Saturday, April 30, 2016

If Miami Needs a Second Baseman…..

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that reigning National League batting champion and current Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon has been suspended for 80 games due to “unknowingly” taking steroids and/or performance enhancing drugs. If you haven’t then more on that later. One position that the Yankees seem to be absolutely stacked at is the middle infield leaving me to wonder if Miami needs a second baseman and the Yankees need some pitching help could these two teams hook up for a trade later on this season?

Just off the top of my head without doing too much research I can name you at least 10 middle infielders that the Yankees could deem as trade bait to send to the Marlins in a potential trade. The list starts with Robert Refsnyder, continues with Ronald Torreyes, wraps around Jorge Mateo and ends with some combination of Wilkerman Garcia, Chase Headley (move Martin Prado to second and Headley to third), Kyle Holder, Tyler Wade and a slew of others I could name but you likely already know by name anyway at this point.

What does Miami potentially have to offer in return? Well I don’t pretend to be an expert on the Miami Marlins and I’m especially not well versed in their farm system but I know a guy named Jose Fernandez! A guy can dream anyway, right? But in all seriousness the Marlins have to have something to match up with the Yankees. Maybe a  Justin Nicolino? I really don't know, maybe someone can fill me in. 

You get what you pay for, remember that, but if the Marlins need a second baseman and the Yankees need some pitching I think these two sides could work something out. Miami will likely ride things out without Gordon, it is only for 80 games, but this may be the perfect opportunity for Cashman to do what he does best. Sell from a strength and take advantage of what is going on around him to maximize the deal. He did it with Aroldis Chapman and gave up peanuts in terms of the return and he can do so again with Dee Gordon. But will he? Stay tuned. 


  1. After this suspension, I was reflecting on the phelps+Prado for eovaldi trade.

    Phelps pitched decent (well, based on the stats I saw, and you know I don't go into the sabermetrics stats lol) but broke his leg or something and finished with half a season.
    Being used in the BP, I think something like a 1.5 Era in 10 innings currently.

    Based on what the Yankees have needed, and what we have up... I think we are worse off after that trade. And the injury was freak, not a tear or anything. Kind of like turf toe. No. Less likely than turf toe.

    What do you think on both parts?

    1. It's hard for me to not be hard on Brian Cashman for this one. Sure Chase Headley wasn't the black hole in the lineup at the time of the trade and sure the Yankees were trying to get younger at the time but my biggest issue with the trade was the amount of time left on Prado's deal and the money the Yankees ate.

      I love getting Domingo German and I love Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Jones was a throw in to get the deal done, but I also liked Martin Prado and what he brought to the team. He had what, two and a half seasons left on his deal when he was traded? And then we paid his salary (or half of it, can't remember) on top of it. It was a bad trade and it screamed desperation to me.

    2. Agreed. And I'm not bashing or anything, just still considering it.
      One thing that consistently will be my stance- if a player is in that multi role BP position (relief, multi innings, spot start) and doing well, he should be given an opportunity to start regularly. Time and time and time and time (yep, x4),we see the value of starting pitching.

      But back to the trade. It wasn't like eovaldi had 5 full years of team control. He has 1 extra year of control over PRADO. And then there's Phelps. And hind sight is 20-20, I get that. But at the time, we signed an already reject Stephen drew (this is the BS that starts to bother me... Every single trade has been "let's take a player this team is sick of, and see if he turns into a star in the bronx"). You have that much confidence in a player coming off a terrible year? Unless, they had confidence in refs. Once upon a time. Which I still (and just preaching to the choir) think he could handle it, after performing well on his two call ups.

      Sunday morning rantings.

    3. Sure you always make a deal for a young starting pitcher with promise over an aging second baseman. I like the deal if it were on Playstation. I just hate paying the salary and taking on Garrett Jones, hence me being hard on Cashman.

      I hate knee jerk trades and reactions or moves just for the sake of making moves. Now we find ourselves in need of a third baseman and we're paying one to suck and another to play for Miami.

    4. Me thinks Hans has found two that think with like minds. Which is ok for sure as it give us all another subject to write about...or not!
      Just had to write that, it makes Hans happy if I disagree with anything written in his favor. Even though he has gone into hidding he still is reading. LOL
      Have fun guys!

    5. He might have had a heart attack or started following cricket.

    6. I have not gone into hiding. There really isn't much to say about this team that I haven't already said. Poorly constructed by the elf the pitching is suspect which I said in the winter and Hal has made a mockery of this franchise. All repetitive things that get old but are facts.

      You all think the elf did a great job with his trades, what you all fail to understand that what he gave up was vital for what this team needs which is pitching.

