Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I'd Like To See For 2014 (Without Cano)

I have been talking about the 2014 Yankees while assuming two things. The first being that Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for the entire season, and the second being that the team will re-sign Robinson Cano. Although I'm almost 100% certain both of those things will happen, I'm going to do away with one of those assumptions. I'm going to look at the team as if Cano ends up elsewhere.

"You mean Robbie may not be a Yankee next year?"

It's not as though Robbie doesn't have any other suitors. They may not be an obvious match, but the Mariners, Rangers, Blue Jays, Tigers, Angels, Mets, Nationals, and Cubs could all give Cano a strong look. And the Yankees are not the only team that would be willing to pay, either.

So other than what I've said in the past, what would I like to see happen should the Yankees not re-sign Cano?

  • Sign Brian McCann. He will cost in the neighborhood of 5 years and $85 million. I think it would be a year or two too long, but by years four and five of that deal, Brian could be the regular DH. Thus leading to Gary Sanchez or JR Murphy being the regular catcher at that point.
  • Sign Omar Infante. Three years and $25 million seems to be the number being thrown out their for Omar. We know the Yankees have interest in Infante, and for good reason. Omar is coming off a very nice season, and has plenty of postseason experience.
  • Sign Carlos Beltran. If it wasn't for being 37 years old, Beltran would be in for a 5+ year contract. But instead he's looking at another two year deal worth around $26 million. Carlos has been a very good player, who has built a great reputation for postseason heroics. 
  • Sign Jesse Crain. Due to missing the second half of this past season, Crain is likely going to be signed to a one-year deal with incentives. And assuming he does well like he did in the 1st half of 2013, he'll be primed for a multi-year contract a year from now. The Yankees may want to sign Crain no matter what. I'm thinking one year and $2 million plus incentives.

That would give the team the following 25-Man Roster...

Catcher - Brian McCann $17 million (signed for 5 years/$85 million)
First Base - Mark Teixeira $22.5 million
Second Base - Omar Infante $8.34 million (signed for 3 years/$25 million)
Third Base - Jayson Nix $1.4 million (arbitration 2)
Shortstop - Derek Jeter $12.81 million
Left Field - Curtis Granderson $14.1 million (signed for 1 year/$14.1 million qualifying offer)
Center Field - Brett Gardner $6 million (arbitration 3)
Right Field – Carlos Beltran $13 million (signed for 2 years/$26 million)
Designated Hitter - Alfonso Soriano $4 million

Bench - Eduardo Nunez $500,000 million (pre-arbitration)
Bench - Austin Romine $500,000 (pre-arbitration)
Bench - Ichiro Suzuki $6.5 million
Bench - Brendan Ryan $3.25 (signed for 1 year/$3,250,000 million)

Starting Pitcher - CC Sabathia $24.4 million
Starting Pitcher - Masahiro Tanaka $10 million (signed for 6 years/$60 million)
Starting Pitcher - Ivan Nova $2.5 million (arbitration 1)
Starting Pitcher - Michael Pineda $500,000 (pre-arbitration)
Starting Pitcher - David Phelps $500,000 (pre-arbitration)

Closer - David Robertson $5 million (arbitration 3)
Relief Pitcher - Jesse Crain $4 million (signed for 1 year/$2 million + incentives)
Relief Pitcher - Shawn Kelley $1.5 million (arbitration 2)
Relief Pitcher - Adam Warren $500,000 (pre-arbitration)
Relief Pitcher - Dellin Betances $500,000 (pre-arbitration)
Relief Pitcher - David Huff* $750,000 (pre-arbitration)
Relief Pitcher - Cesar Cabral* $500,000 (pre-arbitration)

Total (including the remaining 15 players on the 40-Man Roster, plus the team's portion of player bonuses)
$177.55 million


  1. No backup for first base. How about swapping Reynolds for Nix?

    No lefty hitter on bench -- Ichiro has a reverse platoon split and can't hit in general. Try to re-acquire Chavez instead of Nunez? Be a nice third base platoon as well.

    I believe Soriano's hit for 2014 is $5M, not $4M.

    I'd rather have Oh than Crain. About the same money, I think.


    1. When was the last time we actually had a legit backup for first base? That's the least of my worries in my opinion. Also David Adams is just a phone call away.

  2. I had originally had Corey Hart in right field, and thus had a backup 1st baseman. But you're right, I whiffed on that one.

    I'm not worried about having a lefty on the bench. I know that could come back to haunt the team, but I'd rather go with that roster.

    I would have sworn Soriano was $4 million, but I can't find where I read that.

    And as for Oh, I don't want to take a chance on a Japanese pitcher that isn't as close to a sure-thing as Tanaka. Call it being too conservative, but Crain has done "it" in MLB where Oh hasn't.

    1. Joel Sherman is using $4M for Soriano, but COT's has $5M. Who knows?

      With some $ left over any thoughts on Peralta to play third and cover for Jeter's inevitable injury?

