Thursday, December 25, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees History 12/25

On this day in history long,long ago George Steinbrenner had one too many beers with that elf on the shelf, put on the ugliest Christmas sweater he could find, bought a slay and went around the world spreading Christmas cheer. He was later named Santa Claus for the Yankees haters because they cannot put aside their differences even on Christmas but that's okay, we continue to pray for the Yankees haters. Long story short this morning you can tell your kids that Santa brought them all their presents but we all know that it was George Steinbrenner who started it all.

Merry Christmas all! And if you don't celebrate Christmas then Happy Holidays. And if you don't celebrate anything I hope that you have a great day anyway and enjoy the paid day off for not believing.


  1. No Yankee haters here abouts, Daniel.
    Can you tell, the Boss is gone and I am at wits end here with two little "FRENCH Toy Poodles"?
    I wanted a real Irish dog, a little "Irish Wolfhound" but being as it would be bigger than her...and a lot more scary...well, after all, she is the Boss!

    Have a great Christmas everyone on the Best Blog Around!
    Just Hope, Ken H and Patrick aren't too drunk, for High Mass in the AM. Nap time for me, so I can go!

    1. I can tell and you're definitely not alone. To be honest though George was not always the best owner. He fired managers left and right, signed players to extremely lucrative contracts that didn't fit the team and he was suspended from major league baseball on more then one occasion.

      I'm not saying there is hope for Hal but I also cannot say I am completely shutting the door on it either.

  2. Hal and Cashman are both inept at what they do. Proof is in the pudding or as Elf Patty would day in the Coors lite

    1. Ken H...
      I can agree with you on Hal and company.
      But, not with your take of Cashman, there are very, very few GMs that are talent evaluators. They have the benefit of good upper management, that lets' them do their job. Unlike the Yankees for many, many, many, years...and to this day. Therefore they will go to work for those teams, and the GM gets the credit for their hard work...also, sorry to say the blame on bad deals.
      History tells us, the Yankees are always (most always) paying more in trades as other teams.

    2. How about two names for you that were talent evaluators and one that is still under Yankee control and that is not utilized properly in Stick Michael and the other in Bob Watson and by the way Ken R, Cashman is in charge of all baseball operations as he got his wish so the buck still stops with him since he is the one hiring these clowns to make the so called decisions. Cashman is still a terrible talent evaluator and nothing anyone is going to tell me will get me to think otherwise. I am changing course here but we have the same situation in football with the Giants. Everyone was praising Reese for the two SB wins, however if they looked at the core of players they would see that Accorsi was the driving force behind the wins. Reese has put the Giants in the same situation Cashman has with poor drafts and the inability to make trades and sign quality FA

      Yet the two clowns get to stay. If anyone of us failed like these two guys have we would be looking for a new job. Remember guys two things before you disagree with me especially the Coors Lite guy...really Lite beer, come on now, that this job is a performance based job and Cashman's performance especially over the last two years have been suspect at best. This is not a job of what have you done for me in the past, its what have you done for me now and that equates to him not being re-hired which again points out that our owner has not clue what he is doing


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)