Monday, September 26, 2016

Game Thread: New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays 9/26

Here we go ladies and gentleman as the New York Yankees prepare for their final road game of the season unless they can somehow pull off a miracle and make the postseason. Let's do it. In the road finale for New York the Yankees will make the trip to the Rogers Centre to face off with their AL East foes the Toronto Blue Jays. In the game the Yankees will send -- to the mound replacing Masahiro Tanaka who is battling with a slight strain in his forearm while the Blue Jays will send JA Happ to the mound looking for his 21st win of the season. The game will be played at 7:07 pm ET inside Rogers Centre and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network and MLB TV.

Seven games left this season including this one. Let's win them all. Go Yankees!


  1. TOO BAD, this site is being allowed to become the taunting grounds
    from where Ken, and I, migrated from.

    Diluting posters comments with crap girl posts is immature, at best.
    It only will get worse, when he reaches an erection.

    I never owned the 'kill switch', when I tried to hold up the "i-Yankees"
    site. I would still be there if I had.

    This stupid ass behavior once ruled the day. It's a fucking cancer.

    Daniel....throw this shit bird overboard, or I'll find a better way
    to comment elsewhere. Not a threat, just fact.

    Nice win tonight, impressive win. Bench clearing. Almost magical.
    All the makings for a B movie.....Can not for it to end.

    1. patrick, you are right, in one respect...that place was not a fun house, was it?

      I was going to write a long condescending comment about you being such a Jock patrick. But then I thought, Nope, that's just patrick being patrick...even with a small P. What the hell, sometimes I wish I had a "kill switch" but then I thought...Oh, No, what about the PC a--h---s?

    2. Damned if you do and damned if you don't! Just like the Yankees, except it is lose if they show up or'll be over soon and we can all get excited and pumped for the next $20,000,000+ a year player over 30 with a ten year contract.

    3. I'll do a better job of keeping the spam deleted. My apologies. I have banned I don't know how many of these bots (they aren't people) and they just come back under a different name.

    4. DANIEL...Please, no apologies required.
      That girl poster only posted up after I would comment. Too
      familiar of a style, that one used, over at the Yankee Fans Unite
      gay bath house. For me to go after him is not what your fine
      site would need. So, thanks.
      Like stinkin' green flies at the beach....he'll be back.

    5. That won't happen as long as I'm here. This will not be Yankees Fans Unite.

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  3. Ok let me get some frustration out. First it was great to see Severino have a pair of balls attached to his sack. Me I would have hit Smoak in the ribs. Donaldson are your freaking kidding me? That barely hit you. Donaldson whoever your barber is shouldn't have a license to cut hair. Your gay and progressive hairstyles are screaming you're a little bitch.

    Russell Martin STFU you Canuck, you aren't that good to be talking smack. Batting .234 doesn't give you much to talk about. It was nice to see Brett Levin make a nice catch to closeout the game. Levin not to bust your chops but look at where Gardner will finish the season average wise. Right now he is at .259 with a career .263 BA. Again guys you are what the back of your baseball card says you are. Sorry Reed you have no argument you can make about that comment.

    First spring training game Donaldson or if Jose the Juicer is there or EE need to take one in the ribs to set the tone for the year. We probably wont have any arms next year so we need to be feisty. We need to play Billy Ball

    1. It's a shame a win like this didn't come sooner. This is the kind of win that rallies the troops. It's also a shame that CC wasn't on the mound. Sure he only throws 88 MPH anymore but he doesn't back down and I dare someone to charge the mound on him. Dare them.

    2. HANS....Try not to keep your emotions locked up inside.
      Vent a bit more often.
      Gardner, whom I really like, must be moved this off season.
      In some form of a fat 4 for 1 deal.

      * Have to find a video of last nights dust-up.

    3. KENNY....I was pulled back into the dark side by someone
      whom awoke bad memories. Sorry.
      Hope you are well.
      Donald, will be more polished in the next debate. I strongly
      fell that.

  4. patrick, I agreed to trade Brett this off year and have been saying that for a few weeks now. I think ken may have misconstrued my motives for holding on to Brett for a while now, but that's ok!

    Daniel apologized, when there was no reason for it. We all know shit happens, and it did. I think we have confidence in him to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done...right?

