Saturday, April 30, 2016

Red Sox Blow Out Yankees, 8-0

     The Yankees came into Saturday nights game looking to rebound from a loss where they again could not find the big hit. Getting another solid but fruitless outing from their ace Masahiro Tanaka, New York needed yet another quality start from their big right-hander, Michael Pineda. Pineda would need to rebound from a rough start to the season, carrying a 1-2 record with a 6.95 ERA. Boston sent Rick Porcello and his 4-0 record to oppose the Yankees. If  New York had any ideas of tying the series tonight, they would need someone to wake up the sleeping bats and put some crooked numbers on the scoreboard. But, again, that did not happen.
     The Achilles' heel for Pineda all season long has been his inability to put batters away.  His struggles would continue tonight, beginning in the bottom of the second inning, when Pineda could not put away Christian Vasquez with two outs, serving up a single to the rookie backstop. Vasquez would advanced to third base on a double by the following batter Jackie Bradley Jr..  And then it looked like he got out of it when Mookie Betts hit a soft fly ball to right, where it was perfect Lee placed for a two RBI double, giving the Red Sox a 2-0 lead. Pineda did not record his first 1-2-3 inning until the bottom of the fifth, which was his final inning, having eclipsed the 100-pitch threshold at that point.
       In the bottom of the sixth, in relief of Pineda, Chasten Shreve walked Brock Holt with one out. Striking out Christian Vasquez, Shreve served up a two-out RBI hit to Jackie Bradley Jr. who laced a triple into centerfield, scoring Holt, extending the lead to three. Girardi then replaced Shreve with Kirby Yates, Who immediately served up a single to Mookie Betts, his third RBI, giving the Red Sox a 4-0 lead. And then David Ortiz struck again in the bottom of the seventh, homering to right-center off of newly inserted reliever Johnny Barbato.  The righty reliever then walked Hanley Ramirez and gave up a single to Travis Shaw, moving Ramirez to third-base, still with no outs. Brock Holt then drove in Ramirez, reaching base on a Starlin Castro error, 6-0. Nick Goody would then replace Barbato, immediately allowing the fourth triple of the season for Jackie Bradley Jr., scoring both Shaw and Holt, breaking it wide open, 8-0.
     Porcello was dominant against the lifeless Yankee offense. He pitched seven shut out innings, allowing just five hits, walking one and striking out six. The Yankees inept offense continues to paralyze any hopes of turning this disasterous season around. If I was Joe Girardi, I seriously would be turning over some tables in the clubhouse after a showing like tonight.
     New York was unable to push across any runs in the final two innings, leaving the score at 8-0. After losing the first two games of the series, life doesn't get any easier tomorrow as they face Red Sox ace, left-hander David Price, in the final game of the series beginning at 8:05 PM ET on ESPN.

Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox 4/29

It’s Saturday night and most of us don’t have to go to work tomorrow so what could be better than staying up late and watching a good ole’ Yankees vs. Red Sox matchup. That’s just what we’re in for tonight as the New York Yankees travel to Fenway Park for the second of their three-game set this weekend in Boston. Tonight the Yankees will send Michael Pineda to the mound, and yes Red Sox fans only Michael Pineda, to face off with Rick Porcello for the Red Sox. The game will be played at 7:10 pm ET and can be seen on MLB Network and MLB TV.

Just one more game inside Fenway Park after tonight and then the team makes the trip to Oriole Park and Camden Yards to face off with the first place Baltimore Orioles. This is how you get caught back up in the division and make moves from the bottom to the top. Make moves and follow along by following us on Twitter (@GreedyStripes) for this game and every game this season.

The season is getting serious early and it’s getting late far too early. Turn it around and put your game faces on. Go Yankees!

Does the Rivalry Need a Spark?

Earlier in the day when I wrote up my game preview I mentioned that the rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox hasn’t been much of a rivalry in recent years. Aside from one trip to the World Series the Boston Red Sox have been cell dwellers in the American League East while the reign at the top by the Yankees has come to a screeching halt since Hal Steinbrenner has taken over the team. We thought we would see more of the rivalry after the Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz bro-code breakup but they have since kissed and made up leaving the fans wanting more. Wanting more of a rivalry. Does this rivalry need a spark?

To answer the question simply, yes. While the rivalry will always be a thing with the fans and with the broadcasters on both ESPN and MLB Network they do that so you will tune in or because someone writes their lines for them. The rivalry between the players is just not there anymore. I can’t think of off the top of my head one player I truly hate on the current Red Sox roster and I can’t think of any bad blood or anything between any current Red Sox player and Yankees player. In fact I have a ton of respect for the likes of Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia and especially for their manager John Farrell. Both teams have so many new faces and so many young guys though that there hasn’t been enough time to truly brew a true rivalry.

