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Daniel Burch - @DanielBurch

I was born in the Bronx, New York in November of 1985. According to my parents I started watching Yankees baseball when I was just two years old but I started watching religiously just in time for the 1994 strike. With that said I am a spoiled Yankees fan who does not know anything but Yankees success, playoff trips, and World Series rings hence the Greedy Pinstripes name. I root for any player in a New York Yankees uniform regardless of personality, off the field fiascos, or even on the field play, unfortunately. In my very biased, and non-humble opinion, nobody loves this team more than I do. This is my passion and that's why I do what I do. Get Greedy!

Bryan Van Dusen - @Bryan_TGP

I was born hours after the conclusion of the 1977 World Series, in which Reggie Jackson became known as "Mr. October", leading the Yankees to a World Series victory. Since that day I've been obsessed with the Bronx Bombers, and that obsession has led me to start this blog along with my buddy, Daniel. I'm rarely pessemistic about the Yankees, and that feeling spills over into my writing. Not that I don't recognize poor play, or areas that need improvement, but I believe in the guys that wear pinstripes and those that control them. And that from a guy that remembers some pretty poor teams in the 80s, well before the dynasty that brought the team four World Series titles in only five seasons. I live and breath Yankee baseball, and I love to share my opinions about them with others.

Contributing Writers

Bryan Knepper - @dm23HOF

For those of you that wonder where I got the name "dm23HOF"...well, Don Mattingly was my baseball hero growing up and unlike many others I believe he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I have lived in either Ohio or Tennessee my entire life, but grew up a Yankee fan due to my father whose favorite player was Mickey Mantle. Until last year, I was a ticket licensee for the New York Yankees and hope to be that once again in the future so that my wife and three kids can enjoy the greatness that is Yankee Stadium and the New York Yankees.

Scott Fiedler - @Scofid

I'll stay away from the birth year line but I've been a Yankees fan since the day Jim "Catfish" Hunter, my favorite childhood pitcher, signed with the team as a free agent. I lived and loved every tour of duty by Billy Martin as Yankees manager and I distinctly remember where I was the day the great Thurman Munson, my hero and favorite Yankee, died. Through my appreciation of Lou Gehrig for as long as I can remember, the Pinstripes have been interwoven with my love and passion for the game of baseball. I have enjoyed seven World Series championships during my lifetime and I look forward to many more. The Yankees are the greatest organization in Sports and it's fun to share our love of the Greedy Pinstripes.

James C. Palma - @JamesCPalma

I was born Christmas Day of 1980, A Yankee fan since birth. As a youngster I can remember the dark days of Pat Kelly, Mel Hall, Dion James, Danny Tartabull, Mélido Pérez, Steve Sax, Kevin Mass, and Spike Owen just to name a few. Luckily for me my teenage years produced the great Dynasty, and the Core 4 of Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada. In my mind I am one of the biggest Yankee fans there is, and no one can be more Greedy than me. In no way will I ever hold back my opinions, good or bad. The mission is always the same win the World Series at all costs!!! Anything Less is Unacceptable!!!!


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  4. Given that the name "Greedy Pinstripes" was something Daniel & I came up with on another site (one that shall remain nameless), can I at least get a mention somewhere? :) First time checking out the site. Looks really good. Congrats fellas. Well done! - JMaest


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