Saturday, September 19, 2020

Nine is Fine but Ten is Better...

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Yankees rally for ninth-straight win…

It was frustrating a few weeks ago when the Yankees were losing games they should have won, but it’s great to be back in the saddle again with the team winning the games it should have lost.

Last night, for example. Jordan Montgomery, in his best impersonation of typical J.A. Happ, gave up a three-run fourth inning home run to journeyman infielder Christian Arroyo which put the Yanks in a 3-0 hole. With Martin Perez somehow pitching like Pedro Martinez in his prime (WTF?) it did not look good for the Yankees. Picking up another run in the fifth on a sac fly by Christian Vazquez, the Red Sox took a 4-0 lead into the seventh inning.

At this point, I was not overly optimistic despite knowing Boston’s bullpen is talent-deprived. The Yankees, fielding its strongest starting lineup in a very long time, could not muster any offense against the AL East cellar dwellers. Thankfully, it was Boston the Yankees were playing against and not a top AL challenger. A couple runs here, a run there, and it was a one-run game. I think the at-bat that bothered me the most was when Gleyber Torres struck out to end the top of the eighth inning with Mike Tauchman at second base, pinch running for Giancarlo Stanton. It was a weak, pathetic at-bat and it left the Yankees down by a run.  Thankfully, Gary Sanchez, who has taken a quite bit of heat in recent days, tied the score in the top of the ninth with his two-out solo shot to left over the Green Monster.

Still, it felt like an uphill battle for the Yankees. After taking a brief lead in the top of the 11th inning when Luke Voit singled to score the extra inning runner at second base (Tauchman), the Red Sox came right back in the bottom of the frame when Christian Arroyo laced a single to center to score their designated second base runner (Michael Chavis). It looked like Boston was going to be able to celebrate a walk-off win when they loaded the bases against Jonathan Loaisiga and only one out. Fortunately, Loaisiga came up big by striking out J.D. Martinez and inducing Christian Vazquez to fly out. 

The Yankees were finally able to score the winning run in the 12th.  Gio Urshela (glad you are back, buddy!) reached on an infield single, which moved the designated second base runner (Aaron Hicks) to third. Two strikeouts and it kind of felt like it was going to be a ‘nothing for something’ situation. Step up, LeMachine. D.J. LeMahieu, having an O-fer night, drilled a double to right to score Hicks. Yanks up, 6-5. Hal, please re-sign this man.

Loaisiga was back out for the bottom of the 12th to close it out. Although the Sox were able to move the second base runner to third with only one out, the little guy came up big by recording outs against the three batters he faced. Game over, Yanks win.

I did like putting Loaisiga in this spot. He was able to face adversity and survive. He persevered and picked up his third win of the year against no losses. The growth of a pitcher. I love it. We’ll need Loaisiga in October, especially since Adam Ottavino continues to struggle. I want to see less Luis Cessa and more Loaisiga.

The change in attitude with the Yankees since they ended their recent slump was evident in LeMahieu’s words after the game. “We were down in a hole today and we had absolute confidence we were going to find a way back in the game.”  LeMahieu went on to add, “A couple of weeks ago, 4-0 felt like 20-0. Tonight, 4-0 felt within reach.” Winning spirit and confidence. Welcome back! It couldn’t happen at a better time.

The win kept the Yankees’ winning streak intact at 9 games. They are only a game away from the 10-game winning streaks I thoroughly enjoy. Unfortunately, the Tampa Bay Rays won Friday night so the Yankees (30-21) were unable to pick up any ground on the Rays. They remain 3 ½ games behind with only nine games to play. But Joe Girardi and the Phillies beat the Toronto Blue Jays by a run so it pushed the Blue Jays a full four games behind the Yankees so at least second place in the AL East feels fairly secure even if there are more games against Toronto this upcoming week.

At some point this week, Aaron Boone will concede first to the Rays and will begin resting key players in preparation for October. I just can’t see the Yankees pull out all stops to try to catch Tampa at the risk of injury and fatigue for the playoffs. 

Photo Credit: Paul J Bereswill, NY Post

The playoff format with AL games in sunny Southern California is going to be weird. Yankees playing post-season games in nearby stadiums (Petco Park in San Diego and/or Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles) and, despite living within driving distance, I cannot attend the games. Nevertheless, it will be fun to watch the Yankees out here even if it is on TV. Equally strange the Los Angeles Dodgers will not be able to play any playoff games at home since the National League (and the World Series, if they make it that far) will be held in the bubble of the new Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas.  The Dallas/Fort Worth Dodgers, I guess.

I thought it was funny to see the Phillies acquire another former Yankee. Greg Bird, recently handed his walking papers by the Texas Rangers, signed with Philadelphia and is re-united with his former manager and a couple of teammates. One former Yank, Ronald Torreyes, had been designated for assignment earlier but he cleared waivers and was sent outright to Philadelphia’s alternate training site. Not that I am really paying much attention to what the Phillies do. I do wish Bird the best but I am obviously very happy the Yankees have Luke Voit and not Greg Bird (or Mike Ford) at first base. For now, Bird will be working out with Toe at the alternate training site as he tries to get another opportunity to find health and get back on a Major League field.

I am glad Steve Cohen was successful in his bid to buy the New York Mets. Not that I really want to see a billionaire who has some common sense buy the crosstown rivals, but with no disrespect to Alex Rodriguez or the lovely Jennifer Lopez, I didn’t really want to see the former Yankee as the owner of the Mets. Despite his incredible success as a Yankees legend and Hall of Famer, it is hard for me to look at Derek Jeter the same when he is an owner and managing executive of another team. I haven’t exactly been a huge A-Rod fan in my life but if he wants to buy a Major League team, I prefer a team that is irrelevant in the Yankees Universe (kind of like Jeter and Miami Marlins). Irrelevant only in the fact they rarely play against each other and the only meaningful games against one another would be in a World Series in which case it would be great for both teams to make it that far.

It is good to know the Wilpon family will finally be exiting Major League Baseball. A little scary that the dysfunctional Mets will have better leadership (kind of wonder how this plays out for the agent trying to masquerade as a GM). Early rumors the Mets could go after Brian Cashman to run baseball operations. Now THAT I’d really hate to see. However, with Cohen’s money, he is a threat and he could put together a strong package of compensation and control that could entice Cashman to make the move. No doubt that Cohen will want to recapture the hearts of New York for his Mets. I’d like to think he will be unsuccessful but he didn’t become a billionaire by accident. He will be better for the Mets than the Wilpons, whether we like it or not.

