Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All Time New York Yankees Team - The Bullpen

 Mariano Rivera
 Goose Gossage
 Dave Righetti
 Johnny Murphy
 Sparky Lyle
 Allie Reynolds

To nobody's surprise Mariano Rivera is at the top of this list as Mo is the greatest closing pitcher of all time on any team, especially the New York Yankees. Before Mo made a failed attempt at being a starter in 1995 and was moved to the set up man spot in 1996 to only start his march towards being the greatest closer of all time the Yankees greatest closer was widely regarded as Goose Gossage. Dave Righetti was a great Yankees closer in the 80's for those terrible Yankees teams that everybody wants to forget.

Johnny Murphy is a name that many of you may not remember or know but I will leave it to you to check the stats. He was the greatest Yankees closer before the closer position was really established. He was more of a Yankees finisher then a closer but either way I want him in my bullpen. Sparky Lyle is my guy that will get left handed batters outs, a LOOGY before the LOOGY had a name. Yankees bullpen standout and has to have a spot in my bullpen as well. Allie Reynolds could have been put in the rotation or in the bullpen which is why I sort of took advantage of his versatility to put him in the last spot in this bullpen.

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