Marcus ' Aluminum ' Thames.

    And...don't call me black irish ! I am educated, I do not beat my children with belts...
    like Bing Crosby did, and I have all my teeth.

    Officer Reed, you may have lead poisoning, and not know it.

  22. Yes Patrick, I did have to eat didn't I?
    I did ask for Melky to be signed...even before you did.
    I still say who will play LF, here are some stats for a guy that isn't that good;
    1st-runs scored--87
    3rd in hits--142
    2nd in Doubles--25
    1st in Triples--8
    3rd in HRs--17
    4th in RBIs 58
    2nd in SB 21
    2nd in BB--56
    2nd in SOs 134
    3rd in BA--.56
    3rd in OBP--.327
    1st in SLG .422
    1st in OPS--.749
    Tie fir 1st OPS+ 111
    2nd in TB--234
    1st SH--(Bunts) 13
    2nd in SF--6
    The only thing it shows is, he is worth more than a kiss-off, and the team as a whole was not good.

  23. This merely shows how terrible the Yankees offense was. The same offense that barely had a 70 RBI guy and no 30 HR guy. I think McCann had like 24 and led the team. Nobody sniffed .300. Gardner had a career year on a terrible offensive squad.

    And I like the guy but the guy is replaceable. I don't want to trade him but some trades make sense.

  24. He always was a punch and judy hitter that got a little power last year. A plus defender with average arm, good speed but can't bunt and can't steal bases like a true base stealer aka Ellsbury. All those stats just show how anemic the Yankees were last year and I have said it too many times that if Gardner is your best hitter we are more doomed then I thought.

    1. Ken Hans, and Daniel: A question for you: How many time have you tried to lay down a bunt even in school? If you have and (I hope you have) the situation calls for a bunt and they know you are trying to do is very, very hard to lay down a good bunt...the pitcher has a lot to do with your bunting.
      Not to put you on the spot but, Brett made 13 out of 19 bunts tried. I think it was 19, not sure myself, memory tricks one sometimes.

      And yes, the Yankees were bad maybe worse then bad this the plate!
      And Yes, Brett is replaceable but for now we keep what we have, unless a good deal comes our way.

    2. Made 13 out of 19 bunts, how many of those were good bunts? Also if you're using bunting ability as a reason to keep someone then it sounds like you're reaching.

    3. I just put out the stats, I didn't say anything about him staying or anything.
      How many times do I need to tell you guys; He is not a star just a hard working guy that is a good player, but to tear down his worth to the team is ridiculous.
      Why not get on the guys that didn't do anything at all to help the team.
      I like him and his all out play, he has limitations as do most players.
      Again, with the right deal, trade him, but to denigrate a player that did so much for the team this year is not good. It is not that he did so well, it was, most were not close to their cards. And he showed up to play!
      That's all I have been trying say but you guys can't be satisfied with anything other than nit pick the stats, not counter them. But you guys did well in the double team, I'm proud of you.

  25. How many times did he try to bunt and had to abandon it after first pitch trying for a bunt hit not sac?


    Must admit, I have been a dick recently. But today has been a turning point for this team.

    Signing Headley an elite 3rd baseman, and so gigantic. Pieces now fall into place.
    Signing Gregorious may turn out to be a wonderful steel. I am awed by his athleticism.

    Pitching is next, to be sure. Have no idea were that road takes the Yankees.

    Mr. Reed, and Mr. Hans are still going at it over Bret Gardner...I can not. Deal me out.
    Find me a 30 Hr / 90-100 RBI guy to play LF. Put fear into the other team. Big Popi fear !
    Mr. Softee scares no two guys can deal with Gardner.

    1. I do believe it is over Patrick!
      And you are right we do need a bat but, I think while everyone was crying about us needing pitching I was saying we need bats. Maybe you remember!

    2. Gardner is being looked at in the wrong light. As I stated previously, he is not a corner outfielder that's supposed to hit for power. He is an above average leadoff hitter, elite #9 hitter, gold glove caliber center fielder being forced to play a position that stereotypically requires a power hitter. And he's playing left field because we have an elite leadoff hitter, gold glove caliber center fielder being forced to hit third. Let's stop talking shit about a player who actually produces for the team and start talking about the real problems. The problems last year were obvious. Johnson, Roberts, Beltran, Drew, Teixera, Soriano, Suzuki, and as much as it kills me to say it, Jeter. All players that were way past their prime, and one that never had a prime. As long as Cashman and the Yankee front office keep bringing people like this in, we're destined to repeat history. Button down the hatches and strap yourselves in. This ride might get a little bumpy for a couple years. Until we're rid of these stupid albatross contracts, things will only marginally improve. Bird, Sanchez, Refsnyder, Judge, Austin, Jagielo, Severino, Clarkin, and Lindgren are what's going to help. And unfortunately, we have to wait. And why you ask? Because of the stupid contracts that we already handed out. The only moves that have made sense so far are Didi an Headley. The only moves that make sense going forward are Scherzer and another startet. Maybe somebody like Peavy or Vogelsong. That will at least make us competitive.

