Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yankees @ Orioles 9/9/12

Robinson Cano with a 2 out RBI single scores Jeter to make it 1-0
Steve Pearce takes a bases loaded walk to put the Yanks up 2-0
Jayson Nix RBI single makes it 3-0 Yanks
Ichiro RBI single makes it 4-0 Yanks
Jeter bases loaded walk makes it 5-0 Yanks
Freddy Garcia Sucks. 5-3 Yanks
Curtis Granderson with a home run and a 2 RBI single to make it 8-3 NYY
Jeter home run makes it 10-3
RBI Single by Russell Martin makes it 11-3 NYY
Granderson is alive with a 2 RBI double to make it 13-3

The Yankees will finish their four game series this afternoon as they go into this game tied for first place with the Baltimore Orioles. Enough of the excuses and the ranting and such because tomorrow is over and not going to change. This is baseball and today is a new day so the Yankees just need to use this as motivation to bomb the hell out of the Orioles today. The Yankees will send Freddy Garcia to the mound, for some reason, to face off against Zach Britton for the Orioles. Ivan Nova is active and will be available out of the bullpen so it might be a good idea to just go ahead and get him up after the 4th inning is over. The game will be televised at 1:30 pm ET on YES and TBS.


1. Derek Jeter - DH
2. Nick Swisher - RF
3. Alex Rodriguez - 3B
4. Robinson Cano - 2B
5. Russell Martin - C
6. Steve Pearce - 1B
7. Andruw Jones - LF
8. Ichiro Suzuki - CF
9. Jayson Nix - SS

Go Yankees!!

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