There seems to be a few articles lately about Brett Gardner’s desire to return for another season. I feel bad because even though I’ve loved Gardy’s time as a Yankee, I do believe it is time to move on. Mike Tauchman may not be the answer but I do feel Clint Frazier has earned the right to take left field. Even with the risk of injuries, Gardy is just not a full-time player anymore. He is better to be used in spots. His option for next season is too much. If the Yankees can decline the option and perhaps re-sign Gardy for less money, maybe I’d be in favor of re-signing him. However, I don’t really want to see him off the bench very much. Sorry, Gardy. I hate saying that, but age sucks. You are not the player you were as recently as 2019. There is not going to be a huge resurgence for a 37-year-old outfielder who turns 38 next August.  I hope Gardy becomes more of a coach-in-waiting.  I think he has a lot to offer in his post-playing career (if he decides to stay in the game) and I think it’s time for the transition. Sorry to those who love Gardy but it’s just my feelings. Loyalty is great, but ultimately, you want the best players on the field regardless of past performance.

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As always, Go Yankees!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Air of Optimism...


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A week later, life in the Yankees Universe is much better…

I was not going to write a post this week (my day job has been running overtime lately) but I couldn’t leave the top post on the site sitting at “Preparing the White Towel”. Yes, I was extremely frustrated with the Yankees last weekend if you could not tell. Funny how a nice five-game winning streak can change one’s perspective. Alright, the latest victim is the Baltimore Orioles but regardless, a win is a win and five in a row is trending in the right direction. After watching their record fall to 21-21, the Yankees are now 26-21. 

While I am not overly optimistic about the team’s chances in October, I am glad they’ve rediscovered the winning formula. Nothing like a sweep of the Baltimore Orioles, who, surprisingly after last weekend, were within arm’s reach of your favorite team. A week later, the O’s are nothing but a small speck in the rearview mirror. 

I like to win…I don’t like to lose…not sure which one I feel more strongly about. I guess I’ll just go with loss-avoidance. That is why the series of losses really had me feeling down. I know, trust the process…have faith in the Yankees, they are an excellent team…I get it. Unfortunately, this is a season like no other and it’s so friggin’ short. Any small bump in the road is a major upheaval of epic proportions.  I might be exaggerating slightly (maybe?) but it’s frustrating to see teams like the Oakland A’s, Chicago White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays and Minnesota Twins seemingly on cruise control.  The only solace I had leading up to this weekend is the fact the Yankees are better than the Boston Red Sox and the sorry-assed cheaters out of Houston. 

When this season started, I sure did not think I’d be grateful for Clint Frazier and Luke Voit. I’ve never been down on Voit but I also never saw him as one of the team’s best players. Congrats to him. He is everything that we once thought Greg Bird would be or at least could be and more. Voit currently leads the Yanks with 16 homers and 37 RBIs.  A testament to his durability this season, he leads the team with 159 at-bats. DJ LeMahieu is 19 AB’s behind Voit, after missing some time while on the Injured List earlier this season. Nice job today by LeMahieu today, by the way. He’s never been a flashy player, but he is the guy you want in the thick of battle. His defensive plays never cease to amaze me.  The only amazement is why haven’t the Yankees signed LeMachine to an extension yet. This needs to be a high priority in a couple of months. I really hope the Yankees do not let LeMahieu hit the open market. I think the Yankees hold the edge if all offers are similar but why take the chance? He’s earned his money for a few more years at Yankee Stadium. Back to Voit, thanks Luke, I am glad you were able to quiet your detractors. I couldn’t believe how many wanted Mike Ford as the starting first baseman. Sorry, my mind never went there. Ford is not much more than a career backup. Voit is proving why he comes from a state that bills themselves as the “Show Me State”. He’s showing us he is a very good player.

Clint Frazier is the one I owe an apology to. I am sorry, Clint. 

I’ve always thought he was talented and maybe that’s why I was so frustrated with his performance the last couple of years. I’ve also said if the Yankees don’t play him, they should trade him. Now, after the way he’s played, you can’t trade him AND he has to play. Sorry Brett Gardner, it was a good run. You’ve been an excellent company man over the years, but age happens. Your days as a regular are over. Stick around and join the coaching staff when the shitshow we call 2020 is over. But it is time to let the younger guys play. I am glad Clint took advantage of this opportunity. It would have been a shame if the Yankees had traded him, only for us to watch this player blossom from afar. In 93 at-bats, Frazier is batting .280/.387/.516 with .904 OPS. He has 5 dingers and 19 runs batted in. While it pains me to say, I have far more trust in Clint right now than Giancarlo Stanton if for no other reason than the latter can never stay healthy. Stanton, if he comes back, should be the permanent DH. But then again, who knows if or when that will be. Seems like this will be life with Stanton for the duration of his Yankees career.

No, I am not giving Aaron Judge a free pass on this one. He is as unreliable (from a health standpoint) as Stanton. Going forward, I only want outfielders who are 6’5’ or less. LOL! I am not serious about that one, but I do wish Judge and Stanton had greater reliability for staying on the active roster.

With thirteen games left in the season, the Yankees are 4 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s probably a pipe dream to think they can make up the ground although it is far from impossible. It kind of makes you wonder where the Yankees would have been if they had not fallen into an extended slump. The Yankees are currently the seventh best team in the AL (out of eight possible playoff participants). At this point, every one of top eight teams should make the playoffs. The best team from the outside looking in is the Seattle Mariners at 20-25. They lead the Arizona Diamondbacks today and should pick up their 21st win but they aren’t catching the Houston Astros (23-23) despite how much I would love for it to happen. The Toronto Blue Jays were able to hold onto second place in the AL East today with their win over the Mets. The Yankees will soon get their chance to make a statement to the Blue Jays like they just did with the Orioles. The two teams play against each other in seven of the next ten games. After an off day tomorrow, the Blue Jays are in the Bronx for three games. A quick weekend trip to Boston, and then the Yankees will make a return trip to the Queen City of Buffalo next week for four games. Now is the time to play like a playoff contender. Keep the momentum rolling. Hard to believe that the regular season comes to an end just two weeks from today. This is a great time to get hot!