With free agency the rivalry sees new faces in different places all the time and the new guys to see the rivalry this time around most notably are Starlin Castro for the Yankees and tomorrow night’s starter David Price for the Red Sox. Luckily for the Red Sox and luckily for the rivalry Price is the kind of personality and the kind of pitcher that could easily spark the rivalry. Price is not the hot head pitcher that will throw at Yankees batters like Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira but he’s a competitor and a little loose with his lips in some of his interviews. That’s the kind of electric personality that sparks the rivalry not only with the fans but with the players as well.

So how do you spark a rivalry or rekindle a flame that has been lit for close to 100 years? Well besides Michael Pineda throwing at David Ortiz’s head tonight in the contest the best way to do it is for both teams to rebuild and win consistently. The Yankees are in the middle of their rebuild on the fly while the Red Sox are nearing the finish line on theirs in my opinion. The Red Sox have assembles quite the impressive cast of players on the positional side of things but the starting pitching and bullpen is still lacking while the Yankees are stockpiling young talent and a basketball team worth of pitchers on the other side of the equation.

So in a nutshell, yes this rivalry needs a spark and it needs a spark in a big way. No longer do the games last over four hours and no longer do the casual fans care about these games broadcasted on Saturday or Sunday nights. It’s just another game for most until Dellin Betances blows a 100 MPH fastball by David Ortiz in the ALCS or until New York can avenge their 2004 collapse in the playoffs where the World Series got cancelled all because the Yankees got up 3-0 in the series. The Yankees and Red Sox rivalry hasn’t been a true rivalry since then and it won’t be until they are both power houses once again like they were in the late 90’s and 2000’s. 

Breaking News: Yankees Call Up 3B Drew Bridges?

Have the New York Yankees called up third baseman Drew Bridges from the Charleston Riverdogs? According to the roster and transactions page on, SEEN HERE, they have leaving you to wonder what's the future hold for Chase Headley.

No one is talking about this yet so more when news breaks.

Just When You Thought the Game Was Getting Clean

Just when you thought Major League Baseball was finally starting to get ahead of this whole steroids and performance enhancing drugs thing you find two players getting suspended at the Major League level for 80 games each. In recent weeks the Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Chris Colabello was suspended for 80 games while vehemently denying any use and any allegations while the Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon was also popped on a failed drug test this week. This game is not getting any cleaner the drugs are just getting harder to detect and the players are getting sneakier which could complicate things when the two sides go sit down at the table to talk about the subject and a new collective bargaining agreement this winter.

It’s not just the Major Leagues that are struggling with PED use and suspensions but it’s minor league baseball as well. You can go on Baseball America once a month and see the list of two or three, sometimes even four or five, players that got suspended that month for PED use. You know why? In the minor leagues it’s almost worth the risk to do it at least once. I’m not condoning the use of steroids nor am I making it out to be okay that they are using it but some players you have to remember are international free agents. They left everything they had and everything they knew to come here on the off chance they may make it to the show and they have very little to lose and the world to gain by using and not getting caught. The Major League players should know better especially MLB players like Dee Gordon who just signed a monster contract extension with his club.

Truth be told the game may never be clean because the world will never be free of dirty people looking to cheat the system and exploit anything and everything with every opportunity that they can. We are living in a world where people will cheat and exploit something as simple as a video game or a math test. We are living in a world where lawyers can be vilified but at the same time they can rise to fame and stardom, remember Johnny Cochran? We are living in a world where if you’re not cheating you’re not trying and if you’re not trying you’re not feeding your kids as well as the next guy. I may be over simplifying this thing but I am only doing so to prove a point and that point is this. The game will never be clean. Every time we think it’s clean we read about someone getting popped for drugs and steroids. We just have to deal with it.

Game Preview: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox 4/29/16

For the second time in as many days the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will face off head-to-head inside of the historic Fenway Park. Rivalry renewed! The rivalry that hasn’t been much of a rivalry in recent years writes its next chapter tonight in a night game on Saturday night, the first for the Yankees this season. In this night game the Yankees will send Michael Pineda to the mound looking to harness some of those “Big Mike” super powers while Rick Porcello takes the ball for the home team.

Pineda drew rave reviews from his right arm in spring training but that has not exactly translated well into the 2016 regular season. Pineda has struggled in his four starts this season allowing 30 hits in just 22 innings. Pineda is still striking out guys but he’s also walking guys at an alarming rate, for him anyway, and has also allowed seven home runs this season.

Porcello on the other hand had a mediocre spring by all accounts but that has only made him better thus far this season. Porcello has won every decision he has been involved with this season and has also been tough against this Yankees squad. In his career Porcello has posted a 5-4 record with a 3.66 ERA in 11 starts against the Bronx Bombers.

