Wednesday, December 24, 2014

George Steinbrenner and the Ghost of Yankees Past

Set the scene, picture Hal Steinbrenner sitting at his desk in his multi-billion dollar home with any bill less than a $50 burning in the fireplace for no apparent reason. It’s Christmas Eve and he’s making his list and he’s checking it twice to make sure he didn’t miss anybody. Chris Young, check. Andrew Miller, check. Didi Gregorius, check. Nathan Eovaldi, check. Chris Capuano, check. Chase Headley, check. Garrett Jones, check. Beside that list was another list, a more general and generic list, which Mr. Steinbrenner moved to satisfied with his findings on the first list. Find a shortstop to replace the great Derek Jeter, check. Find a closer to replace David Robertson, check. Improve the pitching, check. Emulate the Kansas City Royals bullpen from 2014 with a three headed monster, check. Keep Alex Rodriguez off the field at all costs, check. Bring back Brian Cashman, check. Fire Kevin Long, check. Fire Mick Kelleher, check. Replace both Long and Kelleher, he’ll have to get back to that. Steinbrenner, satisfied with his offseason even though it’s Christmas Eve and two of the top 10 free agents are still on the board, Hal decides to go to bed in his 8,000,000,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets when he hears something knocking at the door, a ghost.

“Son, it’s me. What in the world are you doing?” says the ghost of George Steinbrenner. Hal, shocked, replies that he was going to bed for tomorrow was Christmas Day and he had hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of presents to open in the morning and wanted to get an early start. This angered the ghost of Yankees past and he snatched Hal out of the bed and ushered him into the kitchen where he poured him a very ironically and strategically placed glass of Kool-Aide. Hal, thinking it was some of his 1996 wine he had ordered from Italy just three days prior, took a big swallow only to realize his mistake, spit out the wine and ask his father “What in the world are you feeding me?” The ghost of Yankees past, which that grin that he was so known for especially around the months of July and November – January, replied “I am simply giving you what you are feeding the greatest fans in the world, the Yankees fans. Now come with me while I show you the error of your ways.”

In a flash George and Hal Steinbrenner sat in the living room of a die hard Yankees fan who owned a blog called The Greedy Pinstripes. Daniel Burch could not see or hear the Steinbrenner’s but they could hear him and watched as he ferociously typed away on a piece about how the Yankees should “get greedy” and “sign Scherzer” and “trade for Tulo” and something along the lines of “World Series caliber team.” That’s when Hal began to shudder as he knew where this conversation was going. He looked up at his father and caught a glimpse of a father looking down at his son in a way that showed not anger, but disappointment. The same disappointment that Daniel had on his face when he waved his hands in a dismissive fashion, closed his Google Chrome and did not click save changes on his post.

Without saying a word, because the ghost of Yankees past knew a word did not need to be muttered, he flashed in an instant to another Yankees fans house, that of Mr. Michael Brogna. Michael was frantically checking Twitter every so often wondering who and what would happen next like he had been for the last number of weeks with little results. Again the look of disappointment on a true fan sporting the interlocking N and Y and once again the utter look of disappointment on the ghost of Yankees past’s face. Hal could hardly look his father in the eyes now and simply replied with a “We spent over $500 million last season and it got us 85 wins.” This angered the ghost of Yankees past and for the first time since they left the Steinbrenner Mansion the eldest Steinbrenner broke his silence and spoke. “We can’t live in the past, we’re always looking towards the future. Nobody cares what you did last season unless it brought us all the ultimate goal of a World Series championship. Can’t you see what you’re doing and how it is affecting the bottom line you care about so much? Look at the attendance the last two seasons as well as the ratings on the YES Network, you know that network I broke my back to build for you to sell less than five years after my death, after putting out such a mediocre team on the field. They sucked and you should be fired. In this market you have to spend money to make money. How much money is this team going to make with declining attendance and no 3,000 hit chase, no farewell tour of a member of the Core Four and no player’s jersey that we can’t keep on the shelves before Spring Training? Don’t answer that as I have one more stop to make tonight if we’re quick enough, so let’s move.”