Photo Credit: Paul J Bereswill, via The New York Post

I really hope Adam Ottavino rediscovers himself before October gets here. It’s a sad day when he has to be bailed out by Jonathan Holder. After taking over for J.A. Happ in the top of the sixth inning this afternoon, he did fine with the first two batters, getting Jose Iglesias to fly out and punching out Ryan Mountcastle. But then, as it has lately, things unraveled. Otto walked Pedro Severino (I hate hearing the name “Severino” and not having it attached to the Yankees although I have no interest in Pedro). A single by Renato Nunez caused Aaron Boone to pull the plug on the native New Yorker and bring in Holder who mercifully ended the threat. I’d much prefer getting back to scenarios where Ottavino is bailing others out.  Ottavino remains one of my favorite players on this team and I’d really like to see him have success in some upcoming games to get back on track before the real games begin. 

Congratulations to Albert Pujols and Alec Mills for their impressive days today. Albert, the one-time St Louis Cardinal great and now long-time Los Angeles Angel hit a historic home run at Coors Field in Denver against the Rockies. It was the 660th home run of his Hall of Fame-bound career, tying him for fifth place on the All-Time list with the Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays. Nice company, very nice indeed. The next milestone will be in 36 home runs if Albert can get there. If so, he’ll tie Alex Rodriguez at 696.

Photo Credit: David Zalubowski, AP

Then there’s Alec Mills. Who the heck is that? The Chicago Cubs right-hander just completed the second no-no of the season by getting former Yankees legend Jace Peterson to ground out, completing the day of no hits for the disappointing Milwaukee Brewers. Mills is only in the Cubs rotation because Jose Quintana is on the IL. Good way to make an impression on your coaches and teammates. Lucas Giolito of the White Sox has the only other no-hitter this season (against the Pirates in mid-August). There seems to be Chicago theme here.

I don’t care if J.A. Happ is pitching better lately. I want no part of him on the 2021 Yankees roster. Sorry, but not a fan. Deivi Garcia, on the other hand, keep it coming. This kid seems to grow with each performance, and I’ve liked his mound presence from the start.

I am glad baseball is fun again. The difference between winning and losing. Much better to win games you should…or shouldn’t…than to lose games you should win. If the Yankees can win at least four of the upcoming games against the Blue Jays, I will be feeling much better about the upcoming post-season regardless of where the teams end up in the AL East. Taking 2 of 3, followed by 3 of 4, would work even better. Time to show the Jays it is not their time…yet.

As always, Go Yankees!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Preparing the White Towel...


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Yankees continue to sputter…

I wish I felt good about the 2020 New York Yankees, but unfortunately, I am not feeling it right now. I know every season has its bumps in the road, yet this is the one season, with only a 60-game schedule, a team could ill afford an extended slump.

With just 20 regular season games, the Yankees find themselves in third place in the AL East, a game behind the Toronto Blue Jays and 6 ½ games behind the division leading Tampa Bay Rays. Forget about an AL East championship this year, the Yankees will not catch the Rays. The Blue Jays, a young talented team, were aggressive at the trading deadline, unlike the Yankees. The final week of August saw the Jays bolster their pitching staff with long-rumored Yankee targets Taijuan Walker (Mariners) and Robbie Ray (Diamondbacks), plus Ross Stripling (Dodgers). They also acquired infielder Jonathan Villar from the Marlins, a player the Yankees could have certainly used about now. 

The Yankees and Blue Jays play a total of 10 games this month which represents half of the remaining schedule. These games, with 7 to be played in Buffalo, NY, will determine the fate of the Yankees. So far, unless you are the Boston Red Sox, AL East teams have fared very well against the Yankees this year. If the Blue Jays hold the same type of mastery the Rays…and surprisingly the Orioles…have over all things Pinstriped, it does not bode well for our favorite team.  Historically, the Yankees have not matched up well against the Jays, a team that has only gotten better. 

The Yankees should still make the playoffs, barring a total collapse, but at this point, they’ll be limping in and it feels like it will be an early exit. Perhaps the team can get hot in the next couple of weeks. The playoffs are generally about who is playing the best baseball at season’s end and not who is going through an early September slump. Unfortunately for the Yankees, it’s the combination of a slump and key injuries (Injured List includes Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gio Urshela, James Paxton and Jonathan Loaisiga). The bullpen has not been able to replace Tommy Kahnle, who was lost for the season with Tommy John surgery. I thought it was a good time for others to step up, but aside from a few isolated strong performances, the bullpen has not been the same without Kahnle. I thought the trading deadline would bring in much needed reinforcements but after determining the prices to be too high, the Yankees passed.

Photo Credit: Charles Wenzelberg, The New York Post

We could debate all day long whether GM Brian Cashman was right or wrong. Personally, for as much as I wanted some strong reinforcements to infuse the pennant chase and bring more energy into the clubhouse, I don’t blame Cashman for saying no when it comes to the team’s very best prospects. If I felt a trade would have been the difference maker in winning the World Series, then the Yankees failed to make the right moves. Unfortunately, as it looks right now, I am not sure what potential trade could have been the difference maker for the Yankees. It’s not like the Mets were going to trade Jacob deGrom, particularly not to the Yankees even if they were. 

TGP’s Bryan Van Dusen (@Bryan_TGP) had a good tweet yesterday: “Last year was fun (except for the end, of course), but if anyone really thought the #Yankees could survive another #NextManUp season they’re delusional.” I agree with Bryan’s assessment.

Fans on social media (not Bryan) are calling for the heads of GM Brian Cashman and Manager Aaron Boone. I seriously doubt either man loses his job this year. This has been a very odd year with the pandemic…nothing has been normal. I fully expect Cashman and Boone to get the chance to make a run at another 162-game season before we encounter any potential changes. Honestly, I feel Cashman has a job with owner Hal Steinbrenner for as long as he wants it. For as much as George Steinbrenner embraced change, Hal seems reluctant.  Is he wrong? I don’t know. It’s his money. If he is getting the return he seeks (monetary; not championships), perhaps he is happy.  His team. His right. I know that’s tough to hear for fans who want desperately to win. As each year passes, Cashman becomes one of the fewer links to the George Steinbrenner era.  Meanwhile, Hal’s bank account continues to grow. Why tip the apple cart?...

