Friday, June 24, 2016

Live Game Updates: Twins at Yankees - 6/24

7:23 p.m., End 1st: Both teams go down 1-2-3 in the first. Keep in mind, though, Tommy Milone has a 0.75 ERA this year in the first three innings and a 12.38 ERA from the fourth on.

7:32 p.m., Mid 2nd: Twins waste a lead-off double from Brian Dozier. Tanaka has fanned three already through two scoreless.

8:01 p.m., Mid 3rd: Eduardo Nunez puts the Twins on the board with a two-run single. Once again, the Yankees are in a hole.

8:15 p.m., End 3rd: Yankees bounce back quickly. Beltran and A-Rod tie it up with a pair of two-out RBI hits, as Milone begins to lose his command.

8:26 p.m, Mid 4th: Twins get another run off Tanaka in the fourth. They're up 3-2.

8:48 p.m., End 4th: Yankees again strike back immediately. They plate two more in the fourth, courtesy of a Romine sac fly and a Refsnyder RBI single. Milone's day is done and the Yankees seem to be in good position to use their bullpen.

9:19 p.m., Mid 6th: Tanaka works a scoreless sixth, and it's officially up to No runs-DMC to hold this lead.

9:33 p.m., Mid 7th: Betances works a 1-2-3 seventh. On to Miller.

9:50 p.m., Mid 8th: Another perfect frame from Miller. On to Chapman.

10:01 p.m., End 8th: Hicks gives the Yankees some insurance with a solo shot. It's 5-3 New York heading into the ninth.

10:09 p.m., Mid 9th: Chapman strikes out all three men he faces in an 11-pitch, 11-strike top of the ninth. He just misses the immaculate inning, but the Yankees win nonetheless.


  1. Say it three times in front of a mirror and Joe Girardi will appear behind you.

    1. No no they don't suck this year. They have sucked since 2010 but it's ok because Brysn is optimistic that the elf in between his cheating on his ex wife and repelling down buildings and jumping out of airplanes and breaking his foot and sleeping on a cardboard box will make him a top flight GM. I mean how does this guy do his job in between all these extra curricular activities? I mean his farm system is rated slightly betters than half the organizations. Guys like him cry that we were so good for many years we drafted late in the rounds. Tell the Cards and Gisnts that you can't win and draft low to win.

    2. He's just got one more time Bryan... I'm scared.

      And Hans I'm guessing "sucking" means not winning the World Series? They were one Derek Jeter broken ankle away from the World Series in 2012. Since then, sure they've sucked. They tried to get under the luxury tax and let some 1900 home runs go the next season (obvious over-exaggeration).

    3. Hey Burch if you x chromosome away from being a girl. Shit happens that's why they play the games. You guys all can double team me I could give a shit. Facts are facts the farm system is mediocre. His trade record is weak and most moves are dumpster diver moves. No need for Castro and while Prado is tearing it up we are paying his salary. Ya Burch that's a great trade. We hash over the same shit all the time. Levin and I think he sucks, me more than Levin and because I dint agree with you and the peanut gallery I'm wrong. Lastly Burch and let's see if you'll be honest on this one? Not sure which side of the fence you're on today. What is the Yankee Mantra Burch? Is it WS or bust or am making it up?

      So let's see here we have an owner of a 3.4 billion dollar business that won't reinvest in his team with money coming off the books. Does that sound right? You have teams like the Rockis and the Roid Sux who have eaten major salaries be we sit idle on that front. I'm I wrong again on that comment? The Sux DFA the Cuban they signed last year. I'm I wrong yet?

      You have a GM who gets fleeced more times than not, he has made some great dumpster dive moves over the course of the last few years, however the trade to Miiami and the Cubs didn't need to happen. You're a big Refsyndet fan. He's a better hitter than Castro and will grow into 2b oh and your boy the elf screws with his mental makeup every time he sends the his down but hey that's ok because he's a top flight GM.

      You guys truly make me laugh. I challenge you Burch and your Boy Bryan as to why the elf is so good especially with the moves he makes? Please do share them with me?

