Friday, June 24, 2016

Beltran, Sabathia & the Ticking Time Bomb

Hal Steinbrenner wants to buy at this year’s trading deadline, Brian Cashman would be okay with selling but he wants the team to define themselves first (FYI being under .500 with no intention of staying over .500 seems pretty defined to me) and the majority of the Yankees fans want to see a sell off. Who will get their way? In most cases you would think that the owner and the Steinbrenner family would get their way but let’s play devil’s advocate for a second here and pretend that the Yankees wake up this morning and decide to become sellers, who should they trade first? Most would say Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman or maybe even an Ivan Nova or Brett Gardner but if you ask me I would have both CC Sabathia and Carlos Beltran wearing new uniforms by the end of the business day.

To me, and again this is only if you ask me, both Carlos Beltran and CC Sabathia are ticking time bombs. Both have been bothered with injuries already this season and both have battled injuries as they enter the twilights of their careers. Thankfully for the Yankees though both are having successful and relatively healthy seasons in 2016 all things considered and both should be moved now before Father Time decides to rear his ugly head once again.

Beltran has been battling a knee injury recently and has already battled with a cranky elbow for much of his Yankees tenure and as he approaches free agency and now his 40th birthday the Yankees would be ill advised to hold onto him rather than getting something for him now. Playing right field every day at age 39 takes its toll on you and an injury will occur, it’s a matter of when and if not if.

Pretty much the same can be said for Sabathia as well. Sure his left shoulder, which is relevant because of his vesting option in his contract that stipulates he cannot end the season on the disabled list because of the shoulder or spend more than 45 days on the DL in one season because of it or the option does not vest, is healthy but over the years he has battled groin, hamstring and lower body injuries as well as a bout with his knee about once or twice a season. CC has a degenerative knee condition that could land him on the disabled list for an extended period of time at any second. The worst part is the Yankees wouldn’t tell us if it was about to happen or not. Trade him now while his stock his high and he is going through a flashback period on the mound and don’t hold onto him until he comes back down to Earth and posts an ERA in the 4’s and 5’s and not in the 2’s and 3’s like it has been.

These two guys are a ticking time bomb not because they are no longer good players but because they are aging and injury prone over the past few years. Trade them now and get something useful rather than being stuck with them and no compensation for the remainder of the season and beyond. That’s what good teams do and that’s what rebuilding teams do. 


  1. Well Teix is 1-9 in his rehab. Timing seems to be about where he left off. Time to activate him and insert him into the middle of the line up. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Probably send Refsnyder down again.

    1. Dead on Levin. The inner workings of the puppet master aka as the elf. Send won one of the crappy middle guys or trade or DFA Nova. He gives you nothing

    2. Don't worry Levin. Girardi said before the game last night that they "expect him to be Mark" when he returns. It's all good.

      One big giant freaking eye roll.

  2. You know Hans, you and I seem to be the only ones that can admit that Cashman is bad GM. I don't think he's done quite as poorly in trades as you do, but I think he sucks in other areas. Mainly in the way he has handled the prospects. Hal may have control over who he signs, but I seriously doubt he has any say so in who gets called up and sent down. That's all Cashman and Girardi. And I think both have failed miserably.

    1. he has until august 1st, then his head belongs on a stick

    2. Levin I agree totally with you. If he sends Refsynder down it will be a big mistake. The kid hasn't killed them at first base and he can be used all over the place. He's a better hitter than most in the line-up right now.

      I know others on here feel that the Tampa Mafia controls everything and that is just wrong. The elf does suck and yes I do think he makes more terrible trades than positive ones. He can't put a blockbuster together thats for sure and he can't move deadwood off onto to others. He needs to trade Chapman and have that team take a bad contract back like Headley or CC.

    3. Daryl his head has been on a stick for years. Some people see it early and others it takes years for things to register. The proof is in the mediocre farm system. The elf is in control of Oppenheimer and Tuck and Newman before that so the elf wants to go to war with these guys while their drafts continue to be mediocre.

