Friday, March 29, 2013

Bullpen Shaping Up

A couple of bits of news regarding the Yankees bullpen.

1. The Yankees have DFAd David Aardsma. I really don't understand this move, as Aardsma hasn't been bad in Spring Training. In 8 appearances, totally 7.2 innings, David had an ERA of 3.52 and WHIP of 1.043. I don't mean to say he was the next in line to save games after Mariano Rivera, but I would have liked to see what the guy could do with a little more work after coming back from Tommy John surgery.

2. Shawn Kelley has been told he'll make the team. In 8 innings pitched Shawn had an ERA of 5.63 and WHIP of 1.38.

I don't understand these two moves. I guess the team is trying to make room on the 40-man roster, but to keep Kelley in the 'pen before Aardsma stuns me a bit.

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