Sunday, December 16, 2012

Video : Best Of John Sterling Bloopers

How could we not end this video session with the best of John Sterling? Love him or hate him you have to be entertained by him, no? What a fitting way to end a look back at the 2012 season, a blooper reel. Enjoy!

Video : 2012 ALDS Game 1 Opening Ceremony

The Yankees opened the 2012 American League Division Series at home against the Baltimore Orioles but that is not the significant part. The significance of this day was that Mariano Rivera was in uniform and threw out the first pitch to long time catch Jorge Posada. It was truly a fitting and touching memory that we had to touch on. I hope you enjoy!

Video : 2012 Yankees Opening Day Ceremony

2012 was a pretty emotional Opening Day ceremony as we saw long time Yankees catcher Jorge Posada throw out the first pitch. Enjoy the video and thank you for the memories Jorgie!

Yankees Interested In Michael Bourn?

I am filing this under the "Scott Boras is trying to drive up a price and create an artificial market for his client" file because word came down today that the Yankees are quietly interested in Michael Bourn, wait what? Many sources have stated that Bourn would give the Yankees the slap hitting defensive center fielding lead off hitter that we have been looking for but the last time I checked that pretty much described Brett Gardner to a "t" with less of a bat. What would the Yankees do with three slap hitting speedy defensive potential center fielders in the outfield (I am assuming a Granderson trade would come after a potential Bourn signing) besides have one of the speediest and anemic offensive outfields in the history of baseball? If we are going to overpay for an outfielder just for fun why not bring back Nick Swisher who can hit for power, switch hit, and get on base at a healthy rate. I am a firm believer in sticking with the devil you know over the devil you don't know, post season struggles or not. I cannot find any logic in the Yankees being in on a Brett Gardner (older) clone and a Scott Boras client with the 2014 season looming.

Video : Biggest Yankees Home Runs In 2012

The Yankees hit a bunch of home runs in 2012, 245 of them to be exact which is a franchise record, and this video will show you every single one of them. We also will see the 7 that we hit in the playoffs this year as well as an added treat. Enjoy!!

Yankees & Angels Discussed Vernon Wells Trade

The Angels, once again, have way too many angels in the outfield after the recent signing of Josh Hamilton. The Angels would really like to trade Kendrys Morales or Vernon Wells but it seems more likely that they will have to trade Peter Bourjos or Mark Trumbo to clear a spot. The Yankees and the Angels did discuss a Vernon Wells deal in Nashville at the Winter Meetings but that obviously went no where. Vernon is owed $21 million in each of the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Obviously the Angels would eat up to $18-$19 mill of that each season to have to move him but is it still worth it? Vernon Wells is a right handed hitter that could compliment the Yankees current all left hander outfield after hitting .266/.312/.409 the last two seasons against left handed pitching. Should we make the trade?

Video : Rafael Soriano #UNTUCK One More Time

I could not find, surprisingly, a highlight video for Rafael Soriano for 2012 but we all know what we want to see one more time. Enjoy the #untuck one more time and good luck to Sori in 2013, with or without the Yankees!

Video : Russell Martin 2012 Highlights

If we include Nick Swisher in this run of 2012 highlight videos then I feel obligated to include Russell Martin. As frustrating as it was to watch his batting average hover around .200 or below for most of the season he still made us look good behind the plate and was always down for the big home run. I admit that I will miss Russell in 2013 and beyond. Enjoy the video!