Friday, August 17, 2012

Joba Chamberlain Appreciation Post

Joba Chamberlain has come back way ahead of schedule from his Tommy John surgery that he had to repair his ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing elbow. On top of that he also had a dislocated ankle caused by a trampoline incident. Some gave him hell about the trampoline accident but as a father myself I do not blame him at all. If my son thought it would be a good idea to jump off the roof into the pool and it would get a smile out of him I would at least consider it...

With that said this post was made to show our appreciation for Joba. This post was not make just for his on the field actions but his off the field actions as well. No one makes it back from two major surgeries unless they just go all out on rehab and conditioning and have the will to do it. Not only did Joba come back and make our "specialist" bullpen a hell of a lot more versatile and nasty he also showed he has that fire and that determination that any Yankees fan should admire.

Let us look at Joba's very small sample size of a 2012 season as of 8/16:

0-0 Win/Loss Record
4.2 IP 
3.86 K/9 
1.93 HR/9
72.9 LOB %
45.0 GB %
7.71 ERA
6.31 FIP
-0.1 WAR 
2 K's
2.36 WHIP
.409 BAA

Joba is healthy and throwing the ball in the upper 90's again which is a great sign. He is getting major league batters out with strike outs and ground balls which is an even better sign. These stats look horrible right now but no one expects them to stay anywhere near these levels, not that they are important. What is important is he actually WANTS to be here and play professional baseball and that is the only sign I need. Thank you Joba now let's go get that ring!

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