Friday, April 29, 2016

You're A Tool, Joe Girardi!

For years I've heard from many Yankees fans that want to see the team replace Joe Girardi, and for just as long I've defended the guy.

Joe does not hit the ball, does not throw the ball, and does not catch the ball. Girardi did not offer the extension to CC Sabathia after the 2011 season*, he did not sign Chase Headley, nor did he sign Jacoby Ellsbury through at least 2020. For the most part Joe Girardi takes what he's given, and he tries to make a winner out of it.

*Just thought I'd remind everybody that if CC didn't sign that extension or opt-out of his original contract with the Yankees, he'd probably be pitching for somebody else today.

If you don't think Girardi's job as the Yankees' manager since 2007 has been tougher than Joe Torre's was from 1996 to 2007 you're crazy. Yet Torre was a God to Yankees fans, while Girardi... for the most part... is a pariah.

But at least for the time being I'm not going to defend Joe. Not because I don't think he's unfairly criticized, but because when asked what he thought of Dee Gordon being suspended for a positive PED test, Girardi said it's because he and other users are "ultra-competive".

No... wrong... uh-uh.

Watching more game tape to try and find flaws in your swing, or ways to bat against certain pitchers is being competitive. Taking extra swings in batting practice is being competitive. Showing up to practice or Spring Training early to get more work is being competitive. Taking a performance enhancing drug is cheating.

Whether the player is taking the drug to get stronger or quicker, or taking the drug to recover faster from injury, it's still cheating.

This isn't to say I don't understand why a professional athlete, regardless of the sport, would take a PED. With that much money at stake I totally get it. I don't like it, but I get it. And heck, even if it's not for the money, I understand wanting to get back on the field/court as soon as possible. But that player is still cheating.

Dee Gordon is a very talented baseball player, and I'm willing to bet he didn't need to take anything to be successful at the pro level. Just like Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and so many others didn't need to take something to succeed. But he did, and for that Dee Gordon is a cheater.

Stop giving these guys excuses! Especially an excuse that makes it sound like Dee Gordon and other PED users/cheaters are just "ultra competitive". Just... stop.


  1. It seems like the penalties are getting tougher... No? It seems like 80 games I'd the new thing, or is that second offense.

    Side note. As for big papi, throw it at his face... I've been saying that since 2004.

  2. Bryan V...
    Joe was right in a way! And you are right...more my opinion.
    Let's take A-Rod for example; he is a big time star...that not many even knew about. So he goes to Texas and most of the club is taking PEDs, so he sees these guy pounding the ball and it hurts him because he is better than these guys and knows it. So, to sooth his Ego, he does the same thing, and starts hitting like Bonds. The funny part is he may have hit that many HRs anyhow, because Texas is a HR friendly park...and he was killing the ball in a non friendly park.
    His Ego and competitive nature were the driving force behind his use...I believe.
    But he wasted his God given Talents, and that is unacceptable to me.

    1. 80 games for one failed test

      Full season for second

      Perma-ban for third offense Daryl.


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