The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside of Fenway Park and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network and MLB TV. How long into the broadcast before someone on television or on Twitter mentions Pineda using pine tar to get a better grip in a couple games against the Red Sox? I know this game is on MLB Network and not ESPN but someone will mention it, you just watch. Let it go boys.

Go Yankees!!

If Miami Needs a Second Baseman…..

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that reigning National League batting champion and current Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon has been suspended for 80 games due to “unknowingly” taking steroids and/or performance enhancing drugs. If you haven’t then more on that later. One position that the Yankees seem to be absolutely stacked at is the middle infield leaving me to wonder if Miami needs a second baseman and the Yankees need some pitching help could these two teams hook up for a trade later on this season?

Just off the top of my head without doing too much research I can name you at least 10 middle infielders that the Yankees could deem as trade bait to send to the Marlins in a potential trade. The list starts with Robert Refsnyder, continues with Ronald Torreyes, wraps around Jorge Mateo and ends with some combination of Wilkerman Garcia, Chase Headley (move Martin Prado to second and Headley to third), Kyle Holder, Tyler Wade and a slew of others I could name but you likely already know by name anyway at this point.

What does Miami potentially have to offer in return? Well I don’t pretend to be an expert on the Miami Marlins and I’m especially not well versed in their farm system but I know a guy named Jose Fernandez! A guy can dream anyway, right? But in all seriousness the Marlins have to have something to match up with the Yankees. Maybe a  Justin Nicolino? I really don't know, maybe someone can fill me in. 

You get what you pay for, remember that, but if the Marlins need a second baseman and the Yankees need some pitching I think these two sides could work something out. Miami will likely ride things out without Gordon, it is only for 80 games, but this may be the perfect opportunity for Cashman to do what he does best. Sell from a strength and take advantage of what is going on around him to maximize the deal. He did it with Aroldis Chapman and gave up peanuts in terms of the return and he can do so again with Dee Gordon. But will he? Stay tuned. 

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

What can I say about my personal favorite Yankees prospect thus far this season? Refsnyder was given an opportunity to learn a new position in spring training with the hopes of breaking the club on the bench but a few miscues in the field kept him from his ultimate goal of making the show. Such has been his story to date as it’s always been his defense that has kept him out of the Bronx for long stretches of time but recently, obligatory small sample size reference inserted here, his bat has not been pressing the issue much either.

Refsnyder has been seen hitting below the Stephen Drew line for much of this young 2016 season which is not an encouraging sign for the young infielder. It will be his bat that ultimately forces the hand of Yankees GM Brian Cashman, not his defense, good looks or personality, and if he wants to be back in the Bronx to stay he needs to hit. Bottom line.

Tough love Ref. I’m your biggest fan next to your parents, I’ve said it numerous times, but you need to step it up if you want to prove the organization and the doubters wrong. How about we start now?


This Day in New York Yankees History 4/30: 51 Saves in a Row for Mo

On this day in 2010 Mariano Rivera ties Eric Gagne's major league mark when he saved his 51st straight game at home in as row in a 6-4 Yankees win over Chicago. Rivera also struck out two batters to move ahead of Roger Clemens for 10th place on the Yankees all-time list with 1,015 K's.

Also on this day in 1989 the Toronto Blue Jays traded outfielder Jesse Barfield to the Yankees for pitcher Al Leiter. Barfield led the American League with 40 home runs in 1986 but would only bat .231 with 62 home runs in four seasons in the Bronx. Leiter would finish 26-24 in seven years in Toronto.

Also on this day in 1988 Dave Winfield ties the major league RBI record for April with 29 RBI's. Winfield was on base for every single game that April and tied the Dodgers Ron Cey in 1977 and Dale Murphy for the Braves in 1985.

Also on this day in 1939 Lou Gehrig's iron man streak comes to an end at Yankee Stadium. Gehrig's final game would be a 0-4 against the Washington Senators and the streak would come to an end at 2,130 consecutive games played. Gehrig finishes with a career .340 batting average and 490 home runs in 17 seasons, all with the Yankees.