  27. JEFFRY LEVIN...Good morning.

    Bret Gardner is not being looked at in the wrong light.
    He is expendable. The Yankees have Ellsbury. You don't need two of the same.

    The Yankees offense last year was death like. Bad, is a good word for it.
    Put Gardner out there for trade bait, and look for a true raker / masher. It is needed.

    U.S. Navy : You do not button down the hatches...that's for girls.
    You surely meant...batten down the hatches ? The ghosts of sailors gone to rest,
    will haunt you.

  28. Brett Gardner is expendable, I'm not arguing that. As far as navy guys haunting me, so be it. I come from an Air Force family. Never liked bell bottoms. Back to Gardner. Again, he was not the problem with the Yankees offense last year, and he has been unrelentessly bashed on this site in the last couple of days. He is in fact a moveable piece. I'll admit that. Same player as Ellsbury except for one thing. He has a team friendly contract. All I'm saying is don't give him away. I would love to see Justin Upton patrolling left field for us next year. But Gardner plus prospects for 1 year of team control? That's just not smart. Upton for 1 year straight up for Gardner on a 4 year team friendly contract, and I'll sign up. Enough with free agents wanting more money to play in New York and other GM's demanding twice what they would from other organizations in trades. We need to stop "giving" our players away.

  29. I haven't been bashing Gardner whatsoever, I have said numerous times across these posts and comment lines that I love Gardner, I am merely saying that he is replaceable. I am may not have said it so eloquently but that was more or less the reasoning behind my posting. Definitely wasn't tag-teaming anyone. It just so happens that Hans and I agree. We were discussing value to a team and you brought up bunts....

    Anyway moving on. Let me reiterate for the 100th time. I like Gardner and I like the all out play and the gritty type play he bring to the team. I don't necessarily like the fact that he is in a power hitting position but I can deal with it if he steals bases, hits for a higher average and cuts down on the strikeouts a bit. I don't want to give Gardner away, I'm not even sure I would do Gardner for Upton straight up because of team control but I probably would, but if a deal comes along that makes sense then I pull the trigger. I pull the trigger on any guy on the team if it makes sense.

    batten down the buttons

  30. Patrick I don't argue with anyone, I make my case and point out obvious things. You guys can agree with me or disagree with me. I take no offense to any of it. My life revolves on common sense and when someone tells me they would take three of Gardner or make other outrageous comments I will take note and comment on why I think the statement is wrong. My construction of this team would be nothing like that of the elf the rappels down buildings. I think he is a 2nd rate gm that has had the opportunity to buy his way out of his mistakes and if there is one thing I would like to understand it is why was he brought back? Hal complains about the farm and the payroll and that there is no help on the horizon, yet he gives the culprit another three year deal. Why???????

  31. Ken Hans...
    Sometimes you get it right and that's good.
    We also have the bad; you are an arrogant young fan that will not accept the view of others, or facts when they are presented to you. A question like this ridiculous one is what we get;
    "How many times did he try to bunt and had to abandon it after first pitch trying for a bunt hit not sac?"
    You do know a bunt for a hit is a SURPRISE, if it doesn't work on the first try, one hits away, unless the defense doesn't play for the bunt on the second try.
    I like to be the "Devils Advocate" myself but nothing ever changes your mind. I showed you stats showing Brett as the second best player on the team this year but, what I didn't show you was, he was also the 2nd best player last year.
    Hell, we all know why, and we all said so and reiterated the willingness to trade him...IF, the deal is good for us.
    As to Cashman, right the GM, he was not the one that wanted to give A-Rod, Tex, CC even Beltran the contracts they got. He was over-ruled. And yes, he has had the money to buy his way out of things, but the question is were they his doing or upper management? Is the signing of Headley his deal or Hals'?

    Respectively, looking forward to more lively comments from you, as you are a true Yankee fan!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Keen Reed you have no clue so tell me where I should send the money for you too buy a clue? First off you may be older than me but I was a fan during the Horace Clark days so stop your condescending attitude with me because I my friend will hammer back. You want to say I am wrong thats fine. Don't make stupid comments that you will win with three Gardner's when there have been other posters who called you out on the same comment.