I wish I knew the answers for how the Yankees can change their present course. There are just some seasons you just scratch your head and move on. I am not going to get worked up about a lack of October success this year. A strange season and one I hope we never encounter again in our lifetimes. I look forward to baseball played in front of hungry, excited fans…not a bunch of empty seats and cardboard cut-outs.  

I’ll throw in my usual caveat: I hope…very strongly…the Yankees prove me wrong.

There was a time I would have really been excited about the Major League debut of Yankees outfield prospect Estevan Florial. But after a few underwhelming minor league seasons that dropped his standing among Yankee prospects, his promotion to the active roster seems like an afterthought. The Yankees called him up from the alternate training site yesterday (sending down RHP Miguel Yajure in the corresponding move). The promotion was hardly met with great applause. Maybe he can help. I’d like to see him finally achieve the success he once seemed so destined for, but to expect him to solve his deficiencies at this level seems to be a stretch.

The start of the NFL season could not come at a better time. I think I am ready for the distraction of football over baseball (it pains me to write that as a die-hard baseball fan). Not sure how I feel about my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, this year. They took some heavy losses in free agency last off-season, and despite better play last year, I retain some doubt Kirk Cousins is the guy who can lead the team to the promised land. I was a little surprised when the Vikings only kept one quarterback (Sean Mannion) behind Cousins, cutting young QB’s Jake Browning and Nate Stanley. Both of those players landed on the team’s practice squad after the cuts. As a lifelong fan of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, Stanley, a former Hawkeye QB, remains a personal favorite. He may not have elite potential but I hope he carves out a nice career.

I did not expect the Washington Redskins, excuse me, the Washington Football Team to release former Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, given what seems to be a dearth of quality (or maybe just healthy) running backs in the Nation’s Capital. I was probably more disappointed when I saw Peterson sign with the NFC North rival Detroit Lions. I suppose it could have been worse. He could have signed with the Packers or Bears, but just like in baseball where I hate to see former Yankees go to Boston, I didn’t really want to see Peterson with a division rival.  I am not sure how much he has left, but he certainly has become a journeyman in recent years as he moves from team to team. I used to equate it to Emmitt Smith, the Dallas Cowboys legend, playing for the Arizona Cardinals late in his career, but Peterson has become much more of a gypsy than Smith ever was. 

A final note to bid farewell to Hall of Famer Lou Brock. Growing up in the Midwest, Brock’s role as an all-time great with the St Louis Cardinals was common knowledge. I was probably aware of Brock before almost any other player. During his 19-year career, Brock amassed 938 stolen bases, the most in National League history and topped only by former A’s/Yankees great Rickey Henderson for the Major League record. The first Major League baseball game I attended as a kid featured Brock in the lineup, a season (1974) in which he stole 118 bases. Brock, 81, passed on Sunday afternoon after poor health in recent years. The best quote about Brock might have been from his former manager, the late Red Schoendienst, who said, “Toughest SOB I’ve ever seen”. Like Gleyber Torres, Brock was a young Chicago Cubs prospect plucked away from the Cubbies by trade. Thanks for the memories, Lou! We appreciated you then and we honor you now. Forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace.

Photo Credit: Bill Greenblatt, UPI

As always, Go Yankees!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Winning is Better...

Photo Credit: Adam Hunger, Associated Press

Yankees halt losing skid…

As I sit down to write this post, the Yankees have won one game today, albeit a big comeback to do it, but a win is a win. The Yankees have won the last two games in walk-off fashion, after finally snapping the seven-game losing skid on Saturday. The Yankees are just getting underway with the second of today’s games. Young rookie Deivi Garcia makes his Major League debut.

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I hate losses. Sorry, but I grew up in the George Steinbrenner era where anything less than an undefeated season was unacceptable. Okay, I might not be too serious about that part but I was really hoping to avoid a losing skid this year with the shortened number of games. Seven games basically represents 12% of the schedule. Ouch! With the Yankees trailing the Tampa Bay Rays by four games in the AL East, they really can’t afford to keep losing. The regular season’s final month begins on Tuesday. The Rays have played a few more games than the Yankees due to the recent stretch of no games due to the COVID-19 concerns at Citi Field last weekend. The Yankees can make up ground with the rescheduled games but they need to win them. A nice 10-game winning streak would feel good about now.

When I woke up this morning, I was a little surprised it was my favorite NFL team, not my MLB team, that had pulled off the day’s biggest trade with MLB’s looming trade deadline tomorrow.  For what it’s worth (I realize most of you are Giants or Jets fans), the Minnesota Vikings acquired disgruntled DE Yannick Ngakoue from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ngakoue gives the Vikings a pair of elite defensive ends (homegrown powerhouse Danielle Hunter is the other) which is great for a team that took some heavy free agent losses this past off-season. I kind of expected Yankees news before anything Vikings but so far the Yankees have been quiet. On one hand, I’d love to see them get reinforcements, but on the other, I don’t want to get rid of quality young talent for rentals. Not this year. 

I was kind of disappointed today when I saw the Baltimore Orioles had traded reliever Mychal Givens to the Colorado Rockies. I always thought Givens would be a good pickup for the Yankees. I realize he didn’t have a great 2019 season but he formed a good duo with Zack Britton not long ago and he’s been much better this year in a setup role. Phil Nevin’s son, Tyler, is now in the AL East with his dad as he was part of the package the O’s received for Givens. 

Photo Credit: Dom Amore, The Hartford Courant

I don’t want to see the Yankees part with prospects to get Lance Lynn. I realize that Lynn has been much better in Texas than he was with the Yankees, but he feels a little like ‘been there, done that’ to me and I just don’t trust him for the long term. Mike Clevinger would be nice if the Cleveland Indians are really serious about trading him, but he just seems like the latest Tribe trade bait that will be discussed for years before it happens and by the time it does, the receiving team will get damaged goods a la Corey Kluber.  

It seems like it is the potential end of the road for Erik Kratz’ latest tenure in Pinstripes. With Kyle Higashioka preparing to return within the next couple of days, it appears as though Kratz will lose his seat at the table. This might be why the Yankees made the minor acquisition for catcher Rob Brantly last week, whom they have stashed at the alternate training site. You kind of feel bad for the 40-year-old Kratz who has been around the game so long but Major League jobs have been fleeting for him despite some minor success a couple of years ago with the Milwaukee Brewers. Say what you will about Higgy but he’s not going to be the one to get the pink slip. I’m sure there are a few Yankee fans who would like to see the Yankees cut Gary Sanchez. Yeah, right. I look forward to Gary’s contributions to deliver the next World Series to New York City. If you don’t cheer for him now, don’t cheer for him when he helps us win.  

