Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ichiro Willing To Wait On The Yankees

Ichiro Suzuki has gotten a lot of attention from teams this off season after what seems like a reset on his career since joining the Yankees in the middle of last season but Ichiro still wants to be a Yankee. After hitting .322/.340/.454 for the Yankees last season the 39 year old is still willing to wait for the Yankees to get Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte back in the fold before looking elsewhere for a contract. I think we need more dedicated players that actually want to be here and care less about the money, for perfect example look at Kuroda leaving money on the table, because they tend to give just a little more in my eyes. I am not sure how crazy I would be about a Ichiro, Gardner, Granderson outfield offensively but it is not like the Yankees cannot survive with a LITTLE bit of an offensive regression.

Saturday Morning Music Recommendation

A little something to get everyone awake on this Saturday morning. Enjoy!