The third and final stop on the journey went to the home of a Mr. Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez. Rodriguez was on the phone and the Steinbrenner’s only caught the tail end of the conversation. Rodriguez, speaking to an undisclosed person on the other end, was overheard saying “and the best part is I am still going to get $61 million over the next three years and everything they have done pretty much assures me that I don’t have to do anything for it. It’s free money. All I have to do is play once a week, hit my six home runs to tie Willie Mays, collect my extra $6 million bonus and go home to Miami for the winter. They think they are hurting my feelings not guaranteeing me a contract and not giving me any playing time like it’s going to hurt my ego but I’m over it. Two steroid allegations, a steroid suspension and millions of dollars in lost wages will really mature a guy and make him see the bigger picture. I’m not going to simply retire and declare myself physically unable to play I am going to sit on the bench and collect my money like any other person would. Call me Albert Belle, call me Bobby Bonilla, call me Centaur, call me whatever you like as long as the check doesn’t bounce.” And with that the look of disappointment from the ghost of Yankees past went from disappointment to anger. With a flash the two were back in the Steinbrenner kitchen with that same glass of orange Kool-Aide sitting on the counter.

This time the ghost of Yankees past did not have to say anything, it was Hal that did all the talking. “I understand what you’re trying to show me sir and I get it. You gave complete control to Brian Cashman and I, my brother and Randy Levine took that from him. We signed Alex to that monster deal and big against ourselves much like we did with Rafael Soriano. I refused to write checks to Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig and another notable international free agents because of the fear that a Jose Contreras contract put in my heart some 15-20 years ago. I’m the one essentially letting Robinson Cano walk and I’m the one trading the Shane Greene’s of the world while I give Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts one year “reclamation” deals. It’s on me sir and I intend to fix it. I no longer will live in your shadow and I will no longer live in the rearview mirror of the Los Angeles Dodger’s accountants. Dad, get me the phone!”

The ghost of Yankees past handed his son the iPhone 6 Plus and he proceeded to call agent Scott Boras. Within minutes a blank contract and check were faxed to Max Scherzer while a list of available players and prospects were being drawn up and prepared to send to the Colorado Rockies. With his final action the younger Steinbrenner called Mr. Brogna, Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Burch and each phone call had an entirely different tone to it. An apology to Mr. Brogna came after an olive branch containing season tickets for life in A Rod’s luxury suite. That suite was easily handed to Michael because the next call was to Rodriguez and he was told to take his $61 million dollars and go, anywhere but here, and don’t come back. The final call to Mr. Burch was a more somber call and conversation which ended in Hal asking Mr. Burch to be his Peter Brand. Mr. Burch, embarrassed, asked Hal “who is Peter Brand?” with a laugh Hal simply responded “you know, Jonah Hill from Moneyball.” Burch, with a sheepish laugh and with an intended fist pump” screamed “YES!!!” into the phone.

The deals were done, the Yankees were better, the fans were happy, Hal’s conscience was clear and his understand hit a new level while the ghost of Yankees past simply disappeared into the infinite abyss. Hal never knew what happened to the ghost of Yankees past, whether he had been real or an eerily vivid dream, but Hal understood what needed to be done and he did it. Hal did not sell the team and the screams for him to sell the team almost immediately stopped. The Yankees went on to win their 28th, 29th and 30th World Series championships before the turn of the century and once again a dynasty was in place just like the way it should be. All thanks to an old rich guy with bad hair and a huge checkbook, a pissed off ghost and one Yankees fans undying love for the team. The faith and love for the team returned and the fans returned to the Bronx in flocks all to live happily ever after.

Well except for the ghost of Yankees past, he was still dead. The End. Merry Christmas everyone. 