Finally on this day in 1903 the New York Highlanders, which 10 years later would be renamed the New York Yankees, would play the first game ever played at Hilltop Park. The Highlanders would beat the Washington Senators 6-2. The Highlanders would finish in fourth place but would have a 41-26 home record in their first season which is very impressive.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Yanks Drop Series Opener to Red Sox, 4-2

   Tonight, the Yankees began their three-game series with storied-rival Boston Red Sox. New York sent their ace Masahiro Tanaka to the mound in hopes of taking the all-important game one of a series on the road, even more so important in Fenway Park. The Red Sox sent lefty Henry Owens to the mound to oppose New York, bringing along with him a not so aesthetically pleasing 8.10 ERA. If the Yankees were to win tonight, they would have to do something that they have not done a lot of this season; beat a starting left-handed pitcher.
     After going scoreless in the first inning, Alex Rodriguez broke the scoring open by launching a ball into the seats atop the Green Monster, giving the Yankees a 1-0 lead. They attempted to score a second run in the same inning after Starlin Castro tripled, but came up short as Castro was gunned down at home plate on a failed sacrifice fly by Chase Headley. Then, finally, the Yankees got a hit with a runner in scoring position in the top of the fifth. Didi Gregorius was hit by a pitch to lead off the inning and was followed up with a Jacoby Ellsbury single, his third time being on base at that point in the game. Brett Gardner lined a single through the right side of the infield, scoring Gregorius, making the score 2-0 Yankees. Over the last 14 games, the Yanks had been an abysmal .128 with runners in scoring position, which is why it was so nice to see the breakthrough tonight.
     Tanaka was phenomenal tonight, although, he would ultimately be hit with a no decision. Until the seventh, Tanaka had given up just three hits and had not allowed more than one runner on base at a time in the prior six innings. However, that changed in the bottom of the seventh when he allowed two singles to Travis Shaw and Brock Holt. With two outs, and seemingly one out away from the two headed monster in the bullpen, Tanaka served up a double to Jackie Bradley Jr., scoring both Shaw and Holt, tying the game at two.  The ace was lifted after the game tying shot, leaving with a final line of 6.2 IP, 2 R, 6 H and 5 K's.  The Yankees cannot expect to win many ballgames if they continue to force their starting pitchers to throw near perfect ballgames every single outing.
     Then, in the bottom of the eighth inning, Xander Bogarts singled up the middle, representing the go-ahead run for the perennial Yankee killer, David Ortiz. In typical Ortiz fashion, the DH launched a ball off of Dellin Betances over the left-field wall, giving the Red Sox a 4-2 lead. This is the last year of baseball for Ortiz, and I am pretty sure that the Yankees will not be sad to see him go.
     New York was unable to score in the top of the ninth inning, losing the contest 4-2. Being unable to score more than two runs in any game, the Yankees futility continues and will continue if they cannot figure it out soon.
     Let's hope they can snap out of it in game two tomorrow, beginning at 7:10PM ET.

Live Game Updates: Yankees at Red Sox - 4/29

7:48 p.m., End 2nd: The Yankees are 0-for-3 with RISP so far, but they lead nonetheless thanks to a solo shot by A-Rod.

8:17 p.m., Mid 4th: Yankees offense struggling to make contact against Henry Owens. Still 1-0 thanks to a strong start by Tanaka.

8:27 p.m., End 4th: Another scoreless frame for Tanaka. Let's see if the bottom of the Yankees order can get something going.

8:47 p.m., Mid 5th: Yanks get another run after an HBP and the softest singles you'll ever see from Ellsbury and Gardner. They're now up 2-0.

8:54 p.m., End 5th: Tanaka cruises through the bottom of Boston's order in the fifth. Yankees starting to take control at Fenway.

9:19 p.m., Mid 7th: Neither team looking too excited out there right now, but I guess that's good for the Yankees. They're still up by a pair.

9:34 p.m., End 7th: Girardi takes a pretty useless gamble in the seventh, and it comes back to hurt him and the Yankees. With two on, two out and Tanaka at 98 pitches, Girardi lets him stay in rather than bring in Dellin Betances -- and Jackie Bradley Jr. promptly ties the score with a two-run double. 

9:53 p.m., End 8th: Welp. Ortiz takes Betances deep for a two-run shot in the eighth, and the Red Sox now lead it 4-2.

10:02 p.m.: Ballgame. Red Sox win 4-2 after Kimbrel closes it out in the ninth.

You're A Tool, Joe Girardi!

For years I've heard from many Yankees fans that want to see the team replace Joe Girardi, and for just as long I've defended the guy.

Joe does not hit the ball, does not throw the ball, and does not catch the ball. Girardi did not offer the extension to CC Sabathia after the 2011 season*, he did not sign Chase Headley, nor did he sign Jacoby Ellsbury through at least 2020. For the most part Joe Girardi takes what he's given, and he tries to make a winner out of it.

*Just thought I'd remind everybody that if CC didn't sign that extension or opt-out of his original contract with the Yankees, he'd probably be pitching for somebody else today.

If you don't think Girardi's job as the Yankees' manager since 2007 has been tougher than Joe Torre's was from 1996 to 2007 you're crazy. Yet Torre was a God to Yankees fans, while Girardi... for the most part... is a pariah.

