Monday, July 30, 2012

Trade Reactions - Hanley Ramirez

"#1"? I don't know, Hanley.

Hanley Ramirez & Randy Choate to Los Angeles Dodgers, Nathan Eovaldi & Scott McGough to Miami Marlins

Can the Dodgers overtake the San Francisco Giants for the National League West title? 

I think they can, and that they will. Both teams have been close when it comes to their pitching, as the Giants team FIP so far is at 3.84 while the Dodgers team FIP sits at 3.62. Seeing as how the Dodger pitching has been much better than the Giants pitching over the last month, I think that gives LA the nod on the run prevention side of things. 

Neither team has been blowing anybody away with their bats, as San Francisco's team wRC+ has been 92, compared to Los Angeles' wRC+ of 86. But with Hanley Ramirez taking over at SS for the team, where they've gotten a wRC+ of 69 so far in 2012, I can see the Dodgers having a better offense as well.

I don't care how far away from New York you move, Melky, I'm still going to pick on you. Or at least the team you play for.

What does this mean for the Yankees?


Even if I assume the Dodgers win the NL West I don't see them getting past Washington, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, or St. Louis. And looking beyond this year I don't think it matters either. 

Personally, I don't want the Yankees to pay any big money for a starter. Unlike some people, I believe Michael Pineda will return and give the team quite a bit out of the rotation. Along with CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, and Phil Hughes, the rotation looks fine to me. It's the catcher and right field slots that I believe the Yanks will have to address this off-season. 

Don't be sad, Michael. I still believe in you.

I mention all of that for those people that believe signing Greinke as a free agent will be tougher now, as the Dodgers already have their claws sunk into Zack's meaty white flesh.

I'm just glad the Rangers weren't able to sign Greinke, because if there's a team that... as of right now... I think can beat the Yankees, it's the one out of Arlington, TX.

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