I’d love to be in Brian Cashman’s “War Room” right now. I have no doubt Cash and his team are working the phones and have a strong sense of who’s available and who can be had for the right price. That kind of goes without saying (yet I did anyway). I guess it’s possible the Yankees do nothing. As they say, sometimes the best trade is the trade never made. While the starting pitching has looked better lately, the bullpen has been a bit of a concern. The blown games by the pen during the losing streak are uncharacteristic but, with the injuries the unit has seen and the fact this is just a friggin’ strange year, reinforcing a strength is not a bad idea. Despite the good performance by J.A. Happ this weekend, I would still like to see other options. I want to win now and while I like Mike King and Happ’s still around, I want better now! This is not a time to be patient. I say that as someone who felt the pain for years after the Yankees unloaded the promising young Al Leiter years ago, much to my disappointment at the time. We all know Leiter went on to have a very good Major League career. The infamous Jesse Barfield trade. Nothing against Barfield, but I don’t want to make another one of those types of trades. I am not advocating the trade of King, I just want better starting options for 2020. Let him battle for 2021 and beyond. This is an all-hands on deck situation, and we need the best possible arms for any chance in October.

Yankees slugger (snicker, snicker) Tyler Wade has just given young Deivi a 1-0 lead over Seth Lugo and the New York Mets.  

Young Deivi seems to be making a statement today. Three innings of hitless ball so far with five strikeouts. Not sure what the final numbers will look like, but he’s certainly in a groove right now and getting better. No, I don’t want to see Deivi packaged in a deadline deal tomorrow. Not because of this performance but I am looking forward to a battle between Garcia and Clarke Schmidt next Spring as they attempt to take one of the vacated starting spots in the rotation, most likely the one currently occupied by James Paxton (well, when he is healthy). 

Ken Rosenthal is floating the availability of Starling Marte and Archie Bradley, currently with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Both of those guys would look good in the Bronx. I’ve wanted Bradley for a few years now, and the Yankees could certainly use a quality outfielder with the health issues surrounding Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge.  

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I was surprised to see the Tampa Bay Rays move DH Jose Martinez to the Chicago Cubs this weekend. When the Rays picked up Martinez last off-season from the St Louis Cardinals, I thought it would work out to be another sneaky good move by the Rays. Martinez was a defensive liability in National League with the Cards but he has a powerful bat. He’ll settle into the DH role with the Cubs. You don’t expect a division leader to trade away veterans, even if they are underperforming, but then again, it’s the Rays and despite their success, they have to pay very close attention to the bottom line, especially in a year that sees no fans flock to Tropicana Field rather than the usual one or two dozen that show up during normal times.  

I know this is not baseball news but I was really saddened to hear about the death of actor Chadwick Boseman, 43, from colon cancer. Since he had not disclosed his illness, his passing was a shock. He was such a great thespian who had presence, incredible talent, charm and charisma. He made us believe he was Jackie Robinson in 42 and of course we all bowed to the great King of Wakanda in his epic role as Marvel’s Black Panther. I am even more impressed with Boseman’s public appearances over the last few years, in retrospect, when unknown to us at the time, he had already been diagnosed with cancer.  He continued to give until he could give no more. I always like to say everybody is replaceable but unfortunately, Chadwick is not. There will never be another like him, and it’s a huge loss for Hollywood…and for America and the entire World. It is ironic he passed on a weekend when Major League Baseball was celebrating the legendary Jackie Robinson but it’s the perfect tribute. Two very great men that we’ll never, ever forget. Wakanda Fovever!…Jackie Robinson Forever!…Chadwick Boseman Forever!…

It’s the fourth inning and Deivi Garcia just gave up his first hit. Trade the bum!  Seriously, he has done better than I thought but the real challenge will be the Mets getting their second and possibly third looks at him depending upon how deep he goes into this game. Regardless of how the game turns out, Deivi is making the case he wants to be at Yankee Stadium for the long haul. Great poise by the youngster who was deprived a vibrant Yankee Stadium crowd  for his, so far, highly successful adventure in the Bronx on a warm Sunny late August day.   

One day to the trading deadline. Will tomorrow bring us some new Yankees? We shall soon find out, boys and girls. Stay tuned…

As always, Go Yankees!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Placing My Feelings on the Injured List...

The shortened season’s “bump in the road”…

I always found it difficult to face an off day after the Yankees are swept. The sting of the losses continue to resonate until the Yankees can snap the losing streak. The fact they were beaten in three consecutive games by their strongest AL East challenger, at home, and have had a weekend off for coronavirus avoidance makes it worse. I am not feeling good about the team at the moment but then again, it’s the normal roller coaster ride of a regular season. I guess the ebbs and flows are a little harder to handle when you know there are such few games compared to a normal season. Although outwardly I maintain a sense of calm and confidence, I am taking those highs and lows with reckless abandon on the inside, I can assure you.  

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It is painfully obvious the Yankees need to figure out how to beat the Tampa Bay Rays if they plan to advance very far into October.  Unfortunately, a rash of injuries has developed which has deprived the Yankees of some of their best players…for at least the short term. It is ironic the injuries have continued despite the overhaul of the team’s physical conditioning unit last off-season. I know, this is not Eric Cressey’s fault. The modified season itself and the shortened second training camp hold much of the blame. I get it but I had optimistically hoped the Yankees could stay healthy this year with the new crew to maximize their fullest potential. Nope, it remains ‘Next Man Up’ and we continue to hold faith and trust for GM Brian Cashman and his team to deliver the next Gio Urshela. For the record, I do believe they will.

The first outsider, now part of the organization, to get a chance to return to the Major Leagues is former Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Jordy Mercer. Most recently, the 33-year-old Oklahoman was playing for the Detroit Tigers but opted to become a free agent earlier this month when he refused an outright assignment to the Tigers’ alternate training site after clearing waivers. The one-time starting shortstop for the Pirates, a career .257/.315/.387 hitter, will get a chance help at second base, if the Yankees make room for him on the active roster, with the injuries to D.J. LeMahieu and Gleyber Torres. His glove has been scary at short but hopefully it plays better at second (at least it has over the small sample size in his Pirates-Tigers career).  