      Wow they can beat up the Twinkies, I'm sure there are a few AAA teams that can beat them. So because I think the GM sucks the owner sucks I'm not a fan. Bryan you weren't even a twinkle in your dads eyes when I started rooting for the Yanks so before you make asinine comments about being a fan learn about the history of the Yanks you spoiled obnoxious twit. And yes I did call you a name this time unlike other tumes you claim. Grow a sack boy

    4. One thing I will apologize for is some typos as I'm doing this on my iPhone. Other than that everything stands.

    5. I'm not quite sure how I'm double teaming you. Unless you took the "scared" comment towards you when it was clearly mean't towards the "say it three times in the mirror" comment and it was a joke towards the double post.

      Or I guess disagreeing with you by pointing out that the Yankees made the ALCS and would have done much better with a healthy Jeter than without in 2012 could be considered double teaming. Either way.

      You have been good about admitting when you're wrong, Eovaldi for example, but the "Yankees have sucked since 2010" comment was just wrong. And all I did was point that out. Double team I guess.

    6. Oh and by the way the Yankees mantra under George Steinbrenner was World Series or bust. That has obviously changed, not that I or most agree with it. We all want to win but there was a step above wanting to win with George and that just isn't here any longer unfortunately.

      You attack me like I said he was the best GM in the league. I didn't say that, not at all actually. Fuck I didn't even mention Cashman in my response to you. But hey, jump all over me. It's your thing, I get it.

    7. For someone that's somewhere around 50 years old, Hans sure acts like a little brat. What, with the name calling and such.

      I don't give a rat's ass how long somebody has been a fan, how much money they spend on Yankees merchandise, or if they themselves have won numerous MVP awards in Major League Baseball. Because none of that matters when it comes to how GOOD a fan somebody is.

      I'm an "obnoxious twit"? LOL Whatever.

    8. Bryan you have no clue so tell me where to send you two dollars to buy one, and Burch you are again wrong because Hal still preaches it so again I ask you to get your facts straight

    9. Bryan I wouldn't call you obnoxious, just a twit works fine

    10. I'm disappointed in you Hans. If you believe the World Series or bust mantra coming from Hal then you must be drinking the kool-aid. Sure he says it but his actions show he doesn't mean it. He's not his father, for better or worse.

    11. So as a fan or not according to Bryan I am supposed to listen to the owner and not believe his mantra? Hal whether a cheap bastard or not and I lean toward cheap bastard is intelligent enough to know that his fan base knows what is truly happening with this team. If he doesn't believe that thought process then he needs to keep his mouth shut. We will accept a plan even if its not a well thought out plan which it seems to be if he just comes clean and says guys we are rebuilding and retooling and in the next few years we are going about it through the draft and trades. What most of you have failed to understand about the elf is he has made trades just for the sake of making them and it has been counter productive. I have harped on this Castro move because it wasn't needed. Castro has done well. I harped on the Prado move because it wasn't needed and that move played a bigger role into the Headley trade and re-signing. All you elf supporters fail to see this and on top of that Prado's salary is being paid for by us. Where did we win this trade?

      Everyone knows I am not an Eovaldi supporter, I have said numerous times that I believe he is better than I first thought, that being said I also said he wasn't an ace or a number two. I always felt he is a 4/5 and I'm good with that, but your boy the elf will pay him like he is a stud and he just isn't going to be one.

      That trade shaped our infield road map so to speak. You keep Prado who can play third, give the 2B job to Refsnyder you have Phelps in the pen and you don't need to get Castro or trade for Headley let alone re-sgn him to a ridiculous contract and you have Warren instead of Nova. I would rather have gone that route than make the Marlin trade.

      I'm sorry if I disappointed you Burch, I don't agree with most of you guys anyway and thats fine with me. That doesn't make me less of a fan like Bryan likes to preach. As I have said before I have forgotten more baseball then he will ever know and I know that before the season started I said this team was poorly constructed and I was and am correct in that assessment. I have said the farm system is mediocre at best and I was and am correct in that assessment. When he starts putting one just one stud player out on the diamond through his farm system then you might hear me say the following ... even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once and a while.

      Burch I have a question for you. Why is it the Rockies can eat almost $40 million dollars, the Dodgers eat Crawford's contract, the Roid Sux eat Rusney's contract yet we sit here and watch putrid ball between Arod and Tex and Headley? Maybe Tex will get hot but I don't believe so, Arod is done, Headley could be traded for a used bag of balls and eat most of his contract. Why Burch isn't this being done?

    12. No one has an answer for that Hans. Not I, not you. No one is saying anything out loud. I don't know why the Red Sox can eat the Sandoval contract and not us. I've asked that question for years. Why can the Giants put Zito in the bullpen and we suffer every fifth day with CC (until this season).

