Sunday, December 2, 2012

Curtis Granderson Again Serving As MLB Ambassador

Curtis Granderson has once again been chosen to be part of Major League Baseball's International Ambassador program this off season. Granderson will spend three days in Korea followed by an eight day stay in Japan. There will be many things that Granderson will be doing in his trip including re-opening the Ishinomaki Municipal Baseball Stadium that was damaged in 2011 by earthquake and tsunami, visit and donate equipment to a children's orphanage in Seoul, meet his fan club in Korea, and will attend many baseball clinics for boys and girls in Kyoto among other things.

Slade Heathcott Ranks 6th Among AFL Prospects

Slade Heathcott has been ranked the sixth best prospect among all of the Arizona Fall League prospects that went down this season. Slade Heathcott put up some monster numbers down in Arizona with a triple slash of  .388/.494/..602 and a 192 wRC+ and even got a first place vote from one writer seen in the write up from Baseball America.

In other news Slade's teammates Austin Romine and Mark Montgomery were named to the Top Prospect team for the Arizona Fall League. Really weird to not see David Adams or Slade on this team as well, especially after this news about Slade's high ranking, but no big deal either way I guess.

Ichiro Done Waiting On The Yankees To Call

Ichiro Suzuki just a week ago stated that he wanted to play for the Yankees in 2013 and was willing to wait on them to make a deal happen. Ichiro stated that he knew the Yankees wanted to lock up Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Hiroki Kuroda and was willing to wait so with that done Ichiro is growing impatient. I can really see this backfiring since the Winter Meetings are not even here yet and Ichiro is acting like he is still a commodity but I have a feeling this is nothing more then posturing on Ichiro's part.