Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yankees Offer To Tanaka In Six Years $120 Mill Neighborhood

According to MLB Trade Rumors teams submitted formal offers to free agent Masahiro Tanaka on Thursday, January 16th. The New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Los Angeles Dodgers are believed to be the list of teams having offered Tanaka at least six years and $100 million.

The Diamondbacks have made it no secret that they want Tanaka in the worst way and have even come out and said that their offer to Tanaka was six years and $120 million, an AAV of $20 million and the largest in Diamondbacks history. According to the report the Yankees and Dodgers are said to be in the neighborhood of the Diamondbacks offer. The Cubs offer has yet to be released or even speculated on much. Either way we have six more days to get this wrapped up so the end is drawing near.

Derek Jeter Talks A Rod, Tanaka, and Cano In Interview

Derek Jeter was interviewed by Harold Reynolds when he sat down to do an interview with MLB Tonight on MLB Network. Derek has not been this open, truthful, and non political in a very long time, if ever, while I have been watching him. He was especially candid when speaking about Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, and the recruitment of Masahiro Tanaka. Enjoy the interview on this cold and lazy Saturday. We have had some troubles with embed codes so here is the link just in case..

Cubs "In The Lead" For Masahiro Tanaka

Should the Yankees be worried just because someone on Twitter said that the Chicago Cubs are in the lead to acquire Masahiro Tanaka? Honestly I am not worried, not yet, but maybe I should be. I just don't see the Yankees being outbid on this guy because we are really the only team that truly, truly needs him. Either way a lot of things will happen fast once Tanaka decided who he wants to sign with and this is all wrapped up, either way, by this coming Friday the 24th.

ARod the Movie?

With the latest news coming from the ARod camp, we hear about how he's looking forward to a break. 

“I think that the year 2014 could be a big favor that [Major League Baseball has] done for me because I’ve been playing for 20 years without a timeout,” he said. “I think 2014 is a good year to rest mentally and physically and prepare for the future and begin a new chapter in my life.”

While everyone picks their collective jaws up from the ground, think about this...are we missing the big "picture" here?

It has been rumored that a "tell all" book was in his future, but could it be written on a one year hiatus? We all know ARod is a terrible liar so is he actually dropping hints without realizing it? ( Prepare for the future? Begins new chapter?)

Hmm, well knowing ARod and his camp, it's only a matter of time before ARod the book becomes ARod the movie! You know how things progress in his world, bigger is better, so grab some popcorn and if I had to guess, your 3D glasses and lets cast this puppy!

Playing ARod: A hero type that everyone loves and can't possibly hate. Also, known for causing trouble and breaking the law but all for the greater good. 

That's right...Robert Downey Jr!

Playing Bud Selig: Has to be a man that America hates. Also wants the viewing audience to think he has a hidden agenda to destroy America (and its past time!)

 Perfect, although, he might have to sing him a Birthday song and possibly play some ball overseas to get him to agree?

Now, last but not least. 

Playing Tony Bosch: Has to be lower than scum. Someone who is known for taking thing that are precious (career and chances of getting a ring or crown for that matter) Drum roll please...

Wait, you say, he's not real? Honestly folks, after what has transpired over the past few months...does any of this seem real? 

After all, it is ARods world, and were just watching. So like I said before, pony up the 58.00 and grab some popcorn, sit back and relax, because the show has just started.

Yankee Stadium Legacy: # 73 Bernie Williams

A major part of the New York Yankees dominating postseason machine during the 1990's was Bernie Williams. Williams boosted New York to four World Series championships from 1996-2000 and over his 16 seasons the center fielder played in a stunning 121 games. Williams collected 128 hits and scored 83 times to go with 29 doubles, 51 extra base hits, and 80 RBI's which were all postseason records at the time.

73 days until Yankees Opening Day

This Day In New York Yankees History 1/18

On this day in 1947 there was a bit of a Yankees related misunderstanding going down in Detroit. The Tigers owner thought Hank Greenberg had posed in a Yankees jersey and sold the 1946 American League home run leader, 44 home runs, to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Greenberg joined the National League home run leader from 1946 in Ralph Kiner who hit 23 home runs.

On this day in 2011 the New York Yankees announced the signing of the highest paid 6th and 7th inning pitcher in the history of the world in Rafael Soriano. A management driven deal was struck for Soriano for three years and $35 million after he led the American Leagues in saves with 45 in 2010.