But at least for the time being I'm not going to defend Joe. Not because I don't think he's unfairly criticized, but because when asked what he thought of Dee Gordon being suspended for a positive PED test, Girardi said it's because he and other users are "ultra-competive".

No... wrong... uh-uh.

Watching more game tape to try and find flaws in your swing, or ways to bat against certain pitchers is being competitive. Taking extra swings in batting practice is being competitive. Showing up to practice or Spring Training early to get more work is being competitive. Taking a performance enhancing drug is cheating.

Whether the player is taking the drug to get stronger or quicker, or taking the drug to recover faster from injury, it's still cheating.

This isn't to say I don't understand why a professional athlete, regardless of the sport, would take a PED. With that much money at stake I totally get it. I don't like it, but I get it. And heck, even if it's not for the money, I understand wanting to get back on the field/court as soon as possible. But that player is still cheating.

Dee Gordon is a very talented baseball player, and I'm willing to bet he didn't need to take anything to be successful at the pro level. Just like Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and so many others didn't need to take something to succeed. But he did, and for that Dee Gordon is a cheater.

Stop giving these guys excuses! Especially an excuse that makes it sound like Dee Gordon and other PED users/cheaters are just "ultra competitive". Just... stop.

Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox 4/29

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are ready to write the next chapter in one of the most storied books in Major League Baseball history tonight as the rivalry is finally renewed here in 2016. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will make the trip to historic Fenway Park this evening to face off in the first of a three game weekend set between the two clubs. Tonight the Yankees will send their ace to the mound Masahiro Tanaka to face off with the man replacing the Red Sox “ace” (well you know, before they had David Price) in Henry Owens. The game will be played at 7:10 pm ET and can be seen on YES Network, MLB Network and MLB TV.

The Yankees are out on the road for this weekend giving you every opportunity to have your Yankees Tickets in hand for Yankee Stadium when they do. Click the Yankee Tickets link at the top of the blog to visit Ticket Monster and grab your seats without having to pay those bulky fees or annoying shipping costs. Until then though we expect to be awfully busy on Twitter all weekend long live tweeting all three games so join us and follow us by shooting a tweet to @GreedyStripes.

Game face time ladies and gents. Go Yankees!

Yankees Pitching vs. Red Sox Hitting

Yesterday we took advantage of the Yankees off day to take a look at what the Yankees lineup has done against the Boston Red Sox trio of pitchers so why not look at both sides and see how well the Yankees pitchers have done in their careers against the current crop of Boston hitters. Sounds fair enough, right?

Masahiro Tanaka:

Michael Pineda:

Nathan Eovaldi:

All images and stats courtesy of

It Has Begun, Chase Headley Sucks

Ladies and gentleman it has begun. I thought we could go a whole season without donning a new Stephen Drew, which used to be a Sergio Mitre and used to be a Chris Stewart and used to be an Andruw Jones and used to be a whole plethora of people, but we were not that fortunate. Ladies and gentleman, Chase Headley sucks.

When the New York Yankees acquired him at the trading deadline in 2014 I have to admit that a big part of me was ecstatic. Yangervis Solarte had ridden his hot streak and wave and had been at the low point in the tide for the better part of a month at the time of the trade while Chase brought a clutch switch-hitting bat and some stellar defense with him. His defense was immediately compared to that of the great Graig Nettles and after some research I salivated over his clutch hits and huge seasons he had in an even huger ballpark in San Diego. What New York got in return though was a shell of that man with throwing problems and a bad back.

I’m not making this personal and I’m trying not to be down on the guy but something has got to give. New York gave him a huge contract over four seasons and the first year the Yankees got in return was littered with throwing errors and a total zap of any sort of power. This season, and yes I am still preaching the small sample size, he has somehow found new ways to get worse with the bat. The defense has been solid, maybe even great, but he’s making Stephen Drew look like a .300 hitter right now, hence the honor of my “Chase Headley Sucks” tweets.

I’m rooting for Headley, I truly am and I truly mean that, and I’m borderline hoping that this can be used as motivation to get better or do whatever it is you have to do to get better. I don’t want to tweet four or five times a night that he sucks, I don’t I want Headley to have the monster seasons he had inside Petco Park and I want him to lead the Yankees back to the promised land but as a fan that not only supports the Yankees from afar but a fan that buys the merchandise, purchases tickets when they are close, purchases this television subscription and that television subscription to see them etc. I feel like I have the right to at least say something.

And this is what I say. Chase Headley Sucks. Prove me wrong. I like being wrong.