    Now to your point about bunting, I played this game in college and after at a high level so I do understand the philosophy of bunts when to bunt and when not to. My point genius is of course you have to abandon a bunt for a base hit after the attempt because you were unable to get the bunt down. That's my point he has an extremely low success rate for bunt base hits. Please step back and decipher what I just said because you just don't get it. You make outlandish comments that hold no water i.e we have a great farm system and there is serious help on the farm. I am of course para phrasing your original statement. This system run by Cashman, Newman and Oppenheimer have not developed ONE DRAFTED PLAYER that is the real deal. Gardner doesn't reach that level Ken, I am sorry to tell you. You apparently are a Cashman crony, as you might have read I am not. I think he is a terrible evaluator of talent that when given a blank check can't even deliver and contrary to your thoughts of being overruled I challenge you to show me documentation stating he was overruled on CC, Tex, Beltran the contracts? He was overruled on two, Arod and Soriano the pitcher which Randy Levine wanted and if you remember Ken, Soriano saved our bacon when Mariano blew his knee out so I guess the President of the Yankees has a better clue on talent than the gm.

    1. Respectfully Ken Hans...
      If I sounded condescending it was so. I have said I would want 3 like Brett types. Not exactlly like him. And you have no idea what you are talking about! Because you have a hard on for Cashman makes every decision made in trades and signings his are wrong and we have gone over and over it with you and other fans that commented here. You might try reading more than the funnies and sports page and get cought up on the business end of the game. Not everything in sports is in the sports page, yet anyhow!
      By the way, I also played baseball and football in high school and college as well as Sand Lot baseball until I was over 60 years old as well as managed and coached high school and college.
      When I had the time.
      There, I think we are about done and even. Can we now get back to being civil?
      There are 100+ days before we kick off!

    2. BRAVO...Army Ranger, Officer K. Reed.
      Someone had to make the first move.
      Both you blogging dare devils.....are great.

  34. HANS, REED...break, go back to your corners.
    You two need to collect yourselves, and take a deep breath.
    One of you two, is starting to take this to another level. You figure it out.

    I don't like where this is headed. Reel it in, and slow down....boys.
    Know who your friends are.
    I've been down this road....and, it will only lead to a cluster fuck.

    1. Well,if one will not believe stats shown to one, how can I reason with him. I can't, because he believes I am wrong! That's ok I put-up with That Bug for three years.
      At least we can go back and forth without denigrating each other...much!
      He is ok Patrick. He says what he believes, I don't agree with him but, that's baseball!

  35. " Time Is On My Side "
    .....Rolling Stones / 1964. One, great tune.
    Playing the early 'Stones' music tonight, as I work on some wings, and cold Coors.

    Question for you southern red clay Greedies :
    Don't use Upton as an answer, but who should be the targeted... if we trade off our current LF ?
    An empty LF slot....Who would you plug in ?

    You go first, I'm rockin' to ' Under My Thumb'.

  36. Hans,

    We are all adults here and I think that post was a little out of line. You can respectfully disagree with people without using the words "genius" sarcastically, etc. Let's all tone it back and calm down, at the end of the day we're all Yankees fans and Yankees family. Families fight and disagree but we're better than those other guys that go the name calling route.

    1. It is taken care of as far as I am concerned, as I commented at 12:08 A.M.
      As you say, we both are Yankee fans and can agree to disagree all the time...which we mostly do...all we want.
      If we all thought the same, this would be an editorial page not a Blog!

  37. patrick,

    barring a trade of course now the left field options are coming off the board. We're better off keeping him at this point (Gardner).

  38. TODAY'S NY POST :....
    Sometimes a few words can say it all.....Today's Post on the Yankee pitching for 2015.
    "...the Yankees extremely volatile starting rotation."

    That says it all. Our feet of clay. We will sink, or swim with this rotation as it now stands.

    Confident ?...None of you said yes. I can hear you shuddering.
    This will be an interesting road we go down....on the setting of the 2015 rotation.
    Chris Capuano, nice man. But, now we are told, is that he is the last line of defense. Good Lord.
    Big Popi, and the revamped Boston line-up, will run all over him

    1. It is getting to look better now that McCarthy is back. But it still leaves us with three ticking bombs...CC, Tank and Pineda. Two of whom are very good pitchers. With those two McCarthy, Man-Bam, Warren, Phelps, and Whitly all ready, locked and loaded. I know I am forgetting someone...? Oh well!

    2. McCarthy signed with the Dodgers my friend....

    3. Your right, I am old after all! Nice how I bring that out when convenient? Just forgot boss! What have you heard about Yoan Moncada?

    4. LOL that's one of the benefits of living through two World Wars, a civil war and a revolutionary war I guess.

    5. Stupid thing sent on it's own before I was done, I guess that's better than deleting it all.

      NOTHING to report on Yoan. Still not unblocked by the US government and still not officially on the board.

    6. That's alright, I have lived through a couple or so civil and one revolutionary action, but only one world war. Unless one counts some of the places I have been! LOL
      Wish we could get Moncada, if we do, we be it!
      Sorry about the disturbance with Mr. Ken Hans, I didn't mean for it to go so far. I hope he comes around with more comments, he is a good guy and Yankee Fan, only has a different view of the world/Yankees than I do. Nothing wrong with that!


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