    7. Hi, Hans...
      You may be right abut many things concerning this team as is constructed as of now. My question to you is; "How could Cashman have done better, with no money to offer a pitcher or anyone else?".
      Injuries happen, good players have bad slumps, so what!
      Yes, Cashman made a questionable trade and I still think anyone other than Headley should be playing 3rd base, Severino should be in AAA learning to follow the catcher's signs, CC should never be on the mound after two times through the line-up.
      The team as a whole is in a bad slump...-hit happens and the games go on!
      Nice to see you back, have a good one!

    8. start getting ballsy. One example- trade high on CC several years ago. trade high on tanaka.

      (Let's hold up on no trade clauses. because, every yankee signs a no trade clause. including a guy coming from japan that has never touched an american baseball. no idea how that happens.).

      tanaka can opt out after 2017... he can probably extend his contract to another 7 x 180+mil. I don't see this team getting beyond the 1st round by then. this is how to get a shitload of high caliber prospects.

    9. im not saying I make that move. but just proposals. I did not see CC's falloff this severe.

    10. It's quite simple Reed. Cashman has made a few questionable trades that gave up pitching and depth. First he never should've traded Prado who could be either your third baseman or 2nd baseman along with Phelps. Phelps is another swing guy like Warren. Yes you picked up Eiovaldi but not making the trade gives a guy like Mitchell a shot at the rotation. Next you don't add Castro as you have Refsynder who can hit and is still learning his craft at 2b.

      You traded your most dependable pitcher in Warren and let's look at this rotation. To get a pitcher though the 6th inning on this team is like you ever agreeing with me.

      I would rather have Prado, Phelphs, Warren and Refsynder playing 2b then having Castro and Eovaldi. Pitching is the key and this staff is mediocre at best. Where's the great Rothschild now?

      Hal is to blame on this as well and I think you will see that this team will hover between third and last and your boy the elf better pull the trigger on Chapman at the deadline and bring in a haul unlike letting Cano leave for just a sandwich pick.

    11. Other than those small problems, what else is wrong with this team? You have been saying that players play to the backs of their cards, I have been saying, no, no, not so fast. As they get older or complacent
      the card is a "What was" not a "What is".
      Injuries have hurt this team more than anything else, so far.
      In an "MY" world we would still have Prado, Phelps, Warren and Refsynder on the team and the team wouldn't have injuries or a slump but, that isn't how things go down in the real world, one must learn to Adapt and Improvise, cut some contracts that have not done anything for the team and bring in a good player or two...they need some speed ok, we have Mateo (not ready for prime time,maybe) he has more speed than anyone on the team...let him work with Ells and learn on the fly as he plays 2nd base and Castro to 3rd. Have CC or one of the older pitchers/McCann teach Severino how much he should lean on the catcher...and much more to be decided later!

    12. Daryl...
      Both of you have good points, but what has been done is history. We must work with what we have and if a deal comes up, hope that Hal and Tampa will let it be made.

    13. Reed you asked what I would've done and why Cashman is a 2nd rate gm. I gave you examples. Players do play to the back of their baseball cards, numbers don't lie. Look at Didi. He and Gardner last night against Kimbrel looked like college players, especially Didi. Can a player have a fluke year aka Brady Anderson, Mark the Bird Fydrich. Just like one hit wonder rock bands it happens all the time.

      What injuries are we speaking about Reed? Tex is healthy as is Ellsbury and Beltran and Didi and on and on. This team stinks because it can't pitch or hit especially with runners in scoring position. You need to face facts which you are failing to see.

      Its poorly constructed and thats the bottom line, whether its from the elf or Hal or both its not a good team. Why is it teams like the Roid Sux admit they made a mistake with the Panda and sit his ass but we keep sending out guys like Headley or CC? I'll give the answer. First Hal is a gutless owner that won't make a bold move and second Cashman's ability to read talent is lacking. Please don't tell me its still early in the season because they are digging themselves into a major hole and second don't say if the elf is a bad GM then why is he still around. I gave you those answers last week.

  2. Reed here is an example of what I posted above on why the Roid Sux make bold moves

  3. Well, let's hear everyone's views about tanaka, because this is now. no shoulda coulda wouldas

    To start- He can opt out after 2017, so 2018 he will be in his 29 year season. We are talking about this being the season where harper and machado possibly hit free agency- are we also dropping 200 million on tanaka? maybe he can't get 200 mil over 7, but 150 over 7 years, is that reasonable?
    This leans on how you realistically see this team performing. I don't see a playoff series win in the next 2 years.