  1. Daniel awesome article I really enjoyed it. You left the one character out that was the cherry on the cake..good old St. Patty who would have battled George every step of the way. Happy and Healthy to you and your family.

    1. Ken H...
      Once again we agree!
      Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    2. Ken R same too you and your family

    3. Merry Christmas guys. I worked a ton on this article so I am glad to see it so well perceived.

  2. Daniel...
    This was by far, the best you have done yet! I loved it and wished it would come about.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. Thank you Mr. Reed same to you and yours, I truly do appreciate it.


    You spent much time getting that completed. Much creativity / fact / and, humor. Very nice.
    But, there was one stop you left out. Let me help you.

    The Ghost, and Hal go to Hans' house. They peak in an open window, and are startled to
    see old Hans dressed as an elf. He is ranting, much like speaking in tonges.

    " Sell the team, the team sucks, they traded Greene !..agh !, Ken Reed is not so smart,
    where is Prado ?..agh !, the bird is the word, jumpin' Jesus, patrick drinks too much,
    the fans will run away!, who is this guy, Twasp?, the new kid pitcher can't pitch, I'm Han Solo,
    where is my stale beer...this one tastes like dog piss!, I'm going crazy!...agh. Hal is dumber than

    Hal turns to the Ghost, and says " What is wrong with that guy? Is he nuts ? "
    The Ghost, now laughing uncontrollably by what he just witnessed, turns to Hal and whispers..
    ..." No, son...he's not nuts. He is just mixed up. Although his player moves sound a bit nuts.
    He will be fine after showering we a liked minded buddy, and drinking a colonic."

    Hal, still shaken, asks the Ghost.." patrick lives over on Long Island, why don't we go there next? "
    The Ghost shakes his head, and smiles..." Why bother patrick, he's normal."

    "...agh ! I hate Gregorious, Prado, where are you my buddy?...iieeeeeeeeeeee!"

    That is my take on your fine article.

    1. Patrick...
      Nice little dig at Ken H, hope he likes it! I see you got the Bug in there too, good going.

      I may be tied up for a day or two or whatever, so let me say; We have had one hell of a ride the last few years! Wish you luck on the next 20 or so years here, with a bunch of fine people!
      Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    2. I would welcome any of the Stein's living or ghost to my house. I know George would understand that you don't trade a young arm Greene Red, Blue or Orange for a platoon 220 hitter but hey Patty you might have been hit in the head one too many times up at bat or better yet you seem to be a soccer head type of person and heading the ball just isn't your game you lite beer drinker

    3. I appreciate the kind words patrick, I did put a lot into this. I did try to add some dry humor with some creativity and I am glad it showed in the article.

    4. Ken H...
      What did we need the most, a good glove at SS with a so, so bat, or an arm that we can replace?
      Very simple, right? WE NEEDED a good SS under control until the really good ones make their way to the show from our Farm. For all we know this kid may be the answer the pitchers have been looking for the last 5 or 7 years.
      A good team is strong up the middle...we have a strong catcher, pitchers, SS, CF and not bad 2nd baseman...who will get better with hard work.
      And yes, I have been hit in the head a few times...more than I like! That was a daily happening in the old stomping grounds. Patrick, not so much!

      By the way, our Farm system is not bad at all, no stars...true! Stars often fail more so than the other players...I am sure we can all come up with stars that were, but ended up out of baseball or hanging on.

      It also takes a long while to get a strong system built, from the ground up. The King would trade away some and the Cabal did the same. We are now rated in the top 10 systems, whereas, we were at the Bottom a few years ago. I think it was the top 10!

    5. Ken R first please show me what sight I can visit that shows we are in the top 10 systems in baseball? You made a comment so I want to understand this and see that I am wrong. I am not challenging you I am asking for verification. Second in all due respect you have an excellent no hit glove on the bench in Ryan which you can keep under control as long as you wanted. Adding another great glove no hit SS for a young arm is not what I call a smart move. Arms win races not good glove no hit SS

    6. I haven't seen top 10 anywhere, but It's not that far off. I've seen it ranked as high as 12, but I'm not 100% sure where. I almost want to say it was a program I watched on mlbnetwork.