    Have a fun day patrick, as always!

    1. The great, Ken Reed....I agree with all of your above.

      A little naval aviation lingo for you....It is so fine here, at
      the Greedy site, that it is like CAVU....duh?

      You are confused ? Like you want to do that floor over again in western New York ?

      CAVU....'Clear, and Visibility Unrestricted'. Not to be confused with your...'FUBAR.'

      Sorry, I may have given you too much at one time.

      A 'Bouncing Betty' mention would have gotten you on speed?

    2. A B.B. smarts a bit more than CAVU or FUBAR for that matter...don't you think?
      I see you are winding down for the Fall weather and have more time on your hands! Now is the time to keep an eye on the Yankees and the moves they may make over the winter season...if any at all!
      I want them to get under the Cap, so that gives us a chance the following years.

    3. Guy's first and foremost I have said trade Gardner for a few years now. I unlike Mr. Levin think Gardner is a decent player. 258 to 263 hitter no power weak arm and terrible baserunner. Have you not heard this for two year? He has a club friendly contract and its time he goes so Reed I am not sure what you're speaking of? I have been at the forefront of this movement for awhile

    4. Hans, sit down when you read this. I agree with you on Gardner, finally. I don't recall ever saying he was a great player though. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But I believe I always said things like Gardner was a good player on a team friendly deal. And that he was probably the best position player that Cashman has drafted. I'm all for trading him, as long as it makes sense. I don't want to move him just to move him.

    5. ken, I'm sorry not to have made myself clear fault!
      Brett never has been great but at the time he came up he was the best we had on the Farm and still is.
      Right now, I agree with Jeff, in as much not trade Brett just to trade him. Although we now have a few players that are as good as he is now. In other words trade him if we can, which we can if Cash really wanted to do it.

    6. Levin you are not incorrect about your comment on Gardner being a great player. You never once said that. You said he was a very good player, which I never agreed with. I always thought he was a decent player that made himself into that. His swing is terrible, his arm is weak and he's a terrible baserunner. He is an excellent outfielder. I always said his HR's were the bi-product of Yankee stadium and his HR splits say that. Mr. Reed and others always disagree about my comment that you are what your baseball card says you are. Nothing is more evident than Gardner's lifetime stats and his current stats. They are dead on especially with regard to his average.His time is up and he needs to go. He can't be traded straight-up. He needs to go in a package deal or a three team trade. We have an abundance of OF prospects and we might be able to get something for him.

    7. With the emergence of Aaron Judge (I'm not ready to give up on him yet), Mason Williams and others (Jake Cave who will need to be protected again this winter comes to mind) I'd be more than okay with trading Gardner this season.

      Don't give him away by any means but he has the 2017 and 2018 seasons of team control left. Should get a decent haul for him.

  5. Looking into the Mystic.....Also perhaps, Van Morrison's best song.
    Not hard to foresee trade clouds on the horizon. Even on Oct. 1st.

    @ How many outfield quality prospects do the Yankees have ? A load.
    You do the math...If they stay pat, one spot is available ?
    If they move Gardner...Then you add another.

    @ With Castro & Gregorious, 2nd & short may be locked up for years.
    So again, how much young talent is blocked ? I'd say 2-3 top talented players that other teams may covet.

    What will make the Yankees a true contender immediately, in 2017 ?

    a) Trade some of that blocked talent, along with Gardner...For an
    Ace, or even better, a young talent who is heading in that direction.

    b) Sign Aroldis Chapman, the true stud closer. He allows the
    bullpen to restructure itself, as before.

    c) Finally.....A masher. A monster. One who scares other managers, and their young pitchers. A DH, a field player, what difference.
    I remember how Reggie Jackson could wreck other teams game plans.

    Am I the jerk tilting at windmills ? Or, is this something a
    $3 Billion dollar team can accomplish ?

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    2. patrick,

      You have a point with the outfielders. Cashman has been reluctant to trade prospects in recent years unless he is trading from a position of strength. The John Ryan Murphy trade comes to mind and Ramon Flores for Dustin Ackley is another example of this. For that reason I can totally see an outfielder or three traded this winter along with one of Gleyber Torres or (more likely) Jorge Mateo.

      I can see the Yankees moving on from Starlin Castro eventually but I can see Didi being a Yankee for a very, very long time.