Game Preview: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox 4/29

Rivalry Renewed! We hope so anyway as the New York Yankees make the trip north to Fenway Park to face off against the Boston Red Sox in a three-game weekend set. The Yankees bats have gone cold and the pitching is being held on by the thread, or the bullpen, but these big series with their biggest rivals usually tend to bring out the best in both teams. The Yankees need a shot in the arm right now and me personally I’ll take it from any direction I can get it from including this series this weekend. In the first game of the set the Yankees will send their ace Masahiro Tanaka to the mound to face off against the Red Sox starter Henry Owens.

Tanaka will head into Fenway Park tonight to make his fifth start of the young 2016 season and will look to continue the trend of looking better and stronger in each start he makes. Tanaka has allowed just two earned runs in each of his previous four starts and you have to think two runs against this Boston lineup tonight would be good enough to get the Yankees a victory, especially with the lanky left-hander Henry Owens on the mound for the Red Sox.

Owens is making his second start of the season tonight in the absence of Joe Kelly and will look to turn around his misfortune against the Yankees as well. Owens made two starts against New York last season going 0-2 with a 13.50 ERA. Owens will also look to improve on his Fenway Park record that sits at just 2-2 with a 5.00 ERA.

The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside of Fenway Park and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network and MLB TV. The Yankees went almost two full months before they lost their first series in 2015 but they are singing a much different tune here thus far in 2016. It’s never too early nor is it too late to turn things around but it needs to happen now. I know I keep saying that but I am going to hold onto hope as long as I mathematically can.

Yankees Stat Leaders Through 20 Games


Games Played:

Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran, Starlin Castro and Jacoby Ellsbury have all played in each of the first 20 games this season.

At Bats:

Makes sense that the leadoff man, Ellsbury, has 79 at bats to lead the team.

Runs Scored:

Brian McCann has scored 14 times to lead the team.

Starlin Castro leads the team with 22. Robert Refsnyder who?

You can't play "no doubles" defense against Ellsbury and Castro apparently, they have four each.

Home Runs:

Carlos Beltran with four? Really?

A dozen RBI for the Yankees new second baseman Starlin Castro.


Qualifying: Starlin Castro .289
Non Qualifying: Ronald Torreyes .400


Masahiro Tanaka, Nathan Eovaldi, Luis Severino, CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda all have four each.

Dellin Betances has already been in 10 games.

Eight different Yankees all have one win each. This has to change.

Luis Severino's three losses are "not what you want."


Bullpen: Andrew Miller 0.00

Rotation: Masahiro Tanaka 2.92


Rotation: Nathan Eovaldi - 28

Bullpen: Dellin Betances - 23

Weekly Check In: Jorge Mateo

The New York Yankees top prospect is not stealing bases like a man possessed thus far in 2016 but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily having a bad season. Mateo has now played in over 40 games for the Tampa Yankees between his late season call up in 2015 and his start to the season in 2016 leaving many to wonder how long he will be in the Yankees High-A affiliate.

I know no more than you but I can use the past as an indicator, and these stats, to guess that Mateo will likely be in Trenton by or around the June time frame. That gives Mateo another month to fine tune his game and beat up on A-Ball pitching before taking what many believe to be the biggest step in a prospects path to the Major Leagues.

Mateo, we’re rooting for you because we want to see you in some capacity in 2017. Keep up the good work. 


The Yankees “Evil Empire” Strikes Again

We're going to rant this morning about Chase Headley, spoiler alert, so how about a feel good story to jump start the weekend before the game starts tonight inside Fenway Park. It’s convenient that the Yankees would release this news on the eve of facing off with the team whose president called them the Evil Empire but that’s only if you believe in coincidences. I do not. What the Yankees did this week though is they let a 13-year old boy named Tracen Visage mark one of his items off his bucket list at the young man got to meet with his favorite team, the Yankees.

Tracen is battling kidney failure and his body is currently in the end-stage of renal failure. Before Tuesday night’s game the young man, who was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2009 and who has been on dialysis treatments ever since, got to meet the Yankees while hanging out with the team in the dugout and on the field. Tracen is a huge Yankees fan living in Texas and thanks to a Yankees scout, Ron Brand, and Yankees GM Brian Cashman the young man met with many Yankees including Brett Gardner, Brian McCann, Tony Pena, Ken Singleton, David Cone, Rob Thomson, Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Starlin Castro and manager Joe Girardi.

The Yankees not only made a kids day but they may have made his life. The reports all said that Cashman and the Yankees were very open to the idea of Tracen meeting the team and hanging out with the players and I couldn’t be more proud to be a fan of this organization. There is no other organization better or more giving then this one in my very bias, yet very humble, opinion.

This Day in New York Yankees History 4/29: Blue Jays, Thumbs Down

On this day in 2006 the Yankees rout the Toronto Blue Jays 17-4 to become the sixth American League team to score in all eight innings that the team came to bat. The only other time a New York Yankees team scored in every inning of a full game was in July of 1939 when they beat the Browns 14-1 in Yankee Stadium.

