Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet A Prospect : Corban Joseph

With September call ups and an expanded active roster on the way I thought it would be a good time to look at the prospects that we have on the 40 man roster that may not be household names. We will continue our series with AA affiliate Trenton Thunder 2B Corban Joseph.

Corban R. Joseph was born in Franklin, TN on October 28th 1988. Joseph, now 23 years old,  is running out of time in the Yankees system after being added to the 40 man roster before this season. The Yankees selected him in the 2008 draft, the same year as David Adams, a round later then Adams in the 4th round.  Corban is considered below average defensively and has not really progressed enough with the bat in the Yankees system. The Yankees, in my opinion, are only holding on to him because of the lack of depth in the upper levels of the system in the infield. The former 4th round pick for the Yankees has been totally less then stellar in his New York Yankees career which got him as high as AAA Scranton before being sent back down to Trenton. He has enjoyed as high as an 8 game hitting streak this season though so there is always the late bloomer philosophy.

Corban was originally drafted as a highly advanced power hitting short stop straight out of high school after getting huge praises from Yankees scout Damon Oppenheimer. While he is proof, until now, that not every draft pick who showed promise in the lower levels will work out the Yankees are being very patient with him. After moving him to 2B, mainly because of his lack of speed, the Yankees are looking to give him one more shot before DFA'ing him for nothing. He has been making up for some up it lately as he has been tearing up AAA pitching lately. Maybe a glimmer of hope?


  1. One of the bright spots of our farm this season. Best season of his career at the highest level of the minors. Win.

    1. The Yankees, after this season, may have a serious logjam at 2B. David Adams and Corban Joseph both coming on strong with some guy named Cano stop gapping right now.


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