Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Yankees to Delay Search for Hitting Coach Until Holidays are Over

In the early stages of the offseason, it was thought the Yankees would hire a new hitting coach before the conclusion of the World Series. But they haven't done so yet, nor will they try to at all in 2014.

Team GM Brian Cashman revealed that that's New York's plan going into the new year Monday, telling reporters he'll instead deal with the opening in January. The Yankees interviewed Dave Magadan and Chili Davis for the job back in October, but walked away empty-handed after choosing not to employ either. 

“I am not doing anything with the coaches until the holidays are over,’’ Cashman said, via The New York Post's George King.

The Yankees are searching for a successor to Kevin Long -- now with the Mets -- whom they fired October 10. They batted just .245/.307/.380 under Long last season, and ranked 20th in the league in runs scored. 

They aren't currently looking at anybody to fill the position, though, with the only recent news regarding the vacancy being speculation about old-timer Jeff Pentland

“He was suggested to me about a month-and-a-half ago,’’ Cashman said, referring to Pentland. “I haven’t called him. That doesn’t mean I won’t call him.’’

Pentland's spent 15 years as a major-league hitting coach, last working for the Dodgers from 2010-2011. His 2003-2005 stint with the Royals and 2005-2008 one with the Mariners are the only periods in which he competed in the American League, making the AL East the only division yet to acquire his services. 

Still, that doesn't mean he'd neccessarily have a tough time fitting in if signed by the Yankees, as Pentland coached club manager Joe Girardi (then a player) with the Cubs from 2000-2002 and was a colleague of bench coach Tony Pena during his aforementioned time in Kansas City. 

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