Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yankees Hesitant On Pierzynski

More stuff from Mr. Jon Heyman...

The Yankees are apparently hesitant about AJ Pierzynski. Although it's not the type of news I'd like to hear during this slow postseason, I'd rather the Yanks not bring AJ to the Bronx. Team officials believe he's just an average defensive catcher, and most Yankee fans can tell you that recently they've been all about strong defensive catchers. It makes sense as the team has gotten plenty of offense out of a traditionally non-offensive 2nd base position, as well as strong contributions out of other spots, but looking at the current proposed lineup for 2013 I'm not sure about that any longer. 

That's not to say I'm changing my stance on Pierzynski. I just wish the Yankees' thoughts went beyond his defense, and instead focused on the fact he's going to be 36, doesn't get on base that often, and had a season with some uncharacteristic power that he's very unlikely to replicate.

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