    2. There needs to be some money left for mid-season pickups and such, so we can't go right up to $189 million. Plus, I thought about the fact that Peralta got a qualifying offer, so he'd cost a draft pick. The right side of the infield would be an issue, though.

      The trade for Soriano was weird, so who knows how the money part really works. I did see on Cot's where $14m would come from Chicago, leaving $5m.

    3. I calculated Soriano at $5 mill but Sherman seems to know more than most of us, or knows someone who does anyway, with the Jeter contract so I will go with $4 million, works for me.

    4. Just a point of information: Peralta did not get a QO.

    5. Drew... Peralta... whatever SS it was. LOL

  3. I like Nunez over Nix at 3b...... Nunez can make things happen with his speed. He's a better basestealer than Gardner...and Gardner is one of the best in the league.

    1. A base stealer is only valuable if he can get on base, and Nunez can't do that. Not that Nix is much better, but I'd rather see Jayson get more at bats and Eduardo.

      On your point of speed, too, is the fact that Nunez would make a good late-game pinch runner.

    2. Nunez had an off year, he is a much better hitter than he has shown!

      As for picking up Baltran and McCann...no way...we give up draft picks for two players we can really get along with out. That is the stuff that got us into the spot the Farm is in now!

      If there is a A-Rod, Cano or CC (young) type out there, OK otherwise keep the draft picks!

      You get one or two of the kids playing regular and by mid-season they may surprise you, this giving a kid part-time playing time is BS.

      I say the same every year and...oh well, shit happens!


    3. I want to say that I am the biggest prospect "humper" that you will ever meet so it pains me to say this but I am not entirely worried about the draft picks. Granted I know we have to rebuild through the draft and all that but we have been money lately with the later picks in the draft anyway, especially with the college kids who have no leverage to sign a slot deal or above, so I feel confident that we could make up for the first round pick loss elsewhere.

      Also, just for fun, this is considering that Cano goes elsewhere which lands us a supplemental first round pick that is protected... Also the lack of Kuroda here lands us another unless he retires or goes back to Japan... so it's not like we're exactly draft pick poor.

    4. Daniel...
      Isn't there a money slot now in the draft? If so, we can't do the same as before without a penalty!

      Am I wrong?

    5. You are correct but the Yankees have had zero problems getting the guy they want at slot or a little above. They draft college guys later in the draft who sign for below cap and save the money that way. See Ian Clarkin.

  4. Bryan...

    Nunez career stats show he has a higher batting average, obp and OPS+. And he is 5 years younger and has more upside than Nix who cant hit and will never hit.

  5. Daniel.......TWASP and oldYankee07 believe Nunez is a better choice at 3rd than Nix. Bryan differs. What say you?

    1. In my series of posts I had Nunez starting at 3B on Opening Day so I think everyone knows where I stand with Nunez. I like him, especially at 3B

  6. Soriano's Yankee season was off the charts. He hit 17 HRs and 50 RBIs in only 50 games. Who was it on this site that said Aroid had shown more signs of greatness last season?

    Soriano at the ages of 36 and 37 has had two 30+ 100+ seasons. Who else can boast that?

    1. Ichiro had a great second half after being acquired by the Yankees too, what's your point?

    2. Sory didn't have hip surgery or play the infield which takes more out of a player.

  7. Aroid broke down from all the PEDS he took. It is the same profile that happened to many of the other PED users. His injuries are his own doing. I don't feel sorry for him.

    And while Aroid was always the better player than Soriano, I wonder if we hD kept Soriano and not gotten Aroid if we would have won more than one championship in the last 10 years.

    1. Arod sucked in the post season besides 2009
    2. Soriano would have been better in the clutch in the playoffs probably.
    3. Aroid divided the team and caused too many diversions

    1. Wrong on two accounts again Twasp...
      First...Those users had foot and lower leg problems...all of those that used for more than five years! A-Rod has had the same hip problem as many CLEAN players have had over the last 50 years.
      Secondly...The click was what divided the club, those in the click and the "want-a-be's"! The GM, manager and Jeter didn't want him on the team at all. If in doubt, read all the things "Clueless Joe" has said about him over the years and in his book. And the things Jeter didn't say about him or for him. Cashman was the only stand-up guy, he said he was not in favor of the signing.

      I know, he hates Jeter, which is BS!


    2. MacGuire, Canseco, Palmeiro and others have suffered from hip problems. This is because many times the PEDS shot is administered in the fatty part of the hip. " look it up"

      Aroid created the click against him by being such a d-bag...... its a fact, as Mel said.....you can look it up.

  8. Nice post Bryan. Could the Yankees still get McCain or Beltran while also getting Cano?

  9. I think Soriano's last two seasons have been outstanding and have been a bit overlooked. Ichy was awful the full season before he came to the Yankees and awful the full season after he came to the Yankees.

  10. Yes, Jeter did not go on record defending Aroid. He is not that stupid. I know of only one person uninformed enough to defend Aroid after all the dumb things he has done, and he wears a camouflage hat.


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