Monday, January 7, 2013

Scott Hairston Choosing Between Yankees & Mets

Easily the best right handed outfield free agent on the market, Scott Hairstson, has told reporters that he is choosing between the Yankees and the Mets for where he will spend his 2013 season. The decision is likely to come in a matter of days according to agent Casey Close. Entering his age 32 season and following a season with the Mets where we saw Scott put up a triple slash of .286/.317/.550 against left handed pitching in 2012 he would have to settle for a platoon/fourth outfielder position to play with the Yankees. With the Mets Scott would likely garner an every day position in the outfield. The Yankees are more likely to make the playoffs where the Mets look like a cellar dweller in the National League East. The Mets would be more likely to offer him the multi-year deal that he covets where the Yankees are unlikely to go past one year so I do not feel confident that we will see Hairston in pinstripes next season but you never know.

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