Saturday, April 30, 2016

Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox 4/29

It’s Saturday night and most of us don’t have to go to work tomorrow so what could be better than staying up late and watching a good ole’ Yankees vs. Red Sox matchup. That’s just what we’re in for tonight as the New York Yankees travel to Fenway Park for the second of their three-game set this weekend in Boston. Tonight the Yankees will send Michael Pineda to the mound, and yes Red Sox fans only Michael Pineda, to face off with Rick Porcello for the Red Sox. The game will be played at 7:10 pm ET and can be seen on MLB Network and MLB TV.

Just one more game inside Fenway Park after tonight and then the team makes the trip to Oriole Park and Camden Yards to face off with the first place Baltimore Orioles. This is how you get caught back up in the division and make moves from the bottom to the top. Make moves and follow along by following us on Twitter (@GreedyStripes) for this game and every game this season.

The season is getting serious early and it’s getting late far too early. Turn it around and put your game faces on. Go Yankees!


  1. So about that spark in the rivalry.

    1. I'd settle for a victory at this point.

    2. I haven't had the chance to watch Tampa yanks play (don't even know how to go about doing so), but I check the box scores.

      Matteo regularly gets picked off. 7 stolen bases, 5 caught stealings. So, get smarter stealing bases. Be like water. Do less.

      Somebody needs to be moved. At the majors, I say sit someone for a straight week or send them to Scranton just to prove a point. Large contracts and ten-twenty million dollar salaries shouldn't mean shit. And if you question that, look at Pablo Sandoval and a red Sox team that has a sick group of players that will be around for the next 5 years minimum. Mookie Betts and bogaerts are only gonna get better.

      So back to Matteo. Bump him to AA and get someone to work on his stealing. Shit. At this point, sit ellsbury and make him a personal baserunning coach for a week, because he's probably the best in the system. I'm not saying rush him to the Bronx, but if you're regularly killing it, and he has been since day 1,move him...

      Unless I'm just reaching for any positivity straw

    3. I understand it is a very quick move for Mateo, from "A" to "AA" but I like it. Mateo was stealing bases because of his speed alone, which shows he has great speed but little knowledge. The more he moves up the more he needs help with his game, talent can be wasted if he misses out on the "How to" part of the game.
      I would still like to see Mateo moved to 2nd and Castro to 3rd, but I wonder about Castro's arm at 3rd that could be why they didn't move him there in the first place.


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