Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Highly Unrealistic Plan to Improve the Offense & Acquire Troy Tulowitzki

I hate that I even have to start a post off like this but the world being what it is today I feel inclined to. This is not realistic, as the title stated, and I do not believe it will happen or maybe necessarily should happen. I’m having fun while playing Devil’s Advocate, it’s the holiday season and it’s time for dreams. Jon Heyman floated around the “rumor” that the New York Yankees could be “back in” on Troy Tulowitzki for the sake of garnering clicks to his blog and gaining more followers on his Twitter account. Good for him, that’s his job, and honestly I didn’t click the article because I knew the Yankees blogosphere would be full of articles about it and I would rather give them my views then Mr. Heyman, no disrespect.

Let’s have fun with it and let’s say the rumors are true and that the Yankees and Rockies are once again talking a Tulo to New York trade. How could we make it happen? The package in my eyes would have to start with Luis Severino, a 20 year old starter who barely made it to Double-A last season, and end with Gary Sanchez who was considered to be the Yankees best prospect for many years after the Jesus Montero trade. The package would have to include some pitching, it would have been Shane Greene before the trade so now it would have to be Manny Banuelos, and end with a controllable major league player, a Brett Gardner. Obviously Colorado could throw some money in or a prospect or work something else out but that would be the base of the trade for me.

Colorado Receives:

Brett Gardner
Luis Severino
Gary Sanchez
Manny Banuelos (Nathan Eovaldi could also fit here if ManBan isn’t “enough”)
Optional throw in type, lower system player

New York Receives:

Troy Tulowitzki
Salary relief or a prospect like the team received in Domingo German from Miami

The Yankees have their shortstop for the next six seasons while moving Sir Didi Gregorius to second base thus blocking Jose Pirela and Robert Refsnyder temporarily. New York would still have an extremely solid infield defense while boasting a nice offensive upgrade with Tulo. To fill the now vacant left field position would it be out of the realm of possibilities to plug in Refsnyder there? He played extremely well in right field which shows the power on his arm which leads me to believe that he could hack it in left field without issue. I could be wrong, I’ve personally never seen the guy play the outfield, but it doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch to me. With the addition of Tulo to the Yankees lineup the offense gets pretty potent in a hurry and is the kind of offense that, with a strong bullpen that can shorten games, can win a lot of games in 2015.

-          Ellsbury
-          Tulowitzki
-          Beltran
-          McCann
-          Teixeira
-          Headley
-          Gregorius

-          Refsnyder


  1. If that package would indeed get it done, I would pull the trigger. Dropping Gardner ' s contract puts Tulo's net cost at about $10 million per year. I just think we would have to give up more than that. I think another top prospect would have to be included. Most likely somebody like Judge or Lindgren.

    1. Jeff...
      I don't like giving up Severino AND Lindgren, the rest would be great! Then we cross our fingers and hope for no more injuries to Tulo!

      Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. I'm not sure I include Judge in that package, Lindgren I would at least consider. It's not like the Yankees don't have a ton of left handed bullpen talent right now.

    1. There is an old saying, which I believe to be true: "Not everyone, can play the infield or the outfield!"
      Judge could be a great guy to try out at 1st base, just to see if he can do the job. Not move move him, but make him of more value to the team.
      Just a thought. They tried me in the OF, as a kid...that was a BAD mistake. Just couldn't do it! Not everyone can.
      Fans sometimes don't understand even some of the Pro Players are bad at reading and take bad routes to the ball. Only a few are blessed with an OF talent and they are worth a lot to a team.
      We do have a lot of talented arms on the farm, hopefully a couple will open some eyes this spring.
      Just for the hell of it. I think any College player (23/24 years old) that has reached AA is well enough along to make the jump to the big time. Everyone says the jump is to much, I don't agree. There are one heck of a lot more (or the same) older guys in AA than in AAA...not so much our team but, many other teams...the talent is very close!

    2. I have no issue with the jump from AA to the majors as long as there is some sort of a sample size to judge from in AA.

    3. Ain't dat da truff!
      AA and AAA are like my Bosses car and my SUV, they both get one there and drive almost the same.
      Unless my wife is driving, she hasn't figured out that cars have a right side to them yet.

      I do love this site and having fun, not having to be the Devils Advocate all the time. That is hard work. But the words are, "Adapt and Improvise", as I am going to enjoy doing!


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