Thursday, October 31, 2013

Current Arizona Fall League Standings - 11/1

The Scorpions are currently 5.5 games out of first place in the AFL East. 

Nuno dominant as Scorpions lose again

Yankees pitcher Vidal Nuno pitched 5 scoreless innings tonight as the Scorpions lost again to the Solar Sox, 7-3, dropping their record to 7-13. This losing streak's been tough on the Scorps, but at least Nuno pitched well in this one. They lost, but this was still overall a good night for them. 

Besides Nuno, Yankees pitchers Brett Gerritse and James Pazos also appeared in this loss. Neither of them pitched very well, as Gerritse gave up 3 earned runs in just one third of inning, bringing his ERA up to 9.39, while Pazos gave up a run while recording just two outs, bringing his ERA up to 2.84. They both had bad nights, but you'd prefer they struggle now in the AFL than when the minor league seasons pick up again in the spring. 

The holy Pinstripes hitter who played in this one, Peter O'Brien, actually played really well, going 2-for-4 with two RBIs. His nice effort came in a loss, but, you know, it was still a nice effort.

Yankees 16-to-1 Odds To Win 2014 World Series

Yes I know this is way premature, and you cannot blame me because I was born premature so it comes natural to me(insert joke here), but has already released their betting odds for the 2014 World Series. Yes this is serious as silly as it it already but it is what it is. 

The Yankees are ranked 16-to-1, tied for the seventh best chance in baseball, to win the 2014 World Series. Obviously this will all change when free agency really kicks in gear and we head into Spring Training but that's how it stands today.

To the shock of nobody the Los Angeles Dodgers top the list and the Houston Astros are the biggest long shot in the game. Here is the complete list for you sports betters out there:

Los Angeles Dodgers                            7/1
Detroit Tigers                                        9/1
Boston Red Sox                                   10/1
St. Louis Cardinals                                10/1
Washington Nationals                            10/1
Los Angeles Angels                              14/1
Atlanta Braves                                       16/1
Cincinnati Reds                                     16/1
New York Yankees                                16/1
Oakland Athletics                                  16/1
Tampa Bay Rays                                   16/1
Texas Rangers                                      16/1
San Francisco Giants                            18/1
Cleveland Indians                                  20/1
Baltimore Orioles                                   25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                                  25/1
Toronto Blue Jays                                 25/1
Kansas City Royals                               33/1
Philadelphia Phillies                               33/1
Arizona Diamondbacks                          40/1
Chicago White Sox                                50/1
Milwaukee Brewers                                50/1
Seattle Mariners                                    50/1
Chicago Cubs                                       66/1
Colorado Rockies                                 66/1
San Diego Padres                                 66/1
Minnesota Twins                                    75/1
New York Mets                                      75/1
Miami Marlins                                        200/1
Houston Astros                                     250/1

The Offseason Days To Remember Next Weeks

Now is a better time than any to remind you guys some of the key days and weeks coming up for this offseason now that the World Series is over. The Red Sox won, good for them, now it's time for us to get to work and get down t business.

Today, as my colleague and friend Bryan Van Dusen has already pointed out, is the day that players have to elect free agency. 147 players elected for free agency today including Yankees players Travis Hafner, Hiroki Kuroda, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, Lyle Overbay, Mark Reynolds, Kevin Youkilis, Curtis Granderson, and Brendan Ryan.

On Monday the 4th of November we will get all the decisions on qualifying offers and option years. Derek Jeter will have to decide where he will accept or decline his $9,500,000 players option for the 2014 season. Also the Yankees will have until Monday to offer qualifying offers to their free agents that are listed above. I am pretty sure that Hiroki Kuroda and Robinson Cano are no brainers but everyone else I think will head into free agency without draft pick compensation linked to them.

Tuesday the 5th of November the free agency frenzy officially begins where any player can sign with any team for the 2014 season. The exclusive negotiating period only lasts six days so the Yankees will have to lock up Cano quickly or he will be able to test the free agent market. I am sure the Yankees will make their offer to Kuroda by the time this day comes as well but seem willing to be patient on his decision. Everyone else seems to be on the back burner for the Yankees.