On this day in 1939 Lou Gehrig came up to plate at Yankee Stadium in the fourth inning and laced a single off of Washington Senators pitcher Ken Chase for his 2,721st and last hit of his Major League career. Gehrig would finish with the Yankees franchise record for most in history, recently passed by Derek Jeter. The Iron Horse and the Yankee captain's record would stand for 70 seasons until another 35 year old captain passes him in 2009.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yankees Off Night Open Thread

The day has come and gone and now we are here left in the darkness with no Yankees game to speak of and nothing to do. I don’t know about you but as a father of two with a full time job, a wife and this blog I take full advantage of these off days by going to sleep! So I’m off to sleep soon enough, truth be told not really I’ll probably do something until 11:00 pm and regret it in the morning, but not before I leave you with an open thread for the night and a musical recommendation out of my own personal music collections first.

The name of the song is Famous by Kanye West. I really need to find some new music so if you have any suggestions leave them below in the comments section or tweet them to me on Twitter by following @GreedyStripes and/or @DanielBurch. I feel like I am becoming what I used to make fun of, an old person who only listens to what they liked back in High School and that doesn’t recognize or like the new stuff. Help!

Goodnight Yankees family! We’re back at it again tomorrow. 

Update on the Yankees “Scranton Shuttle”

Here is the latest happenings with the New York Yankees and the Scranton Shuttle. Check back next off day for another update and be sure to check out our post from earlier in the week describing how the Scranton Shuttle is not as empty as we all may think. Enjoy the off day Yankees family!

Yankees option RHP Luis Cessa to Triple-A. Yankees call up LHP Tyler Olson.


Yankees option LHP Tyler Olson to Triple-A. Yankees call up RHP Branden Pinder.


Branden Pinder placed on the 15 day DL with an elbow strain that would eventually lead to Tommy John surgery. Nick Goody has been called up in his place.

Yankee Stadium Off Day Walk Up Music Recommendation

The New York Yankees are off today as they travel back to the East Coast from Texas but unfortunately they aren’t headed home to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium but are instead headed to Boston and Fenway Park. While things would be better if the team were headed back to New York we can still pretend like we are there with this Yankee Stadium off day walk up music recommendation.

For the past couple of seasons now we have gone over and showcased the walk up music for members of the New York Yankees when they walk up to the plate or enter the game out of the bullpen and this year will be no different. With today’s showcase we will focus on an integral part to the Yankees success this far this season, the seemingly rejuvenated Carlos Beltran.

I don’t know if it’s the upbeat and fast tempo music he walks up to if he’s found the fountain of youth but him and his knees have looked great this far this season. It’s a great sign going forward for the Yankees. Anyway, here is his walk up song Echa Pa'lla by Pitbull.

Enjoy and we’ll be back to all business tomorrow!

The Yankees Offense vs. the Red Sox Pitching This Weekend

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are set to face off head-to-head in a three-game series this weekend inside Fenway Park so we are going to use today's off day to prepare. Like most games in series between these two teams it all comes down to the pitching so I wanted to take a quick minute to see what the Yankees have done against the three starting pitchers that they will see this weekend in Boston.

Henry Owens:

Rick Porcello:

David Price:

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Luis Severino & His Hypothetical Leash

The New York Yankees have a history, at least during my lifetime, of having an obvious bias against and preference towards veteran players over young guys and prospects. Say what you will about the Core Four coming through the minor league system or the flood of young guys that came up in 2005 but on the grand scheme of things the Yankees prefer the veterans. It was the veterans getting hurt in 2005 that forced the hand of Brian Cashman that brought us Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner and Chien-Ming Wang. With another possible youth movement headed towards the Bronx and with their poster child and leader Luis Severino struggling out of the gates this season you have to wonder what it means and how long Severino’s leash will be this season. 

Severino has struggled this season and you have to wonder just how much more patience the Yankees have in them. The starting rotation as a whole is struggling and there is just one man in it with a minor league option left and that’s Severino. Now I am a huge believer that you have to let a young guy figure it out in the Major Leagues but this is not my opinion that I think the Yankees will send Severino down or should send Severino down I’m only using history and common sense as a way to figure this thing out. Ivan Nova is pitching well in the bullpen and he’s in a contract year while Severino is struggling with minor league options remaining, it seems like a no brainer if you’re trying to compete in 2016 like the team says they are.

There is nothing to say that Severino couldn’t go down to Triple-A and figure it out for a few starts before coming back in late May or June. There’s no shame in it either. I don’t think it should come to that though and here’s why. If you watch the games and not just read the box score the next day you will see that Severino shakes off Brian McCann far too much. Now there is believing in your stuff and there is being foolish and the difference is probably about as big as an inch. If you believe in your stuff and you win with it, great, but when you shake off a veteran catcher known for calling great games and get hit hard like he did on Tuesday night you have to think that the problem is not with Severino’s stuff but with his head.