      I just don't have an answer for that.

    13. Eating $40m, Crawford, Rusney's contract is fine, it is only one contract for each team...whereas, we would be stuck with A-Rod, Tex, CC, Ells, to make a difference with our team. I think that would be somewhere around $170m+ and Hal is cheapppppp! LOL

  2. In 37 years under George, the mantra was WS or Bust right people? So, now that George is gone to the Party and his sons are following his mantra, everyone is calling the leadership out for saying that but, showing nothing!
    Hal has had control for 6 years and won NO WS. Just wonder how much many of the naysayers were calling George a dummy (or worse) for only winning 7 WS in those 37 years! And if one is honest he was in charge of only 3 of them because he was absent when 4 of them were set-up.
    The only difference was the way they went about it.
    Hal and Cashman have only had 6 years to change things around, I say; "I will give them a chance to see if they are on the right track!" "Let's give them 10 years (2020), then lower the boom"!
    I am one of the FEW that likes the way they are going about it, even though I would have done it a bit differently...somewhat!

    1. Great point, Reed.

      The current regime hasn't had nearly enough time to let their plan come to fruition. They're still dealing with Teixeira, Sabathia, and Rodriguez making big money. Could they still spend? Sure, but why?

      The Yankees themselves have spent so much over the years, and have little to show for it. The Dodgers have had the largest payroll in MLB the past three years, yet they lost in the NLDS in 2014 and 2015, and are currently six games back in the NL West.

      So spending more is certainly not the answer.

      That's not to say that they haven't made stupid decisions. I think all management teams do, in any business. Jacoby Ellsbury's contract is this regime's most glaring moment of stupidity.

      Bad trades? Sure. I don't think any of the trades made by this regime are something to get that worked up over. You shouldn't be tht upset about losing a reliever, or a replacement level hitter, in a trade. If they were to deal away Judge and get nothing, or Chapman and get nothing, or Miller and get nothing... then fine. Haters have something to hang their hat on.

      The bottom line is that this regime has yet to prove themselves one way or another. And I know it's hard for Yankees fans to do, but you have to be patient with them. As I pointed out in my "Do You Realize" post, this team is actually set up pretty well for the near future. That's not to say they are set, but they will soon have the ability to put together a fantastic team.

    2. Amen, Bryan!
      Both you and Daniel have a positive attitude and willing to give them a chance to work themselves out of bad contracts and under the Cap!

    3. Having a positive attitude is probably the hardest part about owning the blog. And it just doesn't go on here. It goes on a lot on Twitter, on the emails we get, etc. That's just my makeup though, can't change it.

      Negativity is poison and contagious, positivity is not unfortunately.

    4. I don't know how you do it Daniel, both of you are as positive as anyone I have seen.
      I must admit I have to work hard to be positive. Starting in "The Kitchen" at about 8 years old I have honed my "Finding the weakness of everyone and every situation" which came in handy with sports and my job in the Army.
      It is hard to stay positive with the mess this team is in, but it is "Adapt & Improvise" you guys have said, they need the time!

    5. In general I'm an impatient person. It came through not long ago when I'd say the Yankees should trade any prospect if it helped the team win. Even if for only that season (think of trading a prospect for a rental).

      Daniel was ahead of me here, because he'd always point out how doing that would harm the future of the club.

      So it took me a while, but I learned that trying to win now is great, but making sure not to hurt the future is just as important... if not more important in a year like the Yankees are having.

      When it comes to being positive I think you have to simply look past the current team, and see where things are heading. If you do that, you'll see that the Yankees future is very bright.

    6. And see generally I am a patient person. I am growing less and less patient the older I get which I think is bass ackwards but whatever.

      Lord Bryan how long have we been ranting and raving about the Yankees together? 2009? 2008?

    7. I, on the other hand, have always had the patients of a Redwood Tree and still do.
      Like Bryan said, think in the days to come not the now...otherwise one will go crazy hearing all the doom and gloom.
      Hell, if I, at 79 years old (in two months+ a day or two) can see what they should be doing for the future of the team...and it looks like they are doing just that! Everyone can hope the team will get much better with the new thinking by 2018!

    8. I think it's been since 2008, Daniel. At least I don't think the championship season was our first.

  3. Very nice stuff tonight guys, was enjoyable!


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