      Brackman, Buchette, Chamberlin, Hughes, Kennedy are basically all busts. Chamberlin got screwed with as did uses in the BP out of the BP into the rotation. They draft Brackman knowing he needs TJ surgery. What organization does that? The answer is the inept Yankees

    4. Daryl,

      Yes me may disagree on some of his trades and whether they are good or bad or not but I don't think anyone would deny his problem area being the prospect handling.

      Do you not remember my many, MANY, rants about Robert Refsnyder over the past few seasons? If you had you wouldn't be saying that only you and Hans have a problem with Brian Cashman. I just don't wish death on the guy like some.

    5. That's incorrect again Burch. I'm not sure Daryl has a problem with the elf. Levin and I have the problem with him so please get your facts straight if you're going to make a statement. Facts are key in the reporting of information. Lastly as much as I dislike some people on here and visa versa and dislike the slime cheating womanizing elf I wish nothing of the sort of death. That's not even a funny joke. I hope he lives a long life and do it with another team so I'm not sure who your referencing in your death statement? I'm sure it's me because I'm not a real yankee fan. I only spend 10s of thousands of dollars on season tickets and padded Hal's wallet. That's all.

    6. Is that all you got? I referenced Daryl instead of Levin? Come on dude. The death post was taken tongue in cheek, not everything is literal. Just like not every comment is made by Daniel Burch as "reporting information." Sometimes it's as a fan chatting with other Yankees fans, which I have never accused you of not being. I know you're a fan and can respect your passion for the team. Even if I don't agree with everything that comes out of your mouth.

    7. How about we start a page where people can keep count of how much money they've spent on Yankees apparel, tickets, etc? That way we can keep track of who is the bigger/better fan.

      I suppose we should come up with a way to add in the number of years we've been a fan, along with what level we stopped playing baseball. Because those things are important to one's fandom, too.

      Are there any mathematicians among us that could come up with an equation for this? Is Will Hunting out there?

    8. Come on, man! Cant reference Will Hunting. too much boston. Moneyball, the sabermetrician Jonah Hill!

    9. You know what Daryl? You're absolutely right. I didn't even think of that. I'm sorry.

    10. I was kind of lost and had to Google it. not going to lie....

    11. Bryan you can be a fan all you want the problem is you are misguided, you think you know what you're speaking about and there on guys on here that worship you like you're the second coming of JC.

      My claim to you and the rest of the people here are that Cashman isn't what you make him to be. He's a second rate gm that has put this team along with Hal in a poor position, however because you have no clue you don't see it. Tell me oh wise one why this team is put together so well? Is it Headley who is batting slightly over his body weight? Is it McCann who defensively has done a nice job but can't hit, maybe Tex who refuses to adapt to the game? Hell when a pitcher gets beat by a players he adapts and changes his approach to the hitter the next time up. Tex is paid to hit HR's according to him...thats BS Well let's see about Castro,who has done a nice job but again not needed. Oh the pitching staff has been fantastic this year with Pineda, and Nova and now Eovaldi who has reverted back to himself when it looked like he was making strides. CC is the best pitcher on the staff right now and everyone including me wanted him cut, but of course because you're a real Yankee fan you didn't go down that road.

      This team is poorly constructed whether you want to admit it or not, why can't you seem to get it...oh because if you admit the team sucks you're not a Yankee fan? You have a lot to learn. Your latest BS about spending money on merchandise and all that crap and yankee tickets shows your lack of maturity. You have to reference those points because baseball 101 isn't your suit. I get it... Its ok dude you keep pumping your sheer stupidity out and I'll be there to catch it.

    12. This is why I don't take what you say seriously, because I wrote an entire article laying out why this club is set up so well for the future.

      Headley? He's only signed through 2018 (that's only two more years, by the way). That's not somebody I would consider a part of "the future". But fine... he's not a cornerstone player, and I sure as hell never presented him as such.