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Mercer only played in three games for Detroit this year and doesn’t offer much upside but maybe he can help ‘hold the door’ while the other healthy players deliver the winning results. I’ve seen a few people say the Yankees should sign former Red Sox infielder Brock Holt, recently cut loose by the Milwaukee Brewers, but I think Mercer is the better player. It’s not like the Yankees are going to find high quality free agents on the open market at this time of year. It will be interesting to see what the Yankees do in the next week as we approach the trading deadline which is just a week from Monday.  

Speaking of trades, the Yankees did make one this week. After designating David Hale for assignment, they traded him to the Philadelphia Phillies to allow Hale to join their Yankees alumni association. With no intended knock against Hale, who has generally done a good job when asked, I was a little surprised the Yankees got anything for him. Addison Russ, a 25-year-old right-handed reliever is not exactly what you’d call a prospect but he has dominated the minor leagues with 200 strikeouts in nearly 153 career innings. I’ll be interested in seeing what the Yankees can do with Russ. Perhaps it is another gold nugget uncovered by Cashman. Then again, maybe he never sees the light of day at Yankee Stadium. I’ll hope for the former, but as the saying goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” so, with that  being said, I am glad Russ is in the organization regardless of how this plays out. If he plays somewhere in the middle of my lofty unsubstantiated hopes for success and being a future DFA player, this trade will have turned out very, very well for the Yankees. Odds are we haven’t seen the last of Hale but at least he gave us something to work with in his latest departure.   

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With thirty-five regular season games left to play, the Yankees will be without shortstop Gleyber Torres following his placement on the Injured List with Grade 1 strains of his left hamstring and quad. Manager Aaron Boone is on record saying Torres will be out in the “two to three week range” under their current thinking. My hope is the rest and recovery allows Torres to play more like the 2019 version of himself. At any rate, I’ll hold out optimism for his quick return to full health and when he does come back, he is accompanied by a very productive bat.  

The Yankees also lost James Paxton and Zack Britton to the Injured List. 

Regarding Paxton, I really thought it was the end as I expected an announcement he would need Tommy John surgery. Fortunately, and thankfully, I am not a doctor, and the diagnosis was just a strained left forearm (Grade 1 flexor strain). Yeah, the word “just” is a little ridiculous but it’s better than Stephen Strasburg’s fate. Paxton blames it on the shortened summer training, “I think it’s pretty simple. We didn’t get enough time going at a lower speed to kind of build up.” Regardless, I think Paxton’s days as a Yankee are numbered. I had previously thought it was unlikely the Yankees would re-sign him when he hits the open market after the season, but this year’s performance and the continuation of injuries is pretty much the nail in the coffin.  Oh well, it bodes well for the Clarke Schmidt 2021 campaign. After a couple of weeks rest, Paxton will get some time in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to rebuild his arm strength. Hopefully there’s enough time for him to make his mark on this season. He certainly has the talent if he can maintain his health after the most recent setback.  

As for Schmidt, we may get an early preview of the potential 2021 starter as soon as this week. I am ready for his time to start even if the Yankees aren’t quite ready to begin his service time clock. I’d really like to see Schmidt grow and develop as a Major League pitcher and there’s only one place to learn (clue: it’s not the alternate training site). The downside of a Schmidt move is the elimination of a seat holder on the current 40-man roster as a precursor to his elevation to active status on the Major League roster. While I’ve always liked Ben Heller, I know it is inevitable he’ll eventually get the tap on the shoulder that it’s time to go. I just hope it is for something of value and not just a trip down the DFA highway without a net. 

Britton feels he’ll be ready to go after 10 days following his trip to the Injured List for a strained left hamstring. Britton, the team’s closer for much of the season until the recent return of Aroldis Chapman, is such a huge part of the Yankees bullpen so we certainly need him back sooner than later but, as with any injuries, never too soon. I fully expect superior physical therapy management from Eric Cressey and his team. 

The Yankees also lost reliever Luis Avilan, a mild surprise this season, to the IL on Friday with Torres and Paxton. He was diagnosed with shoulder inflammation.

Of the current players already on the IL, there is strong optimism we’ll see Aaron Judge this week when the Yankees return to play. LeMahieu, already taking dry swings, should not be too far behind. It will be fantastic to get both of those guys back. I haven’t really heard any updates on Giancarlo Stanton but that’s what I’ve grown to expect. A mystery when he’ll be able to play and total pessimism of his ability to stay healthy when he is. As the current White House occupant would say, “it is what it is”.  Thankfully, it’s Hal Steinbrenner’s money and not mine.

Hopefully the Yankees are back soon. I am ready to put the recent slump aside and move back up the AL East standings. They’ll play two in Atlanta starting Tuesday night. The Mets, their planned opponent for the cancelled series this weekend, will come to Yankee Stadium (hopefully) next weekend. After the Braves and the Mets, a rematch with the Rays looms in the Bronx for their final three-game head-to-head match-up before the fun of October begins. Not trying to look too far ahead but anything less than taking at least two of three will be unacceptable. There’s a day off after the series, Thursday, September 3rd, and I want that to be a GOOD day. Make it happen, Pinstripers!

As always, Go Yankees!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Injured List Champions…

Yankees continue to use the all-too-familiar IL…

I was kind of hoping that we would have left the ‘Next Man Up’ in 2019 yet here we are. The Yankees have shelved multiple expected key 2020 key contributors. Granted, Giancarlo Stanton, Aroldis Chapman, and Aaron Judge are just temporarily away, unlike Tommy Kahnle, but any lost time in 2020 is significant due to the limited number of games. Chapman, who overcame the coronavirus, has yet to throw his first regular season pitch. 

Seeing the names of Stanton and Judge in the lineup is such a fleeting opportunity. The way Judge was crushing the ball, I am hopeful that he’s back after the minimum time on the Injured List. Not sure why the Yankees are always so secretive about his health. It leads to such mystery about how he’s really doing and if the Yankees are being straight with us. With both Stanton and Judge, my mind always wonders if we are looking at just 15 days or if the season is lost. Hard to keep the ‘glass is half full’ approach regarding the health mysteries that always swirl around both of the players, Judge in particular. 

