Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Yankees to Pay Education Costs for Both of Rafael Ramos’ Children

I know I am a couple days late on this but with the craziness of the holiday season I am playing catch up a bit on this and my other writing job, my apologies. George Steinbrenner’s Silver Shield Foundation is going to pay for the education of the children of murdered NYPD officer Rafael Ramos. Ramos and Wenjian Lui, who had no children, were brutally murdered in Brooklyn last week while in their patrol car. Steinbrenner’s foundation Chairman William G. Walters announced the foundation would pay for the educational costs early in the week.

Steinbrenner started the foundation 32 year ago and since the organization has paid for over 800 children of fallen servicemen and women to go to school. Ramos’ 13 year old son, Jaden, and son who is in college will have a free ride for as long as their education takes them and that is a heartwarming story despite the circumstances. By no means does this make up for, replace or help with the tragic event that occurred but it is one less thing to worry about for the family and sometimes you cannot put a price on piece of mind.

So Merry Christmas from the Evil Empire and the New York Yankees and our thoughts, prayers and warmest wishes go out to the families, friends and all those affected by this horrible act. 

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