Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Yankees Are Interested In Grady Sizemore

First and foremost I want to point out that in my free agency predictions post AND in my post looking at a possible 2013 bench player I had Grady Sizemore in pinstripes in both of them. With that said the Yankees have checked in on Grady Sizemore with the interest of signing him. Yesterday we learned that Grady would not sign with a team until he was physically ready to play and he does not expect that to be before mid season. While Sizemore has had his fair amount of injuries he is also only 30 years old and was an absolute stud from 2005-2008 so on a minor league deal this gets my seal of approval.

Yankees Farm System Ranked 11th In Preliminary Poll

Jim Callis of Baseball America ranked the top teams in baseball by farm system in his personal opinion and the Yankees were 11th on his list. Three of Callis' contributing editors also ranked the Yankees 11th in the farm system rankings. The St. Louis Cardinals finished first followed by Mariners and Marlins. The official rankings are released during Spring Training and a lot can change between then and now but that is where the Yankees sit as of today.

Nobody Elected Into Baseball Hall of Fame

The voting came out today and nobody, for the first time since 1996, was elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Craig Biggio got the most votes but still only managed to get 68.2% which was pretty  far from the 75% needed to get into the hall.  Lohud has the leading vote getting players listed here but here is some of the top ones.

Bernie Williams will fall off of the ballot with Kenny Lofton and David Wells for not getting at least 5% of the vote. Dale Murphy has reached his maximum 15 year stay so he will also no longer be eligible for the BBWAA ballot.

Craig Biggio – 388 votes (68.2%)
Jack Morris — 385 votes (67.7%)
Jeff Bagwell — 339 votes (59.6%)
Mike Piazza — 329 votes (57.8%)
Tim Raines — 297 votes (52.2%)
Lee Smith — 272 votes (47.8%)
Curt Schilling — 221 votes (38.8%)
Roger Clemens — 214 votes (37.6%)
Barry Bonds — 206 votes (36.2%)
Edgar Martinez — 204 votes (35.9%)
Alan Trammell — 191 votes (33.6%)
Larry Walker — 123 votes (21.6%)
Fred McGriff — 118 votes (20.7%)
Dale Murphy — 106 votes (18.6%)
Mark McGwire — 96 votes (16.9%)
Don Mattingly — 75 votes (13.2%)
Sammy Sosa — 71 votes (12.5%)
Rafael Palmeiro — 50 votes (8.8%)
Bernie Williams — 19 votes (3.3%)

Hall Of Fame Voting Happens Today At Noon

Today at noon on MLB Network we will see the final results from the most controversial  ballot ever voted on for the Hall of Fame. Here is the complete list of eligible players that will be voted on today by the Baseball Writers Association of America and I have included how many times they have been on the ballot as an FYI. I have bolded the 10 guys that I would vote for if I had a vote so if you do not agree then please comment in the box or tweet us @greedystripes.

Jack Morris (14)
Jeff Bagwell (3)
Lee Smith (11)
Tim Raines (6)
Alan Trammel (12)
Edgar Martinez (4)
Fred McGriff (4)
Larry Walker (3)
Mark McGwire (7)
Don Mattingly (13)
Dale Murphy (15)
Rafael Palmeiro (3)
Bernie Williams (2)
Barry Bonds (1)
Roger Clemens (1)
Mike Piazza (1)
Curt Schilling (1)
Kenny Lofton (1)
Craig Biggio (1)
Sammy Sosa (1)
David Wells (1)
Steve Finley (1)
Julio Franco (1)
Reggie Sanders (1)
Shawn Green (1)
Jeff Cirilo (1)
Woody Williams (1)
Rondell White (1)
Ryan Klesko (1)
Aaron Sele (1)
Roberto Hernandez (1)
Royce Clayton (1)
Jeff Conine (1)
Mike Stanton (1)
Sandy Alomar (1)
Jose Mesa (1)
Todd Walker (1)