When Judge went on the IL, I was surprised it was Thairo Estrada who got the call rather than Miguel Andujar. I get there are things Miggy needs to work on, but his bat needs to face Major League pitchers if it is going to come around like his pre-surgery self. Okay, the Yankees pitchers at the alternate training site in Pennsylvania are technically Major League pitchers but it is not the same. I am not sure that a couple weeks playing simulated games will substantially improve Miggy at this point. Either he is going to get better in real games or he is not. Seems like he may be trade fodder with the deadline just a couple of weeks away. I like Miggy and trading him now seems like you’d be selling low so the potential return does not seem as great as it could or should be. Maybe some other GM seems the potential in the player and his bat and is willing to roll the dice. We’ll see. I’d rather see the Yankees hold on to him but they need to play him.

I was disappointed when the Yankees recently lost three of four to the red hot Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays subsequently swept the Boston Red Sox but fortunately…and finally…lost to the Toronto Blue Jays last night so the Yankees have a two-game lead in the AL East over the Rays and the surprising Baltimore Orioles. The Gerrit Cole-led Yankees easily defeated the Red Sox yesterday in their weekend series opener. The rest of the rotation needs to man up and match Cole’s performance, especially against the AL East’s worst 2020 team. If the Yankees do not sweep the Sox or at least win the series, it will be a big disappointment. I’d prefer the sweep. Kick the Sox while they are down. It always feels good to me. 

Photo Credit: Frank Franklin II, AP

Speaking of Cole, the guy simply refuses to lose. Last night’s win was Cole’s 20th straight win, dating back to his time in that other disgusting uniform. Oh well, he is 4-0 as a Yankee and I am loving every moment of his time in Pinstripes. It’s so great to have a starter who gives you 100% confidence every time he takes the mound. I think I may be suffering from post traumatic stress  disorder watching James Paxton and J.A. Happ pitch. Now is a good time for them to turn it around, please. As for Cole, the MLB record is 24 consecutive games, held by Carl Hubbell in 1936 and 1937, so hopefully he continues this winning march to October.  

Photo Credit: Sarah Stier, Getty Images

I was glad to see Gary Sanchez homer again last night and Gleyber Torres going for 4-for-4. Two cold bats that may finally be warming up. With the big boys on the IL, the Yankees really need El Gary and young Gleyber to play to their expected levels. 

After watching D.J. LeMahieu post another multi-hit game, his 69th since 2019 which leads the Majors according to the YES Network team, I have to wonder when the Yankees are going to sign him to an extension. I really do not want to see this guy hit free agency. Sure, the Yankees will likely re-sign him but I just don’t enjoy the thought of total freedom where anything can happen. The last thing I would want is to see D.J. playing for Boston or Tampa.  I know he likes being a Yankee and we like him as one. The Steinbrenner Family needs to ensure that he stays one.

I thought Texas might be a good opportunity for former Yankees first baseman Greg Bird and maybe it still will be, but his latest chance ended with his designation for assignment on August 11th, a week after he had been placed on the (surprise!) Injured List. Maybe he clears waivers and is sent outright to the Rangers’ alternate training site but Bird, the man with the beautiful swing, has certainly fallen on hard times. Here’s hoping that he can rise from the ashes to become the player he was destined to be. 

Another player who has been given another chance in Pinstripes is Clint Frazier. No longer a prospect, Frazier has an opportunity to show he belongs in light of the outfield injuries. With a homer against the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday and a two-run double last night, he seems to be taking advantage of the opportunity even if two games does not define a career. Keep it going, Clint. We legitimately want you to succeed. If you win, we win. 

The St Louis Cardinals will finally play their first game since July 29th when they face the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field in the Windy City. It’s funny looking at the NL Central standings. The Cards, stricken by the coronavirus, have only played 5 games, winning two. Yet, they are the second place team, 5 games behind the division leading Chicago Cubs. I do kind of feel badly for them, knowing they have a number of double-headers in their future as they attempt to make up games. Thank God for seven inning games.  

To address a question posed by fearless TGP leader, Daniel Burch, on Twitter (@GreedyStripes), I am getting used to it. The question was ‘Do you still notice the fact there’s no fans in the stands?’ I think what bothers me most is the teams with cardboard cut-outs in the seats. Considering I live in Southern California, I tend to watch a lot of Dodgers games and the cut-outs bother me every game. I am glad they are currently playing in my neighborhood at Angels Stadium so that I can get a break from those foolish views despite my love for Dodger Stadium.   

Back to the trading deadline, I still think the Yankees will seek help for the pitching staff or at least I hope so. This seems to be an on-going hunt every year. It’s nice having Cole this go-around but we still need better arms to surround him. It will be nice to get Aroldis Chapman back as it deepens the bullpen which compensates for the loss of Kahnle. Word is circulating that Chappy could be back tomorrow. Zack Britton has been an excellent stand-in for the Cuban Missile and it’s nice to know he’s there if needed. Listening to the R2C2 Podcast this week, it didn’t surprise me to hear that Britton is the guy Gerrit Cole gravitates to when talking baseball.  I’d love to listen to those two guys talk about pitching. Throw in pitching coach Matt Blake and I am sure the conversation goes well above my knowledge and comprehension. Well, that’s with or without Blake. 

Considering the Boston Red Sox (6-14) should be sellers this year, I wonder what it would take to pry short stop Xander Bogaerts from them. I know, Boston would NEVER trade a star player to the Yankees. They’d be foolish to part with Bogaerts in any scenario to any team as he is huge building block for future success. I am consistently on record as a Francisco Lindor in Pinstripes dreamer, but I’d be as happy with Bogaerts calling the Bronx home. He is a fun player to watch. There is always at least one Red Sox player I really like and Bogaerts has become that guy for me ever since the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not that I am trying to push Gleyber Torres out of shortstop, but I never stop dreaming of the desire to be the best.  You’ve got to remember I grew up in the George Steinbrenner “All-Star players at every position” era.  

Kind of a bummer we have to wait until this evening to watch the Yankees and Red Sox. The aforementioned James Paxton gets the start against former Yankee “Nasty Nate” Nathan Eovaldi. The Big Maple comes into the game with a July 1984 ERA (7.84). Time for him to start working towards earlier months in the year. February or March would be nice. I know that my PTSD will set in for those first few innings. Hopefully Paxton can overcome the early innings to deliver a quality performance. At some point, you’d think Cole has to rub off on Paxton. Let it be tonight!  

As always, Go Yankees!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Dog Days of Summer...


