Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Game 126 Lineup: Blue Jays vs. Yankees

Here's Game 3 of this four game set! Here is your starting lineup!

Brett Gardner DH
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alfonso Soriano LF
Curtis Granderson CF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Lyle Overbay 1B
Jayson Nix 3B
Austin Romine C

Adam Warren RHP



  1. Yankees are starting to play without the pressure of...I can't make a mistake---which is exactly what happens, or...I must get this hit---strike-out.
    Look at Cano, he is having fun and playing like he can...very well!
    Two kids pitched lights out to-night...when has that happened last?
    The return of Granderson, A-Rod, and adding Sory has changed and lightened the pressure everyone was under.
    Sory is very much an off and on hitter, Granderson is steady and A-Rod is protection for those players ahead of him. The young kids have played much better with these guys showing up, Romine is starting to hit like he can, the defence is air tight, now the pitchers can relax and pitch their game...we hope!

  2. Ken - lighten up .... It's not TWASPs fault Arod is a punk. He let you down, as you believed he was clean. Get angry with him or yourself for being duped.

  3. On hot days Mickey use to soak his glove in Pabst Blue Ribbon before the game. True story.

  4. Mickey was buried with his favorite bat and bar stool. True story.

  5. Derek Jeter has gotten 3,000 hits and has never played drunk or used PEDS. Amazing.

  6. Mickey actually MISSED a World Series game because of complications from an illegal shot of PEDS IN HIS HIP. true story

  7. Pick the true statement about Aroid and Mickey Mantle:

    1. They both did illegal drugs
    2. They both cheated on their wives

  8. The Yanks are getting some good efforts from Hughes, Warren, and Huff, this is encouraging!

  9. Mike Kay says Jeter will play SS when he gets back and Nunez will sit...why? Nunez is a much better player at this point in Jeters life.
    Let's face it, at 40 and his ankle injury he is a statue at SS, his range is almost nothing. I don't get it, what is the up-side having Jeter play SS and not Nunez! Jeter is not even the player of last year (at this time), will he be better next year...yes but, not as an everyday SS anymore.
    Yes, I don't like Jeter but, in this case it isn't personnel at all (and never has been) has to do with WINNING, there is no other reason to play.
    Nix is a BIG loss, many will not think so but, it is a fact and will show sooner or later!
    I also think the showing of Warren and Huff is a precursor of things to come from the farm. We have Warren, Huff, Phelps, Claiborne, Cabral, Pineda as pitchers. We have; Zoilo, Romine, Cervelli, Adams, Nix and depending on how well they show this year and Spring Training...a few others.
    I understand most position players are not the 2nd coming of Cano or Jeter but mix them in with a base of older players and we still may have a team worth watching next year.
    Now, don't start with the Jeter hater and A-Rod lover stuff, just of now! Tomorrow is another day!

  10. Ken - I am going to squeeze your head until your toupee pops off. Stop berating Jeter on this site.

  11. At this point it is tough to give anyone a pass on PED use, including Pujols and Jeter.

  12. TJ - does Jeter look bulked up to you? Wake up and smell the coffee...

  13. In this day and age, if Armstrong can show no beef from using, who is to say anyone has to be all beefed up IF using Drugs? Money and ego are a great driving force for someway to keep up with the younger kids, is it not? Back in the day many (almost all) players used greenies and many other things like Vitamin E or B or Z (what ever) it cost Mickey the chance at 61 HRs...he missed the rest of the season...he had infection from a bad shot.

    Some of us have smelled the coffee and know, there are many others playing baseball and using drugs...they are hoping not to get caught. If they can go 10 years without being caught it is worth it to them! They will serve 50 games and look at the money they will have made in 10 big deal to them!

  14. We do have fans that still can't live nor understand how some people will talk and say things as a joke! A joke that will, with time, become the truth after much repetition over the a word here or drop a word there and it becomes completely different from the true story.
    I was there, (when the stories were first told) most...if not all of you...were not!
    I have said over and over again...DO NOT believe all you read from the media and out of "Tell All" books!

  15. Talking toupee- the stuff against Arod is coming from MLB investigations not tell all books or the media.

  16. Kenny - look at the before and after pics of Aroid, Big Head Bonds, MacGuire, Sosa, Ivan pudge Rodriguez, it's obvious. They used the PEDs in such a way to bulk up and hit more HRs. Jeter never did that's why he still looks tall and lanky.

    Smell the Geritol.

  17. twasp, A-Rod was an immortal with or without steroids, many of the players who get busted for steroids have bad seasons on them. Amphetamines on the other hand make you a big league player because they make you react quicker to a pitched ball, steroids only make you hit the ball farther. Time to google amphetamines and steroids in baseball. After you read the experts you will agree that most of the Hall of Famers for the last 50 years cheated.

  18. Doug, it is a waste of time with him, he writes things that are not true and has no concept of satire or self deprecation...which many of the stories he writes of are.
    He is just an instigator, the reason Jeter hasn't beefed up is because, he is a singles hitter, his game is not a power game. A-Rods game is power and always has been so, a 19-year-old A-Rod (or anyone) and a grown (power hitter) man of 38 has to be bigger with age and heavy work-outs. He will never get it, he doesn't want to get it!

  19. I agree with you Doug most of the best players cheated such as Mickey Mantle with greenies and Arod with steroids.

    Only a few guys like Jeter had the correct values and did not touch drugs.

  20. Doug , TWASP has played baseball on black beauties ( amphetamines) on Cocaine , on qualudes and on steroids.

    I was not as good a player as the talking toupee, who played without a helmet.

  21. twasp, I know many players who played in the majors, after I got released I went to see my roommate play agiain'st the Mets, he went 2 for 3 off of Seaver and he said after the game the amphetamines and he needed 5 beers just to calm down. Believe me, amphetamines made many a hitter in the majors.

  22. I would bet that Jeter took amphetamines, they were given out like candy.

  23. Doug- you would bet that Jeter took amphetamines? He was taught from a very young age the evils of drug use by his father who was a social worker and drug counselor. He is ANTI - Drug.

    He is not a liar like Aroid.


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