Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cano Expected To Play 2013 Before Signing W/ Yanks

The agent of Yankees superstar Robinson Cano may have just put a huge damper on our $189 million luxury tax plan for 2014 with the news that Robinson is not expected to sign a new contract with the Yankees until the 2013 season is over. This would kill any chance of the Yankees getting around the new CBA rules that would factor in his very team friendly contract he is currently signed for and include that when coming up with his AAV, which is what is counted against the luxury tax. Instead of, just to throw a number out there, an AAV of around $16 million if he signed an extension on his current contract we may be looking at an AAV of $20-$25 million or more. A lot can happen in a season so this speculation may be all for nothing but this definitely puts a damper on the 2014 plan.