    So, I dont want to sign tanaka to that type of extension. a few big assumptions, that tanaka will perform similar or better than last year, and waive no trade clause. and yankees big three in BP dominate.

    Moving tanaka and chapman to an NL team in win now mode with high quality prospects- I think dodgers, cubs, or nationals- I think dodgers might be willing to bite. and id imagine a monster return. especially after last year's early exit, the loss of greinke, and I know kershaw is locked, but we've seen pitchers lose it towards the end of their contracts time and time again.

    1. Daryl I'm not even sure why you think the Yanks will even make the playoffs the next few years let alone win a series? This organization's management meaning the Tampa Mafia along with the elf are all delusional. They have a great deal of money coming off the books after this year and the SP class of the last FA class was pretty decent and they sat on their hands thinking Eovaldi would reproduce what he did last year along with Tanaka having surgery and being better then last year and CC having his brace, again being better then last year and the enigma named Pineda being better then last year.

      There is a theme here which is the management played a game of Russian Roulette thinking their staff was going to deliver. As of this posting the answer is no its not delivering. Well as Yogi said its getting late...early. Do I think this team is as bad as their record? No I don't however I did say they would finish third to fourth and its not looking that far off right now.

    2. I know. I'm there with you. Getting to post season for this team is meaningless. If it was loaded with young players and served as a learning experience, that would be a different story. I think it's actually bad, giving false hope that the team is good.

      I only mention the two year mark bc of when Tanaka can opt out. I really have no desire to sign Tanaka at that point.

    3. Where's Reed? I figured he would be all over this like white on Rice since he's a Cashman supporter. There is no way this would be happening if George were alive, however that doesn't matter right now as we have his tightwad son and the elf running the show. Beltran, Tex, Chapman and Gardner and Ellsbury gone if they could move those contracts and no trade clauses on Tex. It's time this clown Cashman trades these assets at the deadline. He let Robertson and Cano leave for virtually nothing especially with his drafting record

    4. Well, Ken Hans, I was busy checking out a few farm guys!
      To answer your hyperbole, Cashman is not a talent evaluator and never was...that is not his job! You have always said the Yankees will finish 3rd, not 3rd or 4th except for the last few days. Why not try this for a change; Admit nobody is playing up to expectations. The GM gets the players, the Manager manages the team, the coaches work with the players...none of those people play the game, the blame is on the players and no one else!
      I once said that some players get to the bigs on their great talent and do not learn the basic way to play good baseball, there are exceptions like A-Rod, Jeter, Beltran and McCann they learn the game and have the talent to help make them better.

    5. Reed Reed Reed if we had that thought process we would never have firings of managers or general managers or scouts. Cashman is responsible for this roster. Read Mark Feinsand today. Where are all the plug in play players that Cashman and his cronies have drafted?

      You need to face facts the gm put this roster together and should be fired over it. We all know it even you know it but because I said it you have do disagree. Players aren't playing well because some are past their primes. He gave out too many long term deals especially with no trade clauses. Tex needs to go, Novas needs to go. CC needs to go, Headley and Ellsbury along with Gardner need to go and trade Champan now when you might be able to get a better package since a team can have him for most of the year. Stop sticking up for the elf the proof is in the pudding

    6. Hans, waite a bit, you are the one that says the players play to the back of their cards, I said no, no they do not as they get older or have a bad year.
      I am not giving a pass to anyone, but if one looks at their cards and they were all playing even as well as last year, we may be at the top instead of on the bottom.
      The players suck right now, will they all year? NO!

    7. Reed again I use the names of Anderson, Fyderich Aaron Small that have a great season. Hell even Brian Doyle won a WS MVP. So I think Didi had a fluke year but was better than I thought and the same with Eovaldi with the run support. Has Headley ever repeated his HR feat that he had in SD? No because like the above he was a one hit wonder no pun intended. CC and the guys I mentioned in my above post need to go

    8. So, what is there to disagree with then, I have said so many times. We need to dump (trade) a few of those you mentioned, but not Didi, Eovaldi, Castro, McCann, Tex and Beltran(this year).

    9. Why wouldn't you trade Beltran or Tex. That's absurd. I would take a bucket of used balls for them as you will get nothing after the season when their contracts expire

    10. True, Hans, but what about this year?
      Beltran and Tex are needed this year, unless one can get better replacements. We have Bird for next year at 1st base but nobody for this year. Both contracts are up at the end of this year, I think!
      The other two outfielders can be replaced but only Ells should be let go because of his contract, Brett, not so much...unless we can replace him with a power bat. We have Judge for right field...this year with Beltran as DH and right field. Or we could let Brett and Ells go...replacing them with our own players.


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