    7. This is a cut and paste from Baseball Prospectus which ranks us 23rd Ken R

      23. New York Yankees
      Farm System Ranking in 2013: 14
      2014 Top Ten Prospects: Link
      State of the System: The Yankees have talent in the minors—which helps separate them from the poorer systems in baseball—but down years from key prospects caused the system to yo-yo from middle of the pack to the bottom third.
      Top Prospect: Gary Sanchez (85)
      Breakout Candidates for 2014: Luis Severino and Luis Torrens
      Prospects on the BP 101: 1
      Must-See Affiliate: Short-Season Staten Island
      Prospects to See There: Luis Severino, Luis Torrens, Ian Clarkin, Gosuke Katoh, Thairo Estrada
      Farm System Trajectory for 2015: Up. In a talented yet schizophrenic system, all it takes is a return to form from some of the more heralded names on the farm and the Yankees will shoot back up the org rankings.

      Link to 2013 Organizational Rankings

      Jason Parks is an author of Baseball Prospectus.
      Click here to see Jason's other articles. You can contact Jason by clicking here

    8. Here's another one Mr. Reed

      As for the current state of the farm system,'s Keith Law ranked it No. 20 among all 30 major league teams.

    9. You looking at preseason rankings? Before a full season of Ian Clarkin, Aaron Judge and Luis Severino? Without the bounce back of Ty Hensley. I can keep going.

    10. One last cut and paste from Patrick Danica the famous race car driver oh wait is that might be Danica Patrick lol, either way it is his favorite newspaper columnist Bill Madden who states

      I do think Steinbrenner and Cashman are delusional if they believe Beltran and Mark Teixeira, at 37 and 34, respectively, are going to have bounce-back seasons in 2015 commensurate with their salaries — just as they have been delusional about their player development system, which still does not have any potential impact position players coming in the near future. It is clear the Yankees need a total overhaul of this system and a new direction after the departure of the retiring/pushed-out Mark Newman, who presided over 20 years of failure — something Steinbrenner doesn’t seem to have the stomach for. And what does it say if Cashman, who was Newman’s boss and continued to turn a blind eye to the obvious, is the one whom Stenbrenner allows to choose Newman’s successor? Business as usual, I would think.

      Then we hire a minor league hitting instructor to replace Newman..Dumb and Dumber

    11. Daniel call it what you want but this isn't a top ten system that my buddy Ken R claims it is. We needed to bring a third team into the mix to get a 220 platoon SS in a trade because we aren't valued as a farm system. We have some pieces but not studs. Everyone claims the Yankees draft late in the first RD, then tell me why the Roid Sux have a great farm system?

      The farm system is not putrid like it was, however it isn't in the top 20 either so lets not get ahead of ourselves here

    12. Evaluating a minor league system is highly subjective and often times wrong. The difference between a top 10 and top 20 system usually comes down to a single prospect. For example, Boston's system has been highly regarded for a few years now, but what exactly have they produced? Bogarts and Raunado are the only players that come to mind. Neither one looked that impressive to me. Other than opinion, what makes they're system so much better than ours?

    13. I'm sorry but if Bill Madden believes the Yankees have zero impact players close in the farm system then he is an absolute idiot. Even if you leave out Robert Refsnyder you have more than a couple in Double-A alone and are, even if just outside shots, going to make pushes as soon as 2015.

    14. It's all where you cherry pick your articles and your stats from. I am sure if I cared enough to humor you I could find more than a few favorable write ups from sources that I know and trust. I don't have to though because I know most of the names and what they bring to the table.

    15. Read this article. All these guys aren't anti Yankee

    16. Daniel do me a favor and humble me and show me these articles. I am not cherry picking anything

    17. I used to be a member of Bleacher Report before I quit to pursue this blog. My point being almost anyone can be a writer for Bleacher Report. Doesn't mean they know more than you or I do.