Someone needs to sit down with Severino and tell him to not only trust the stuff and the work ethic that got him to the Bronx but to trust his catcher as well. If he can’t trust his catcher then he will likely be sent down for a few weeks to send a message and open some eyes that this is the way it needs to be. If that doesn’t fix it then the leash may get shorter and shorter as the Yankees have never shown much patience with their young prospects, especially their pitchers. 

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees have a gluttony of outfield options and prospects on their roster right now and in their minor leagues but none of them stand ahead of the class like Aaron Judge. I mean that figuratively and I mean that literally. Judge is easily the top outfield prospect and he’s also probably playing center if the Yankees ever decide to put together a pick-up basketball game or team. The dude is huge and he is intimidating at the plate and has put to bed any rumors thus far that he cannot handle Triple-A pitching or the Major Leagues.

Judge has come out of the gates hitting well and hitting well even when the box scores don’t always reflect it. I’ve read numerous reports from Donnie Collins and others that he altered his stance a little and it’s showing great dividends. He is getting to balls inside a little better thus far this season and he is also laying off the breaking stuff that hampered his development a bit last season. Judge made the adjustments he needed to in order to compete at the next level and beyond and no one is happier than the New York Yankees organization.

One day, and it may be one day soon, the Judge will be unleashed on the rest of the league and we will be able to look back at posts like this and posts from others who doubted his ability in the top minor league stop before the show and laugh. Well I’ll laugh because I had him making it all along. 


This Day in New York Yankees History 4/28: Yogi Berra Fired, Billy Martin Hired (Again)

On this day in 1985 Yogi Berra was fired as manager of the New York Yankees after starting the season 6-10. Billy Martin is hired to replace Berra who would be managing the Yankees for his fourth time. Berra vows to never return to Yankee Stadium for as long as George Steinbrenner is the owner of the team and he didn't for 14 years. Eventually Berra and Steinbrenner reconciled and Berra is now a mainstay at Yankee Stadium and in spring training camps.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yanks Fall to Rangers, 3-2

     A night after the Yankees were blown out in Arlington, they sent C.C. Sabathia to the mound to try to take the rubber game of the three game series. The Rangers send lefty Martin Perez to the mound to oppose New York, bringing along with him his 11/13 strike out to walk ratio. Texas has lost all four starts made by the Venezuelan this season. If the Pinstripers were to win their second consecutive series, they would need to continue Perez's dubious streak of losses. and, would need a quality outing by their big left-hander.
    Both southpaws cruised through the first inning. In the top of the second, Starlin Castro finally got a hit with two outs and a runner in scoring position, something that has eluded the Yanks altogether too frequently the season. Castro lined a single into left, scoring Teixeira from third, 1-0. However, Texas would quickly answer in the bottom of the inning. After Sabathia allowed base hits to Ryan Rua and Rougned Odor, first baseman Hanser Alberto squibbed the ball back to the mound, where C.C. threw over to first while Rua broke for the plate and scored from third. Ultimately, the inning would be over when catcher Brian McCann threw out Odor attempting to take third. Then, in the bottom of the third,  Sabathia led off the inning walking Brian Holiday, who eventually scored on a two-out base hit by slugger Adrian Beltre, pushing the score to 2-1, Rangers.
     In the fourth, amidst a chorus of boos, Alex Rodriguez hit only the fourth homerun off a left-handed pitcher by a Yankee this season, sending the ball into the left field stands, tying the game at two. On the other side of the ball, the bugaboo for C.C. Sabathia all season has been his inability to get through the line up a third time. Tonight, in the sixth, going through the lineup for the third time, Sabathia walked the sixth hitter in the lineup, Odor, and then gave up yet another two-out RBI hit, this time a triple, off the bat of shortstop Elvis Andrus, giving the Rangers a 3-2 lead, where it would stay the rest of the night. All told, Sabathia did end up with a quality start, throwing six innings, allowing three earned runs and striking out five. However, the inability of the Yankees to put together a big inning, or even to score more than two runs, made Sabathia's outing all for not.
     One of a few positives that can be taken away from tonight's game is that Alex Rodriguez end of the night with three hits, including a homerun. Having began the series with an injury, hopefully tonight's performance is a preview of things to come for the 40-year-old. Another positive to be taken away from tonight is that the bullpen continues to pitch exceptionally well, allowing zero runs yet again.
     New York is off tomorrow night, but will begin a very important series in Fenway, against our rival Red Sox, beginning on Friday at 7:05 PM ET.