2 Losses and the Sky is Falling…

I know, I know…it’s just a momentary bump in the road but I dislike consecutive losses, especially those of the one-run variety as it means a timely hit here or there could have meant the difference between winning and losing.

Last night, the Yankees lost to Blake Snell and a bevy of Tampa Bay Rays relievers in St Petersburg, Florida. Admittedly, I could not tell the difference with the stadium crowd or lack thereof with the “fan-less” games of 2020 versus a normal Tropicana Field audience. Credit Masahiro Tanaka for a great performance. There were goose eggs on the scoreboard (run column) when he departed after five innings. Masa only allowed one hit while striking out five Rays. A brief pause here to say that if the start of the season is an indicator, I want the Yankees to re-sign Tanaka over James Paxton if we can only have one of the pending free agents back next year. I like Paxton and I continue to feel that he has the higher ceiling among the two arms but Tanaka is more consistent and capable to delivering the goods like last night when it matters the most.

Photo Credit: Chris O'Meara, AP

The loss was attributable to Adam Ottavino. He remains one of my favorite relievers but he is always going to have one of those games where control issues raise their ugly head. Last night was one of those nights. He walked two of the first three batters in the bottom of the eighth inning and a wild pitch advanced the runners. The Rays were able to pick up an easy and, ultimately, game-winning run on a sacrifice fly by pinch-hitter Michael Perez. Otto will be fine. He’ll just take a page out of the Mariano Rivera playbook and forget about last night. For the game, there were only four combined hits, evenly split between the two teams, so it wasn’t the most exciting game to watch unless you love to watch dominant pitching and ice cold bats. Aaron Judge, off to a blazing start this season, struck out three times. 

The best advice about the loss was offered by Tanaka after the game. “I think there’s going to be games like this where both teams aren’t really able to score. So you just kind of have to leave this and just go into tomorrow. I think it’s really important for us to just kind of move forward. Just kind of change the mood.” True, today is a new day. The Yankees (9-4) hold a three-game over the Rays and, WTF?...the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees send ace Gerrit Cole to the mound today. He’ll be opposed by his former Pittsburgh Pirates teammate, Tyler Glasnow. Today seems like a good day to start a new winning streak. Not to take anything away from Glasnow, whom I feel is an excellent pitcher, but, win or lose, I am always over-confident when Cole is on the mound and damn proud of it.

Photo Credit: Rob Carr, Getty Images

It was cut-down week for MLB as teams had to pare down the rosters from 30 to 28. Granted, he wasn’t playing and when he did, the results weren’t terrific but I was still very surprised to see Miguel Andujar among the cuts. Sure, it gives him some time to work on the finer points of outfield play and shake the rust off his bat. One hit in 14 at-bats is not going to help your cause when you are battling for a valuable roster spot. I know he’ll be back and hopefully the time away allows him to reset and return as a valuable contributor. My position remains the Yankees are stronger with Miggy on the roster than not so I am hopeful the “vacation” in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is positive and productive.  Infielder Thairo Estrada and reliever Nick Nelson accompanied Andujar to the alternate site while former Anaheim, I mean Los Angeles, Angels pitcher Nick Tropeano headed the other direction to join the big league club. Note: As a relatively new Anaheim resident, I find it more ridiculous than ever now that the Angels call themselves “Los Angeles”, a city that is nearly an hour away.  Okay, 30 miles but have you ever driven in Southern CA traffic?  I love Los Angeles and if I had a job that allowed me to live in downtown Los Angeles or out in one of the beach cites, I’d be there. But where I live near Angels Stadium is NOT Los Angeles even if everybody around here wears Dodgers (not Angels) caps. Sorry, I digress. Welcome to the Bronx, Nick! I hope you make the most of your opportunity with the Yankees.

MLB nixed plans to further reduce rosters from 28 to 26 so the 28-man roster will remain for the duration of the season.  Teams still get an extra man for double-headers, even those of the seven innings variety temporarily in effect this season. Mike Ford is clearly the big winner with the decision to stay at 28 players. When Ford is having a good time, I am having a good time. I love watching that guy succeed as his happiness to be a Yankee can be so infectious.   

As awful as James Paxton and J.A. Happ have been this year, you wonder when Clarke Schmidt will make his Major League debut. I’d take Schmidt over Happ right hereright now. I know he’ll encounter bumps and bruises along the way in his continued development, but that’s okay with me. I’d rather take the pain knowing there are brighter days ahead than pinning my hopes on an aging pitcher on the fast track to his post-playing career. 

A couple of days before the roster cutdown, the Yankees designated catcher Chris Iannetta for assignment and outrighted him to the alternate training site. Last evening, Lindsey Adler of The Athletic tweeted that Iannetta has been placed on the restricted list. No details were provided. The restricted list is for players who are out of organized baseball, for whatever reason, and are not free agents. It could be for leaving the team without a valid reason (failure to report to the alternate training site), temporary unpaid leave for personal reasons or some other cause. I think the Yankees will be fine with or without Iannetta although those Yankee fans melting down about Gary Sanchez and his slow start might think differently. 

The MLB trading deadline is just a short three weeks away. It remains to be seen how active teams will be this year but I am hopeful the Yankees can pick up some pitching help.  I am not sure who will be available since the worst teams in the American League (Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners) are only 5 ½ games out in their respective divisions. Hard to determine who will be sellers although you’d think finances play into the equation with the lost revenue this year. The Yankees should provide a friendly helping hand to the Cleveland Indians and take the salary of Francisco Lindor off their hands. It would be a very generous move by the Yankees…wink, wink. I am sure speculation will start heating up about certain players in the coming weeks.

I’ll admit it was good to see Didi Gregorius during the recent series with the Philadelphia Phillies but I don’t pine for his return. I wanted him to stay, yes, and I was disappointed when he left, but once he did, he was just another ex-Yankee to me. I am appreciative for his time in Pinstripes but life moves on. I wish him well in Philly and if he ever has an opportunity to rejoin the Yankees, fine. Until then, he is just another player. My shortstop is Gleyber Torres and he has my 100% support even if his bat has been a little slow to come around this year. I know at the end, he’ll be there. I can’t believe there are still Yankee fans who cry for Joe Girardi and, what’s his name again?, Robert, no, Richard, um, Ronald (yeah, that’s it!) Torreyes. Give me Aaron Boone and Tyler Wade…I’m good.

I hope it’s a Cole-fully wonderful day for you and all Yankees fans. As always, Go Yankees!