    18. Really don't have the time or the inclination to do so. You're not going to find the Yankees anywhere near a Top 10 ranking, Reed was off base with that, but you're not going to see any consistency with these lists either. I've seen the Yankees rank in the middle of the road and I've seen them rank as low as 29th behind teams like the Angels and the Tigers.

    19. Well Ken H...
      It was so printed on a blog of some repute, I am too tired to look it up but...if you had read all of my comment you would have seen the little ending;
      ============"I think it was the top 10!".=============
      Don't be so quick to criticize someone, if you haven't read or misunderstood a comment by, that is ok! But, you seem to have a quick trigger when it comes to denounce ones comments, do you really believe what you write?
      If one makes a mistake, so be it and point it out, but there is no mistake in my comment...the "I think" covered that. Maybe it was 12th or 15th, the point is, they are much better today than when Cash took over.
      But your harping on how bad the system is, is nothing but hogwash! We have three SS in the low minors that had great to good years and a couple more on the way. If one of them turns out as projected we will have one hell of and infield within two maybe three years. Thus, the signing of a very good glove with hitting potential as our SS for the next 3/4 years...or more if his hitting comes around!
      Very respectively, have a Happy New Year!

    20. Get your skirt out of the way Ken R. You made the comment and you made it seem top 10. Live by the keyboard die by the keyboard. I have an old saying I live by which is if you're going to dish it out you better be able to take it. You bust my balls quite often and I don't run away from it. By the way you once again are living off potential as you state we have SS in the lower part of our system. Big freakibg deal not one Cashman draft pick in 12 years has become a star. Apparently you can't grasp that yet and if I offend you with my opinions I would suggest you don't comment back to me. This farm system is closer to being 30 than it is to number one.

    21. Sorry to have caused you so much distress Ken H.
      Again you are twisting my words, I said;
      ============We have three SS in the low minors that had great to good years and a couple more on the way.===========!
      Amateur Free Agent 2001...Robinson Cano...I may be mistaken but, wasn't he a star! Wasn't he sign by the GM of the Yankees? Wasn't that GM Mr. Cashman.
      How about Betances, David Robertson, Tanaka, just off the top of my head.

      You have an opinion of everyone as being dumb and you are the only one that is right. If you get offended, by me or anyone else that is your problem to deal with, the best way you can. I have been wrong, but when corrected, I don't attack the person telling me I am wrong.
      Opinions are different, I have mine, you have yours. But you have no give in your opinion at all. It is your way or, "I/we are an ass for even thinking such a stupid thing"!

      I think I have been respectful of your opinions and have tried to convince you otherwise, but never have I tried to shut you up by calling you names.
      You have a long way to go before you grow up and accept other peoples opinions as we have some of yours.
      Too bad, I was just getting to like you, even though we didn't agree on much. I like conflict, and you are that. You can have it your way all you want the sand box, but not with grown people with any degree of intelligence.

    22. Ken R not only are you ignorant you're a fraud and I dont like you and you are the one who twists words my friend, its kind of ironic that you state it's my point only as your posts spew the rhetoric of you always being right. Daniel and Jeff and Patrick have all disagreed with me and that's fine. Sometimes points are made that are indeed correct and other times they aren't. No harm no foul yet you're the only that gets upset. I'm not in HS anymore so having drama with you on a Yankee blog board is absurd but hey I look at who I'm dealing with.

      I have not one issue with anyone on here but you. You get upset when someone challenges you for proof of documentation after your outlandish comments.

      You keeping throwing out stupid comments and I will keep on knocking them down and unless you are the one to hack into Sonys network I will continue to comment unless we are indeed in North Korea. You are entitled to your opinion even flawed and that my friend is what makes America great even dealing with people like you

    23. OPINIONS ?
      I have an opinion.....weaned from my observations while reading these last few posts.
      In my opinion there is too much anger here.
      Needless name calling, all over baseball players that wouldn't know you, even if
      they drove over you, an killed you. What is the point ?

