Sunday, June 30, 2013

Michael Pineda Roughed Up In Rehab Start

Of course Michael Pineda would get roughed up in what could be his last rehab start and make the decision a little bit harder for the Yankees. Of course I do not believe, by my unofficial count, his rehab assignment is up until July 8th so we could see one more start from Pineda but still. Pineda allowed four runs on four hits and allowed four walks and a hit by pitch in three innings for the Trenton Thunder. Pineda only was allowed to throw 67 pitches which is disappointing because we wanted and ultimately needed Pineda to be up to 100 pitches before we called him up to the majors.

If Pineda came out and blew everybody away I would have to say that the Yankees would have called him up and Phil Hughes would be moved in a deal but now I am not so sure. If the Yankees don't called Pineda up this season and option him to AAA when the rehab window is up they would still have four more years of team control left on Pineda instead of three and a half years.

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