Monday, September 26, 2016

Playoff Scoreboard Watching for 9/26

As we enter the final week of the 2016 regular season it's time to start scoreboard watching for certain teams. Seven more games to go for most including today, seven games that will tell the story for the entire offseason. Let's see what's going on.

AL East Race:

Boston Red Sox - OFF
Baltimore Orioles - OFF
Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees

AL Wild Card Race: 

Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians
Seattle Mariners @ Houston Astros
Houston Astros vs. Seattle Mariners
New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals - OFF

National League Wild Card: 

New York Mets @ Miami Marlins
San Francisco Giants - OFF
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs
Miami Marlins vs. New York Mets

* If your favorite team is missing or your division race is not listed it's because those races are over entering the final week of the season.

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