      Signing a closer, whether it be Chapman, Mark Melancon or equivalent, is a MUST this offseason. Totally agree and not because Dellin struggled in the role.

      unfortunately there aren't many mashers in the free agent pool unless we go after Mark Trumbo. And i'm fine with that. Bring back too many damn home runs.

  6. Patrick I totally agree with your assessment on all three of your points. A 3 billion dollar team should be able to pull this off, however we have the little bean counter controlling the purse strings and we all know he cares only about his wallet. I can't wait to see what spin he puts on his drop in TV viewership and one can only hope that Murdoch will hammer him on his lost revenue as well. The Coupon Clipper hasn't figured out business 101 where it states to make money you need to spend money. This pathetic pitching staff needs to be addressed in a big way. Its pretty bad when CC finishes as your second best pitcher.

  7. I don't agree with the idea of going for broke this off season at all...sorry guys!
    It would be nice to do what you or many of the fans here and elsewhere want to do...going out and buy a overpriced (age) closer and a monster hitting machine.
    But, The #1 thing is to get under the cap for one year. After that they can do what they want to do...within reason! They pay for all those contracts that put them over the Cap almost 2x what they spend to the players.
    The big year will be 2018 not 2017, although 2017 will or should be better than this year.

  8. KENNY....This was never about going for broke. Not even a hint.

    My fantastic piece was about doing something do-able.

    @ Signing Chapman, a free agent is a great start.
    Someone else will, maybe even Boston, then what ?
    @ Is the pitching so good, that trading for superior talent, will
    rock the boat ?
    @ A masher / monster ? Many high tier teams have one.
    The Yankees do not. But....maybe I'll give you that point.

    Why wait two more years, when even Bob Villa could get this done.

    Are you still chasing your wife ? That's do-able also.

    1. We need not wait for two years, only one year!
      Chapman will want to damn much for us!
      The CAP is the thing that needs to be taken care of first!
      All of which is do-able, except me catching my wife, I always forget why I chased her!

    2. Reed,

      One thing you can remember to put your mind at ease is the collective bargaining agreement ends some 10 days after the World Series does. The luxury tax threshold number is expected to go up significantly, some has said at or above $200 million. This is only going to help the Yankees who will continue to see big contracts come off the board.

      I'm not saying go all in this winter but adding a few key pieces can only help and won't get in the way of the future when key contracts like Sabathia and Rodriguez come off the books.

  9. True Daniel, but whatever the team has in mind has to be the cap #1.
    Once under it they can do whatever it takes to get the players they need. 2017 is not the year to go after players (other than a closer), there isn't anyone out there with A-Rods ability this year...Machado is the one guy that comes to mind for this coming year as he is Arb eligible in 2017.
    There are one or two closers out there that will be cheaper than Chapmen (by far) and about as good. And if worse comes to worse we have Eovaldi for a closer (or set-up) as he is good for three innings then sometimes, goes to hell!

    1. Eovaldi might not even be tendered Reed. He's out all of next year so you want to wait for him till 2018?

    2. Yankees will either let Eovaldi go all together or give him a two-three year deal and hope he comes back from it stronger than ever with a low base salary.

      Teams do it all the time now.

    3. Letting him go is a big mistake!
      I know you (ken) don't like him but his arm is good enough to fit in somewhere (BP?). If Cale, "Ace", can get it together well enough to fit into the BP....we could have 4 guys over 97mph fastballs.
      With a little luck all four work out and then we have 6 thru 9 covered.
      They have both Cale and "Ace" working as starters but they may be better in the BP.

    4. Reed does the name Kyle Farnsworth mean anything to you? He threw 97-99 and was straight with no movement just as Eovaldi is. We don't need Eovaldi and the guy has now had TJ surgeries so there is no way to believe he can even comeback and throw 97

    5. Well, ken H, I agree with what you just said and you have a better chance being right than I am. But, never give up on talent! Talent that is teachable is like finding gold in a tree! He may have to learn different pitching ways and maybe not.
      You asked why a few of our pitchers like Pineda and Dellin couldn't be taught to do things that they need to learn to be good pitchers. The answer is simple, they never had to learn anything because they had all the talent they needed to do the job.
      One can only teach those that want to learn!


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