November, 11th is the last day that free agents can accept or decline qualifying offers meaning in less then two weeks we will have a much clearer picture heading into this offseason. An offseason that seems like it is going to be a fun an entertaining one.. so let's get on with it.

147 Declare Free Agency

Eligible players were able to officially be a free agent at 9am this morning, and 147 players have done so.

Thirteen of those players were Yankees last season. That list includes Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, Curtis Granderson, Travis Hafner, Phil Hughes, Hiroki Kuroda, Boone Logan, Lyle Overbay, Andy Pettitte, Mark Reynolds, Mariano Rivera, Brendan Ryan, and Kevin Youkilis.

I think it's safe to say that Robinson Cano is the most likely to return to New York. In a series of posts at the end of the season, I said that I'd like to see Curtis Granderson and Brendan Ryan come back. Actually, that list would include a couple more names if it wasn't for the fact that Rivera and Pettitte retired.

Chamberlain, Hafner, Hughes, Overbay, Reynolds, and Youkilis are on my "thanks, but no thanks" list. As for Boone Logan I'm on the fence. The bullpen could definitely use a couple arms, but I'm not sure if spending around $12 million on Logan would be smart. It's not as if the Yankees don't have some guys already in the organization that could possibly fill his role.

By the way, players can't sign with a new team for five days. So while Cano could be re-signed at any time, players like Carlos Beltran and Shin-Soo Choo won't be Yankees for at least five more days.

World Series Week: Game 7 Of The 2001 World Series

Maybe I am biased because this is the greatest World Series in my time but I think this is the best World Series of all time. With all the September 11th stuff going on mixed in with walk off hits, clutch home runs, huge pitching performances, and all the heroics from both teams this Fall Classic had it all. Only way it would have been better is obviously if the Yankees won it for the city of New York but what can you do. This is World Series week on The Greedy Pinstripes.

Happy Halloween From The Greedy Pinstripes

Happy Halloween to all our readers and all Yankees fans out there from everyone here at The Greedy Pinstripes. Everyone be safe out there whether you are walking around with your kids collecting way more candy then they will ever need or your trying to find the sluttiest walking dead zombie you can find. Everyone have a great day and night. I will be walking my son around tonight to collect candy, which he is going to be a zombie sock monkey(two of his favorite things FYI) in case you were wondering, so the blog may be a little quite. Everyone enjoy!

For your viewing pleasure here is a picture of Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling to look at while you wait for dark and Trick or Treating. Enjoy!

Poll: Yankees Starting Third Basemen In 2014

Yankees Starting Third Basemen In 2014? free polls 
Who should be the starting third basemen for the New York Yankees when Opening Day comes around in 2014? Will Alex Rodriguez beat his suspension handed down from Bud Selig? Will Eduardo Nunez finally step up and get to showcase his skills at one position for a full season? Will the Yankees bring in a free agent like Michael Young or will they bring back one of their own in Mark Reynolds or Kevin Youkilis? Please vote here and the results are to follow. Thank you for your continued support and participation on the blog. 

This Day In New York Yankees History 10/31

On this day in 1957 Yogi Berra ruffled a few feathers when he admitted that the Yankees returned money to their players from fines collected in the Copacabana fight. Players like Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, and Moose Skowron to name a few were involved in a brawl while celebrating Billy Martin's 29th birthday in May.  This obviously garnered some unwanted publicity for the storied New York Yankees franchise so the fines handed down were supposed to calm the waters until Yogi blew the lid off of the whole ordeal.

On this day in 2009 Alex Rodriguez hit a long fly ball in right field at Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia that resulted in being the first instant replay call in World Series history. Originally the fly ball was called a double but the play was overturned and ruled a home run in the Yankees favor. If you can remember back that far this was the ball that hit the camera on the fence in right field and bounced back into the field of play.