      McCann? Again, I don't recall saying he's someone the team can build around. I did point out that somebody like Gary Sanchez could be the regular catcher soon, as McCann could see more and more DH time. But that would take you reading, which I KNOW is too much to ask of you.

      Teixeira? I guess you didn't know that he's done after this season.

      Castro? Yep, he can be a solid piece for the future. Top of the order hitter? Probably not, but for a player making less than $10 million a year (on average) a season through at least 2019, I'd say that's pretty damn good.

      The pitching staff has been "fantastic" this year? LOL... sarcasm. How cute. Tanaka HAS been good (3.01 ERA), who I mentioned in that future post. Eovaldi has had an awful stretch... no doubt. But he's just 26 years old, can be extended for little money, and he'd do just fine at the back-end of the rotation... like I said in that article. Nova? For the love of God! He's a free agent after this season! READ!!!!

      As for Sabathia, I've never said I wanted him cut. Did I think he'd ever again be anything more than a serviceable starter? No. Was I wrong? Well, so far it looks like I was. And that's great. But you know what? Again, he's not around for much longer (through next season), so he doesn't really apply to talk about the future.

      I'd ask if you saw how much money the team will have freed up to go after guys like Bryce Harper, but I would again be asking you to read. And God forbid you ever did that. Hell, you already know everything after your 50 or so years of fandom. Right?

      Oh, and it was YOU that talked about all the money you spend on the team. Not me, pal. Damn, you don't even read the junk that you write. I can't believe I bother with it.

      You're right about one thing... you've forgotten quite a lot, because you can't remember a damn thing I wrote only days ago. And you're not smart enough to go back and read it again, which you're certainly able to.

    13. I suppose I should cut you a little slack. After all, I didn't write about Bryce Harper in that particular article. I mean, you could read between the lines of what was said to see that. But... LOL... please.

    14. Bryan you are a condescending little prick. Everything I said you twisted around once again. The fact that Headley is there is a mistake. Did you not read the reason why Headley is there? Apparently not so don't call the kettle black so fast.

      If you had a clue, which apparently you don't you would understand that Headley is there because your boy made an unnecessary trade and a re-sign... its that simple or don't you understand that? Apparently not!!!

      McCann I'm ok with because he is a decent receiver. As far as hitting he sucks but your definition of a 211 hitter apparently means you're good.

      Really Tex is gone after this season, I didn't know that, thanks for helping with that one? Who said anything about you wanting Sabathia cut. I said to cut him. Not once and I challenge you to show me where I mentioned you by name saying you wanted him cut.

      You're right I usually don't read the JUNK you write because no one can make a simple point to you with facts without your bitch attitude saying you're not a fan because you say all these nasty things about the Yanks, you're a child with those stupid comments about being a fan. I don't have to go back and read your crap. Your information sucks, you're a joke and thats all you will ever be to me. You guys all say I mentioned all of you in a negative light, really because I think it goes both ways. Instead of pissing in the wind please show me the post where I said you wanted CC cut? You guys can't produce one ounce of proof. I'll call you out and anyone else out on here, If you said it I'll prove you said it. Now go play with your Brian Cashman doll and brush your teeth and go to bed you child

    15. I use facts to back up my mostly optimistic opinions or theories. There have been times I can be negative, but I don't like to dwell on the negative. You, on the other hand, just want to be negative.

      You want to bash Cashman and everybody else. You want to predict doom for this franchise. You want to believe 9/11 was an inside job. You want to believe the moon landing was fake. You want to believe Elvis Presley is alive.

      I can't stand people like you, who not only see the World in a negative light, but it's all you can talk about. "This sucks, that sucks, they will always suck"... SHUT UP!

      What's the point? Is your life, and the lives of people like you, so bad that you have to bring down everybody else too?

      There are hosts and writers in the media that are 99% negative. Some of them make a good living doing so. It makes me sick, but whatever. Good for them (I guess). But you do it on a comment board, which means you're getting nothing out of it.

      So why? Why do you wallow in sadness?


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