Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alex Rodriguez To Miami? Brian Cashman Says "No"

With all the recent benchings, pinch hitters, and fans phone number drama circling around Alex Rodriguez lately the speculators have been hard at work trying to find scenarios that could get Alex Rodriguez out of New York as soon as next season. With 5 years and approx. $114 million left on his mega deal he signed back 5 seasons ago including a full no trade clause AND 10/5 rights giving him the power to veto ANY and ALL trades the trade winds are still swirling. The latest rumor has the Yankees trading Alex Rodriguez to the suddenly deep pocketed Miami Marlins to return Alex to his home town. Speculation has the Yankees taking Heath Bell back in return and eating virtually all of Alex's contract. This makes little sense to me because all of the money we eat will still count against the luxury tax, we would have to pay Heath Bell a very overpaid contract, AND we would have to find a suitable replacement for A Rod.

Not surprisingly Brian Cashman was asked about these recent speculations and naturally said that the Yankees were not looking to move Alex. I can remember rumors that the Yankees were talking to Miami earlier in this season on a deal that would have included Alex but the talks were very preliminary and nothing obviously ever came of them. It would have been nice to swing Hanley back in the deal but I guess that did not make much sense at that time but hindsight is always 20/20. I do expect Alex to be back with the Yankees in 2013 though among all these rumors unfortunately though. I say unfortunately not because of his baseball performance and durability, like it should be, but because after a  long winter of trade rumors and sitting for most of the playoffs and all the struggling his mind will not be able to be in a good spot next season. Terrible managing and player development by Joe Girardi and co. here.

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