Saturday, July 4, 2020

Bats, Balls & Gloves Together Again...

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The return of Spring Training brings familiar sounds…

Before I say how glad I am we have baseball again, I’d first like to say I hope Masahiro Tanaka is okay and he does not suffer any long-term health consequences after the mishap today when Giancarlo Stanton’s line drive to Masa’s head at Yankee Stadium workouts left him on the ground motionless for ten minutes. I say this for Masahiro’s sake first and foremost. Although I wouldn’t want to lose Masahiro this season, the Yankees are purely secondary when it comes to the pitcher’s health. It’s always tough to see those types of accidents as pitchers are clearly the most vulnerable players on the field once they release a pitch. For now, he’s resting at the hospital and will begin concussion protocol. 

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I don’t get the hate on social media that was directed at Stanton. It’s not like he intentionally did it, and Stanton knows all too well what kind of damage a hard, fast traveling baseball can do. It’s just an unfortunate situation but hopefully all tests are negative and Masa has no lingering effects. We love you, Masa. We need you and we want you to be happy and healthy. If baseball’s not in the cards immediately, that’s fine. We’ll be here when you are ready, my brother. Word has been received that Masa has been released from the hospital. As he recovers from home tonight, our thoughts and prayers are with him. 

It’s been a little strange to have summer training at MLB stadiums after being so conditioned for training to only occur in Florida and Arizona. Living near Angel Stadium, I thought I’d see more activity around the stadium but I haven’t. I am sure the Angels are inside working out, no doubt, but from the outside, it appears to be business as usual which has been fairly quiet during my three months in the neighborhood. 

Listening to Mike Trout talk about the difficulty in making a decision to play, it would hurt to see the game’s best player take a seat at home but with all honesty, I can’t blame him. This is a personal choice that each player must make. Not sure what I’d do if I were in his/their shoes. I’d probably play but that doesn’t mean I am critical of any player who decides the risks are too great. Today, David Price announced he had decided to opt out, depriving the Los Angeles Dodgers of their first look at the Yankees’ former batting practice toy. I am okay with Price’s decision. I think he can help the Dodgers but it’s his decision to protect his family and I respect his choice. The 2021 baseball season will be here soon enough and the Dodgers have Price for two more years. The downside to Price’s choice is the Boston Red Sox are off the hook for the money they owed Price this year (approximately $6 million from what I’ve read). As for Trout, his first child is due in August and he doesn’t want to be deprived of the opportunity to welcome the newest Trout into the World. I get it, I really do.

I kept thinking Gerrit Cole might decide to opt out but with the birth of his son, Caden Gerrit Cole, on June 30th, it appears he is motivated to make good on his contract in Year 1. Selfishly, I am glad but conversely, if he had decided to stay home, I’d honor and respect the choice. I am envious of Caden. He gets to learn baseball from one of the most incredible baseball minds in the game. How cool is that? He has the benefit of inheriting Gerrit’s DNA too. For Caden, life is good, and it hasn’t even started yet. The little boy has an amazing future whether he likes it or not.

I know it’s not Yankees news but it’s hard not to associate Joe Girardi with the Yankees so please excuse the slight detour. Girardi has lost his best starting pitcher, Aaron Nola, who has been placed on the COVID-19 List. With no offense to Jake Arrieta, the Philadelphia Phillies cannot afford to lose Nola for an extended period. I am sure Joe’s anxious for a fast start with his new team, but he’ll need Didi Gregorius and others to step up in a big way.  

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I just saw a report that D.J. LeMahieu, ugh!, and Luis Cessa have tested positive for the coronavirus. LeMahieu is asymptomatic while Cessa has mild symptoms. I hope the guys are okay and can recover soon. I had really been looking forward to Season 2 for LeMahieu, especially with a new contract in the balance, but it will obviously be delayed. Can Matt Duffy play second? For the record, yes, but it has been awhile. Looks like we are back in the market for a second baseman again assuming the Yankees leave Gleyber Torres at short. I suppose Tyler Wade could play second in a pinch. Kyle Holder (or Wade) could play short, to push Torres back to second.  Interesting decisions ahead for Manager Aaron Boone.  After being down on Cessa the last few years, last year’s improvement had left me with hopes that he could be the new Ramiro Mendoza. But as with LeMahieu, we’ll have to wait and hope for their full and complete recoveries. Given LeMahieu, eats, sleeps, and dreams baseball, you know this must be killing him. Hoping all goes for the two week quarantine for both. Once the quarantine at home is over, they’ll have to clear at least two tests for the virus before clearance to play. For D.J., there’s still time to make the Opening Day Roster.  

I think it’s cool the Yankees will debut the 2020 season in Washington against the World Champions. A pitching match up featuring Gerrit Cole against Max Scherzer is a little bittersweet given how the Yankees were the favorites to sign Max a few years ago. But then again, if they had signed Max, would Cole be a Yankee now? Probably not, so as they say, things probably worked out for the best (with no disrespect intended for Max, who I feel is an incredible pitcher). A second game pitching match up with the Nationals, potentially, featuring James Paxton against Stephen Strasburg is almost as exciting. It should make for a great start to the 2020 season.

MLB is expected to officially announce the 2020 schedule on Monday. The Yankees and Mets will meet for 6 out of 60 games so Dellin Betances is going to get a good view of what the Yankees look like from the other side. Sorry Dellin, I hope the Yankees pin an “L” or two on you. 

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I am not sure what this season will bring. It’s a little sad we can’t say with 100% confidence it will even be completed. In Southern CA, the reopening has been rolled back for at least three weeks. Masks are mandatory, bars are closed, restaurants can only be open for outside dining or pickup. Movie theaters remain closed and I have to endure those long lines just to wait to get into a Trader Joe’s. Feels somewhat like trying to see a Star Wars movie in the 1980’s. If the coronavirus continues its strong upswing, it could potentially end the baseball season before it gets started. Minor League Baseball has already tossed in the towel. I long for the day when a coronavirus vaccine is readily available and life can return to some degree of normalcy. Maybe it’s me but there should have been a solid Plan B in place for life in the event of a pandemic. Unfortunately there was not and our period in time will be evaluated as a very unprepared, narcissistic, and sadly, racist group of people. We are better than this and I hope actions going forward prove the current generations of a legacy to remember. 

I hope this is a good 4th of July for you and your families. I can’t say great since so many fireworks celebrations have been cancelled but still, I trust you are with the ones you love and everyone is happy, healthy and safe. That’s all we can ask.

As always, Go Yankees!