Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poll: Yankees Starting Third Basemen In 2014

Yankees Starting Third Basemen In 2014? free polls 
Who should be the starting third basemen for the New York Yankees when Opening Day comes around in 2014? Will Alex Rodriguez beat his suspension handed down from Bud Selig? Will Eduardo Nunez finally step up and get to showcase his skills at one position for a full season? Will the Yankees bring in a free agent like Michael Young or will they bring back one of their own in Mark Reynolds or Kevin Youkilis? Please vote here and the results are to follow. Thank you for your continued support and participation on the blog. 


  1. Drew because, he can play SS & 3rd base very well. Mark is, great glove not much bat. I want him back for 2 reasons, Jeter is not going to play SS that much in 2014. Drew at 3rd, Mark at SS is good "D" but light bats.

    Best case scenarios have A-Rod at 3rd.


    1. Drew would be nice but I have heard rumors of him getting a three or four year deal next season.. not sure the Yankees would be willing to go that high or that I would want it.

      I picked Nunez because I think a full season of stability and the same thing every day could be good for him.

    2. Good pick Daniel....Nunez has talent.... quick hands, quick feet, quick bat with some pop. the scatter arm is in his head just like Chuck K. He's young he'll get over it.

  2. I agree that the throwing errors is all in his head. He just needs stability and repetition to gain confidence. Oh and one position, not 15.

  3. I must agree, Nunez is the guy but, the management has shown little patience with him at SS. That is why I went the other way. I have been talking about him as far back as 2007 when I saw him in Tampa (I think) a couple times. In fact, one of the old group (from elsewhere) and I had talked a lot about him back them. I said he has a shotgun arm but other than that he was what we can be fixed.
    Nunez has to get his footwork down or he never will do the job. Watch Jeter play SS, his footwork starts with the first step and (until the leg) his body never was out of center (balance, what ever).
    Watch Nunez and it seems as though he is thinking about too many things all the time...slow learner!

    As T-man knows, I use to make a three-week trip around the farm system looking at players, that's where I first saw Cano "The swing of music" Everything was very good but to some it always looked as though he was mailing the game in. I saw a great arm and impeccable foot-work around the bag, with his arm, he didn't have to be in a sweat!



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