Friday, August 17, 2012

MLB To Test Expanded Instant Replay In Yankees Stadium

MLB announced that they have two different sets of instant replay that will be tested out this season. The Yankees will have the luxury of being one of the two lucky teams to have this experimented on in their stadium. The system will only be tested and not actually used in games but it is a step in the right direction regardless.

The current system only covers fair and foul balls and home run calls but with this new system everything would be available to replay to a degree. I am sure you would still not have the strikes and balls being under reviewed but those details will come if this experiment goes well. If it does we could see this implemented as soon as next season league wide which would be fun.


  1. I want to scream.

    How about we get the best umps on the field first! I really think that a lot of the talk about wanting to expand instant replay would go away if it wasn't for some of the idiots that MLB currently employs to call games.

  2. I know that is the inner umpire/official in you talking. I kind of want instant replay. I mean I am a traditionalist I guess but the DH grew on me and I think this will too, especially when it helps the Yankees.

    Agree with it or not it is going to happen.

  3. I don't have a problem with instant replay. At least not as much of a problem as I've had in the past. My problem is implementing it before putting the best officials on the field. All the instant replay in the World is not going to satisfy people as long as the guys using it are morons.

    And who knows? It may turn out that if you put the best umps on the field first, the need for that much more replay will go away. Not that it will, or should, go away entirely. I just believe that a little replay with good umps is better than a lot of replay and bad ones.

  4. Its hard to argue that when the nfl is much worse off with the officiating (i mean hell they had to hire a woman they got so desperate :p) and much better off ratings wise.


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