      We have something good growing here. Allow it to reach its full potential.
      I've said before, I've been down this road at another site, years ago.
      If this continues a cancer will fester, and all will go down the crapper.

      I know what I speak. Use your heads.

    24. Well said Patrick. I think everybody just needs to put their big boy panties on and stop throwing out insults. Everybody here is EXTREMELY opinionated. It's what makes it fun. I've tried other places and it just isn't the same. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, #28.

    25. Guys. I make comments I use numbers I use thoughts. I'm am as opinionated as any of you. Sometimes you might agree and other times you can blatantly disagree. When ANY of you make a comment that I think is untrue I will ask for documentation as to where you came up with that comment or thought. I am trying to understand the thought process that's all. You want to call me elf or hansel or anything else I'm cool with that. You like me or don't I'm cool with that.

      This site is to give thoughts opinions good bad or indifferent. That's it for me. You want me to go I will just say the word.

    26. KENNY H......please take the time to read my words again.
      If I did not care about you two guys, I surly would have not taken the time to speak up.
      Opinions, thoughts, probing humorous comments, even insults are great fun.......but,
      there is a line in the sand, and on the other side of that anger.

      I saw two fine people heading somewhat break neck towards that line.
      People come, and go on this site all the time. When a talented person, such as you,
      comes along...I will always find the time to try and help.

      My wife may agree with you, but no, I do not have a soccer head.

    27. Patrick I took no offense to anything you or anyone said so don't sweat it. Thanks for the thoughts

    28. Ken Hans...
      Respectfully, why so touchy, I am one that enjoys your opinions.
      Opinions are opinions...NOT FACTS!
      Has anyone here asked you to leave?
      Not me, that's for sure!
      Like I said before, you are opinionated, but so are we all! So what? That is the idea behind a blog, throw out ideas see if someone can make it better or tell you, you are wrong!
      I have thrown out an idea or two, nobody comments on it and a week or two later someone writes the same though it is a new idea! Most of the time I ignore it and will give feed back.
      I don't have the make-up of one, that will back tract something I have read somewhere after someone brings up a point or counterpoint. If you like digging for stuff, good for you, I don't!
      I read constantly, and listen to great music, while doing so! I don't dig things up, I run across things while reading.
      I like reading Business and Sports News and reports.

      Oh by the way, I am not and never have been ignorant, nor a fraud. If I were, I wouldn't be here today.

    29. I have been extremely busy over the holidays and I have been a little under the weather as well so I have missed a lot of these comments. The difference between you and I being opinionated Mr. Hans is the fact that only one of us resort to calling people "frauds" and "ignorant" and the such.

      You can debate, banter and disagree without the use of potentially harmful words. There's no need for that and you're better than that. You know it and I def. know it. We want you here, no one asked or suggested you leave, but we need to be at least respectful of each other. Please. Thank you.

    30. I hope you are well rested and better Daniel! Sorry to hear you were sick, join the club!
      Not much has happened while you were gone, sorry to have made a mess of things. But, I think things are much better, they are with me anyhow.
      Nothing to worry about, just a disagreement between two Yankee Fans. Happens all the time!
      You had a good Christmas, even though you were sick, right?

      It is the time for things to start popping on the open market, who do we NEED?
      Jack suggested Zimmerman, and he looks good, can it be done? Will it be done?

    31. I don't know what in the world is wrong with me. No flu, no fever, no real sickness other than I just feel like crap and I don't want to get off the couch. Since my laptop died and I bought an iPad I have been away from the site a little more than I like to be.

      We had a marvelous Christmas Reed, what about you and yours? Jack suggested Zimmerman about three hours after I suggested Zimmerman, although I stay at least a day ahead on my posts so it was 27 hours or more after I did.

    32. Get well Boss we sure need you around here, that's a fact Jack!
      I remember something about Zimmerman but, not a enough to know how good he is! With his age and production that I have read from Jack, you, on the other sites and his stats...I can see a great hole being plugged with him here.
      This is one trade I can get behind...if they don't rip us off on the deal. Most teams, as you know, always ask for too damn much...and we loose out.
      Other than chasing the ladies in white around the halls...never caught one yet, thank the gods...I had a quite Christmas.
      Let's hope the New Year brings us a useful, young player we can all agree on!
      Keep on, keeping on, Boss!

    33. I feel better today than I have since the Sunday before Christmas. I don't know what it is I will be fine and then feel like crap and around dinner time start to feel better and stay up all night watching TV and working here because I actually feel like it. Up early with the kids in the morning. Rinse, reuse, recycle.

      I'll be fine. Bring me Zimmerman and I'll be better. Bring me Zimmerman with a 72 hour negotiation window and I'll be chipper and dapper.

  4. Daniel, I absolutely love this site and all of the work you put into it. Right after I grab a cup of coffee I log on and read all of the intelligent posts from Ken R, Ken H, Jack, Bryan, You, and little p the porn star. (Even if he drinks a sissy beer. Sorry, I work for a Budweiser distributor) I want to wish all of you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you Jeff. i'm humbled that you like the site and the fact that you and everyone keeps stopping by. Makes it all worth it. Merry Christmas gentleman.

  5. Jeff same to you and your family and the more I read St Patty's posts the more I think he is the Repelling Elf known as Cashman in disguise trying to get intelligent ideas from us since he can't think on his own. Enjoy the holidays

  6. Daniel, Kenneth Reed, Jack, Jeff, Hanzel the Elf, and, even Bryan Castro.
    Even with all your barbs, and grenades tossed my way....I am so very pleased to
    stand with you guys.
    A Merry Christmas, and good health....................patrick.

    1. I don't know which was more creative... Hanzel the Elf or Bryan Castro, I'm leaning towards the former though. Merry Christmas little p!

  7. Ken Reed....For you a special greeting.
    Yes, we have had a good run, over those many years. It was a good day for me,
    when our paths crossed. wish for you, is that of continued good health.
    Enjoy your day, and don't throw stones at your neighbors cat.
    Talk soon.

    1. And I second it. Here's to good health and at least #28, #29 and #30 with you here with us here at TGP.

      patricks drinks Coors, I'm knocking back a monster.

    2. They say I only have a bleeding ulcer, which is nice...I can blame it on my Boss and her two little rats! This is what happens to a Black Irishman in the world of civilians, one can vent their anger in my old job.
      I asked them to put in a zipper this time. It looks like I was in a fight with a Big Cat and...didn't win!
      Thus, it is a lesson for My Irish pal Patrick, damn good thing you are a nice young Irish Lad.

      I am knocking back a really bad mixture of water, veggies, and ripe fruit juices! Stuff is god awful!
      I have decided, the only thing worse than being old, is walking with a cain and being old!

  8. Patrick the Elf Cashman I wish for you sir a Coors Lite as well as health and Happiness to you and your elf family and may you finally make a trade and or comment that is un-biased and intellectually savoy. Under your tree sir I hope you find the book of winning on a trade 101. Cheers Patty Boy

  9. Hay Patrick, why so much on the flashbacks, too the old days?

    I know you stuck around way longer than I did! I would drop in sometimes and read what was going on, why in the gods did you stay so long?
    I never knew an Irishman could take that much from those guys! I couldn't have done it, and didn't!

    Oh, you did get to the High mass, or the Mid-night High Mass, didn't you? I even lit a bunch of candles for You, Daniel, Jeff, Jack, Bryan and Ken H, along with the Yankees!
    The Yankees need the help a lot more!

    I hope you and your Saintly Wife, have had a very Marry Christmas and have a very good New Year!


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